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From Registering Your Domain Name To Launching Your Website

Launching a website involves several steps, from registering your domain name, and choosing a hosting option to building and launching your site. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Register Your Domain Name

Search and register your domain name simply by visiting https://system.sangkrit.net Select a memorable and relevant domain name for your website. This can be yourfullname.com or your businessname.com.

Choosing a domain extension depends on various factors like the nature of your website, target audience, and availability. Sometimes, preferred extensions might be unavailable for your desired domain. In such cases, consider alternatives or modify your domain name.

There are many extensions TLDs available such as .net, .org, etc. Some industries have dedicated extensions like .tech, .store, or .design, which can be suitable for tech businesses, e-commerce, or design portfolios.

If your audience is region-specific, consider country-specific extensions like .us, .uk, .ca, or .de to target audiences in those countries.

Choose the one that is available and better represents your business.

Choose a Hosting Option

Research Hosting Options: Compare hosting options based on features, reliability, customer support, and pricing.

Select a Plan: Choose a hosting plan (shared, VPS, Dedicated Server, etc.) that suits your website’s needs and budget.

Subscribe to the Hosting Option: After selecting the hosting plan simply subscribe it by adding it to your cart and completing the checkout process.

Domain Configuration: Configure the domain settings to point to your hosting servers, at Sangkrit.net, you don’t need to do it until you subscribe to a VPS or Dedicated Server.

If you have subscribed to a server, the IP of the server is shown on the management page of the server which you need to copy and paste to the ‘A’ record of the domain name’s DNS settings. Don’t worry if you are not good at that, simply call the support agent by visiting Sangkrit.net’s support page and he will guide you.

Install WordPress

Popular CMS options include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. You simply need to select the CMS (WordPress is recommended) and install it through the application installer.

All hosting options at Sangkrit.net offer one-click installations for various CMS and website launching platforms.

Following are the steps for installing WordPress via Installatron, the one-click website installer:

  1. Access cPanel: Log in to your Sangkrit.net account using your credentials, visit the ‘My Products’ page, and open cPanel of the hosting option you have subscribed to.
  2. Locate Installatron: Scroll down or use the search bar to find the Installatron Applications Installer section.
  3. Launch Installatron: Click on the Installatron Applications Installer icon.
  4. Find WordPress: Look for WordPress in the list of available applications or use the search bar to locate it.
  5. Initiate Installation: Click on the WordPress icon to begin the installation process.
  6. Fill in the required information:
    • Location: Choose where you want to install WordPress (usually, it’s your domain or a subdirectory).
    • Version: Select the preferred version of WordPress.
    • Settings: Enter the Site Title, Admin Username, Admin Password, and Admin Email.
  7. Advanced Options (Optional): Expand the Advanced Options if needed to customize settings like database name, table prefix, language, etc.
  8. Installation: Review your settings and click on “Install” or “Install Application” to start the WordPress installation.
  9. Confirmation: Wait for the installation process to complete. Once done, you’ll receive a confirmation message.
  10. Accessing Your WordPress Site: Visit your domain or the directory where you installed WordPress to see the default WordPress installation screen.
  11. Log in to Your WordPress Dashboard: To access the WordPress Dashboard, go to yoursite.com/wp-admin and log in using the credentials you set during installation.

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed WordPress using Installatron in cPanel. Now, you can start customizing and building your website using WordPress.

Design Your Website

Select a Theme or Template: Choose a pre-designed theme or template that aligns with your website’s purpose. Add your content, including text, images, videos, and other media. Read this lesson to learn about all the important points in the management of your WordPress website.

Optimize and Configure

SEO Optimization: Configure SEO settings, including meta descriptions, keywords, and URLs. This can be easily done by subscribing to an SEO plan at Sangkrit.net.

Security Setup: Implement security measures, such as SSL certificates, firewalls, and regular backups.

Test Your Website

Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and responsive across various devices and screen sizes. Most WordPress themes are mobile-friendly except a few ones.

Functionality Check: Test all links, forms, and interactive elements to ensure they work correctly.

Launch Your Website

Preview and Review: Double-check your website for any errors or inconsistencies. Once everything is set, launch your website for public access.

Promote Your Website

Regularly publish valuable blog posts to attract and engage your audience. You can also share your posts on social media platforms to increase visibility.

Regular Maintenance

Updates: Keep your CMS, themes, and plugins updated to ensure security and functionality.

Monitor Performance: Regularly monitor your website’s performance using analytics tools and address any issues.

Maintain Backups: Keep your data safe while you grow your business online. Sangkrit.net offers you automatic backups and a one-click restore service that not only backs up your website data but also performs security monitoring and malware scanning.

Creating a website is an ongoing process that requires maintenance, updates, and continuous improvement to ensure a seamless and effective online presence.

Politics In The Time Of Corona

Politicians are used to making political statements, addressing massive rallies and enhancing public contacts. That has been the usual way of doing politics almost everywhere.

Amid ongoing pandemic, organising public rallies and making public contacts have become extremely dangerous. Simply by changing the way of doing these things, the politicians may cope with the time of Corona and become system ready for internet age as well.

For pursuing a career in politics even in the time of Corona and beyond that as well, you must register your full name as your domain with your country code as its extension on a dedicated server of yours installing WordPress just to help yourself…

  1. in monopolizing your political statements by writing blog posts;
  2. in monopolizing your massive rallies by directing traffic to your domain;
  3. in monopolizing your public contacts via making this networking enabled.

Thus the career politicians across all the countries can safely continue doing everything they require doing still that regularly. Moreover they may even outsmart their competition.

Aspiring ones can email to system@sangkrit.net for any help necessary in this regard.

Innovation Must Not Get Interrupted By Idiocracy

Internet startup begins by registering a domain name. So that reinventing a particular human behaviour could innovatively get made possible via that over a dedicated server.

Internet startup should simply be driven by reinventing a particular human behaviour for monopolizing that over a domain so internet success simply upgrades that into an internet monopoly. Internet success is simple as that.

This is the new normal in the internet age. Human innovation must not get interrupted by the idiocracy of the industrial age.

Internet monopolies must stick together to enforce a change wherever this becomes necessary to get rid of centuries old outdated laws. Sponsoring Sangkrit is such an opportunity, open to all of them.

Strive To Build Your Internet Monopoly

Sangkrit encourages you to build your internet monopoly. It is easy if you are keen enough.

You have to think of changing certain ways of doing things by innovating a simpler, much better way and globally distribute that by registering your domain.

Thereafter your domain could become successful up to the extent of becoming an internet monopoly simply by incessantly improving its user experience. This is for sure unless or until there is no better way of doing those things available elsewhere.

Every domainer should strive for that kind of success. Buying global exposure to your domain is helpful in this regard.

Internet monopolies integrate humankind, doing no harm to public life as the competition reamins always open for every resolute domainer since system at sangkrit.net is here to take care of that. So register your idea of an internet monopoly now.

Keep The World Posted

Chinese people have suffered severely and Europe is under a seige. It is a war like situation. Humanity is under attack by COVID-19.

Victory depends upon defetaing the misinformation circulated by certain vested interests, interested in keeping all people irresponsibly ignorant. People of all the countries altogether, can certainly defeat all the misinforamtion around by the responsible blogging on their registered domains.

Responsibly blog the truth from everywhere so that the humankind may take any measures necessary to cope with the enemies of humanity. Don’t let the Wuhan spirit die ever.

Keep the world posted. WordPress is the free press. Humankind has to defeat COVID-19.

Self-Quarantined Self-Employment To Everyone Around

Sangkrit ascertains human solidarity with necessary social distancing across all the countries alike.

Adapting a Sangkrit way of life can certainly help you in staying within your home throughout these globally pandemic times and thereafter also by developing your online business in between.

You could do, so should be doing, blogging and domaining along with sponsoring Sangkrit. This would be simplest and best for making the world much better by staying at home.

Blogging would keep the humanity responsibly communicated for enhancing its resilience. Domaining would build your global networth doing that. Sponsoring Sangkrit would spread the solution to the problem.

Therefore keep calm and start up to carry on.

Own Your Domain Of Internet And Make Others Also Own Theirs

Internet is distributed into domains. Not even a single bit of webspace is free from top level domains. Domain registrants actually own the internet.

Domains can be bought, owned, transferred, inherited and traded into also as newest kind of private property. You too must own your part of internet by registering your domain name at system.sangkrit.net and make your people also own their domain names. Own your domain of internet and make others also own theirs to keep it growing as another universe.

Moreover helping others into this might become your serious business. Signup for your account at Sangkrit.net to become the people’s personal outlet. You may freely work as internet growth engine.

Internet Monopolies Work Better

Dream the best as you may easily own that upon registering as domain at system.sangkrit.net and the rest could become your reality once you go ahead developing your domain by regularly investing your time and money into it.

Upon internet if you do better than others, you are sure to monopolise your trade.

That is how the internet monopolies always work better and that is why Sangkrit is very protective about internet monopolies.

Startup To Disrupt

Sangkrit encourages you to think about changing any ways of doing things altogether to startup to disrupt.

Higher the level of disrupt you may do may make your startup more successful.

This could begin simply by registering your idea of doing things differently as your domain at system.sangkrit.net and regularly investing into that only.

A Domainer In India Can File Income Tax Return Under Section 44 AD

Register your idea of doing business as a domain at http://system@sangkrit.net to start selling with online support from system@sangkrit.net that is charged hourly per terminal. Make and receive all payments only via your personal bank account and if you are not receiving more than ₹20000000 per annum you are free to take presumptive route to income tax under section 44 AD giving your domain name as your business name.

Only 6% of your total receipts is considered as your profit when you receive all money as business direct into your bank account so you are liable to pay tax on that before 15th of March every year without any accounts or deductions involved.

Domains’ Demographics Determine WorldWideWeb Dominance

Numbers of domain registrants and developers matter most.

How many domains are registered across your country? How many programmers are there, who might help developing any domains? No other data is more relevant for the progress of your people. Numbers of domain registrants and developers matter most. Signing-up for free SANGKRIT.net account to work as personal outlet resolves for both via your free personal business account.

Privately owned domains need to become publicly useful for enhancing individual worth with increasing income. Life gets made of necessity and utility determining evolution in a routine. Your ecosystem governs the genesis of any necessity and utility for you. Following that paves the way for your prosperity.

Women must own domains. Men must know programming them. Children could be practicing any necessary languages for developing their own domains.

SANGKRIT.net does that everywhere. People are encouraged by personal outlets. They register/transfer domains at http://system.sangkrit.net as it paves the simplest way for developing business with online support and global exposure and domains’ demographics determine WorldWideWeb dominance.

Maximizing Worth And Income Of Assets

Making assets and maximizing worth to have an increasing income is civilization.

Humankind create private property and can keep it as publicly traded stocks. That is our foremost distinction in animal kingdom. Making assets and maximizing worth to have an increasing income is civilization.

Whatever you do have, is your availability and what you might achieve, is your possibility and how you have to do, configures your ecosystem. You do have to master through that to maximize your net worth and income.

Making your private property publicly useful for generating income is sangkrit. Developed domains do just that. Through this internet age your individual net worth matters in public interest as well, when this gets made around your domain.

Make 2017 The Year Of Hacktivism

Signup for your free SANGKRIT.net account to startup.

The new humankind is a smart phone user. He is dressed comfortably having a comfortable hair style. He doesn’t unnecessarily talk on phone but uses it for living better. What he may not necessarily has, is his domain. So let him be that comfortably developing his domain as his global property on the go. Helping him, in developing a new domain with complete internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure, is the way of hacktivism in 2017.

The new humankind is not anonymous. He signs to transact. He doesn’t go out for occupying wall street as he buys stocks for that but he would certainly prefer occupying webspace.

He knows that the real romance is in responsible parenting so the new humankind is never wasting time and attention in pleasing others like he doesn’t dress-up to show-off. He lives his real self very naturally. That is why he deliberately needs his way of connecting with his world and that should become his domain. It is now your business to prepare him like that.

Signup for your free SANGKRIT.net account to startup as personal outlet of the globally distributed order of Sangkrit. The collaborative measure of Sangkrit lives like a humankind with his System Administrator for ruling his subjects and his Core Programmer for determining his objects.

You should be selling the whole life-style of the new humankind. That is fashionably better way of transporting humanity into internet age. This could become your starting point that is actually going to change the world by becoming the biggest business on planet earth.

Liberate Humankind Into Internet Age

Practicing a programming language and developing a domain completes the new education for pursuing the most advanced life-style into internet age.

Sangkrit literally means an “all-inclusive-execution” so teaches an inclusive way of education and vocation into hacktivism. Hacktivism holds a future for humanity in a direct democracy of digital dictatorship.

New Education

Programming teaches inclusive way of thinking and developing a domain is like letting your private property becoming useful to others as well. So practicing a programming language and developing a domain completes the new education for pursuing the most advanced life style into internet age. That builds the core of Sangkrit. Besides everyone can become a personal outlet of a globally distributed order of liberating humankind into internet age i.e. SANGKRIT.net practicing hacktivism and building its vanguard.

New Vocation

Hacktivism helps everyone in developing their own individual domains with complete internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure. Hacktivism encourages everyone build own net worth by upgrading public life standards to change the world. Hacktivism makes people learn living in social privacy with public cooperation by freeing the software and opening the government. Hacktivism makes your home a complete ecosystem of all that.

Thus Sangkrit systematically liberates humankind into internet age by establishing another way of life as hacktivism.

Learn A Programming Language To Make Your Domain Useful In World

Sangkrit prescribes a very simple course. Learn a programming language to make your domain useful in world.

You should learn the programming language of your choice for developing the domain of your choice as per your choice. It is your free will that should get a shape to serve the humanity through internet age.

Whatever might change any ways of doing many things altogether is good enough to startup. You shall succeed if this adequately disrupts. Logically think to make the next best thing to change the world.

This might make the hacktivist movement if everybody learns at least one programming language for developing own domain to get useful in world.

Start Parenting By Registering Your Child’s Name.Com

A top level domain name is a global property. When you have to name your child, you should do so by registering the desired name.com at http://system.sangkrit.net to give to your child a globally unique identity along with a global value. You cannot ever gift anything with a greater prospect to your child.

From the very beginning make your child learn a programming language. While practicing that your child should develop own domain into something useful for inventing own world. It is important to learn the basic syntax for making statement to machines in order to derive a solution by making them solve many problems.

Writing programs, to make your domain work for others, is the best way to build your business of internet age. In fact everybody must learn at least a programming language for developing own domain to get useful to own world.

Strartup Only When You Are Ready To Disrupt

Your very idea of doing business must be disrupting any ongoing ways of doing things and that should become your domain so that when this disrupts any ongoing ways and the users come upon your web/app, money too comes following them.

Disrupting is a confident and courageous behavior. A startup reinvents any business only by doing that. You must make doing things in old ways unprofitable forever. That is the true spirit of disrupt to startup your business.

It is the only sustainable revolution going on via SANGKRIT.net making domain the newest kind of private property in this regard just because registering a domain means making your business a global fact through the internet age. Therefore at first you must register your idea of doing your business as your domain at http://system.sangkrit.net to disrupt.

WordPress Is Free Press Of Internet Age

Installing WordPress on your domain is enough to let you have your own free press publishing whatever you want the world know. Managed WordPress at http://system.sangkrit.net does that too for you.

People like knowing and your consistent work to let them know pays off soon by generating advertising revenue for you. AdSense is a way to tap that smartly.

The Net Worth Of A WordPress Website Is Made By Regularly Written Posts

When someone registers a domain, installs WordPress and activates AdSense in to the posts written almost on daily basis, ultimately a net worth is accumulated. The net worth of any WordPress website is actually made by regularly written posts. Continue reading The Net Worth Of A WordPress Website Is Made By Regularly Written Posts

How To Use Unique Custom Mouse Pointers In WordPress ?

You can easily activate a custom mouse pointer for the visitors who access your website in the frontend. Unique Cursor is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to select a custom mouse pointer.

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