Copy Protect Text, Source, Images, Video & Audio Files In WordPress

It is impossible to prevent any content from being stolen online. But by following a few aggressive techniques you can make your users know that your content is copyrighted material and cannot be used without prior permission.

WP Content Copy Protection is a WordPress plugin that allows you to save your content from online theft made by common content copy methods such as via mouse, keyboard and browser like right-click, image dragging, dropping, saving, text selection, drag-n-drop, source code viewing, right click, saving of default video and audio embeds, and keyboard copy shortcuts, such as CTRL A, C, X, U, S, and P etc are disabled with this plugin.

So what all this plugin does is:
  • Disables right click context menu on all text and images
  • Disables text selection and mouse/keyboard/browser copy functions
  • Common copy methods disabled from onscreen keyboard and shortcut context key
  • Disables text and image drag/drop/saving function on PC and mobile devices
  • Disables right click and save function on default video and audio embeds
  • Javascript validation (displays error message when Javascript is disabled)
  • Javascript validation optimized with redirect feature to disorient offender
  • Disables keyboard copy hotkeys (CTRL A, C, X, U, P and S) – Windows OS only
  • Disables f shortcut key for accessing developer tools to view source code
  • Uses compressed Javascript (increases load speed and reduces http requests)
  • The image link URL is automatically removed and defaulted to the ‘none’ setting (basic image protection)
Start by installing ‘WP Content Copy Protection’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin automatically starts to work. No configuration and customization needed. It is a non resource-intensive plugin that works silently in the background which means it doesn’t shows any obtrusive popups or alert messages as they may defame your site (decreases bounce rate).

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