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Enabling Face Recognition Login On Your Managed WordPress Website

Whether you run your website over Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce, you can secure your website or online store by enabling facial recognition that works from your smartphone or laptop, anything that has a camera.

By enabling it on your website, you will no longer need the username and password and it will also add more security to your website as the bots attempting to log in and the brute force attack won’t get anything.

To set up face log in simply login to your website and install-activate the new WordPress plugin called FiD Facial Recognition Admin Login. Then, visit its settings page and enter the required information. You will need to use a pin number and your face for authenticated login.

Next, to start securing admin user accounts, navigate to the ‘Users’ tab, enlist the admin account and follow the instructions. As soon as a user is enlisted, the plugin will start to protect his login by implementing facial identification.

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