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How To Change The Default Folder Of cPanel File Manager?

You can change the default folder in which the File Manager interface opens, simply log in to your SANGKRIT.net account and follow the steps:

  1. Open the products page
  2. Select your hosting or server
  3. Open your cPanel account
  4. Scroll down to select the FILE MANAGER
  5. Click Settings to open the Preferences box
  6. Now select a folder to open by default:
    • Home Directory — This is the main folder for your account
    • WebRoot (public_html or www) — Provides direct route to your website files
    • Public FTP Root (public_ftp) — Is your FTP files directory
    • Document Root for: — This is the main folder of the domain name that you select from the menu
  7. Select the folder you want the file manager to open by default
  8. Click Save

And you are done.

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Politics In The Time Of Corona

Politicians are used to making political statements, addressing massive rallies and enhancing public contacts. That has been the usual way of doing politics almost everywhere.

Amid ongoing pandemic, organising public rallies and making public contacts have become extremely dangerous. Simply by changing the way of doing these things, the politicians may cope with the time of Corona and become system ready for internet age as well.

For pursuing a career in politics even in the time of Corona and beyond that as well, you must register your full name as your domain with your country code as its extension on a dedicated server of yours installing WordPress just to help yourself…

  1. in monopolizing your political statements by writing blog posts;
  2. in monopolizing your massive rallies by directing traffic to your domain;
  3. in monopolizing your public contacts via making this networking enabled.

Thus the career politicians across all the countries can safely continue doing everything they require doing still that regularly. Moreover they may even outsmart their competition.

Aspiring ones can email to system@sangkrit.net for any help necessary in this regard.

How To Add jQuery Lazy Loading To WordPress Images ?

WP images lazy loading is the new WordPress plugin that adds jQuery to WordPress and enables lazy loading in images. Thus improves your page loading times and makes your Google PageSpeed Score better than before.

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