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My name is Violetta Solonko, I am 21 years old. I come from Chernovtsy, a beautiful city in the West of Ukraine. I am Ukrainian with Russian origins by the paternal grandfather. I lived in Ukraine until the age of ten. Since 2003 I live in Italy with my mom. As a child I always dreamed. I loved to fantasize about the future and the great thing is that, as soon as I have a free second, I still continue to do so. I have been practicing different types of sports from tennis to swimming, from football to volleyball. But my greatest passions have always been dancing and rhythmic gymnastics. I practiced dancing for thirteen years, since I was 4 to 17. While rhythmic gymnastics has been a real challenge for me. I do not really believe in myself, but when after only two months of training I placed second in a race. From that moment I began to practice at a competitive level for four years. I loved going to train, to prepare the choreography for competitions and for the wise. Every time I could not wait to set foot in the training room where I spent entire afternoons. When we moved in the south of Italy after two years I decided reluctantly to leave trainings because unfortunately there was not a lot of organization.

One of my dreams has always been to get into the entertainment world. At age 15 I remember my first experience, a casting for a well known agency in Rome, which has its headquarters in Milan. I was taken, but had to refuse because of studies. A month later I participated in a beauty contest Miss Amantea and then from there it all began. I took part in fashion shows, commercials, photo shoots and a beauty contest “Miss the most beautiful in the world” where I came fourth in the final, winning the national title of “Miss Telegenia” . I love so much this world! I always have a lot of fun! By the end of October 2013 I started a blog about my lifestyle, fashion, wellness and recipes. Something that packs a bit all the feminine sphere. In just two and a half months I have almost 5000 people who follow me on My readers write to me from abroad and even from other continents such as Brazil and Canada. I could not be happier in this wonderful period of my life. I thank God every day for everything I have. For the fantastic family in which I grew up, for the values transmitted, health and love. I have the best boyfriend in the world. I will never stop thanking my readers for their love and endless support. Every day they give me a lot of joy.

What were you doing five minutes before this interview? Five minutes before doing this interview I wrote an article for my readers on my blog

What made you want to pursuer a modeling career instead of any other career? The modeling career has always been one of my biggest dreams. I could not even call it “work” because it is a passion that gives me many satisfactions. It makes me happy, makes me travel and allows me to work in the fashion world. Like almost most of the women I have a little soft spot for fashion. Of course, I do not lose my head to the clothing, but I love to customize my own style and go shopping. I also love to pose for photo shoots and take part in fashion shows. A career that I would like to take is that of a fashion designer. I love designing the clothes, the dresses and especially the wedding dress. I would like to create a collection of my own. In addition, for some months now I have discovered another world in which I find myself very much at ease: the world of fashion bloggers. I created a blog of my own that I take care of every day. I write my thoughts, feelings, and of course I talk about fashion. It a kind of diary open heart to help in my small way , to make this world better. I have readers from all over the world, and the message that I would like to pass them is that they keep the feet firmly on the ground and appreciate the little things because it is the most beautiful and special thing that there may be. The fame and wealth are nothing in comparison.

What do you feel that separates you from other models that are in the game right now? I am just at the beginning. I believe that each of us is special and I wish the best to all people. Unfortunately, the entertainment world is not a world at all easy.

Where have you made appearances? (video, print, etc) Surely with the press. Every time came out a few article with me in the newspaper or magazine I had the phone that was on fire from the phone calls, the cell phone was flooded with messages and free from junk mail.

Out of all the work you’ve done so far, which was your favorite video or photo shoot? All photo shoots were very funny and entertaining, but my favorites are two! The first is without a doubt when me and my boyfriend have done testimonial for a grand hotel dressed as bride and groom. And to think that we were together for less than a month, haha… Now we find ourselves catalogs and mega billboards throughout the region. The second one, always with my boyfriend we have been chosen to act as a testimonial for a chain of pools. We had fun as hell to spend the entire day going from one pool to another!

What projects are you currently working on? Currently I work with a lot of love to my blog site in reserving many plans for the future.

Is there anything else you want to do outside of modeling? Outside the world of modelling I’d love to become an entrepreneur. I’d like to have my own business.

When do you feel most beautiful? Enough to please me very much, haha… I believe that self-esteem does not depend on how much you are beautiful, but how much you love yourself. Everyone is gorgeous!

What’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night? The first thing I do in the morning is to prepare the green tea, and the last one I do before I go to sleep is call my boyfriend.

What makes you laugh uncontrollably? Definitely my boyfriend! He is the perfect man and make me laugh to tears is one of his strengths.

What do you do to de-stress after a bad day? The company of the right people is the best way to relax. Whether it is an evening at home or outside, the important thing is to have people who love you truly!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re with your friends? A nice dinner out in the company of an excellent chitchat.

What inspired your passion for modeling? No doubt the Victoria’s Secret Angels and the desire to appear on billboards.

What excites & motivates you about modeling? As I said before, it’s my passion. But it is also an area where you have to go always with feet of lead. It very easy to “fall” or meet the wrong people.

What does your career do for you? My career gives me a lot of satisfaction.

What has been your best fashion look? What was your biggest fashion mistake? My best fashion look and certainly the preferred one is dressed as a bride. The worst I do not think there is, I liked them all.

What’s your beauty regime? Unfortunately I do not follow, I go to sleep late because I do not back home before midnight and when I’m home I cannot sleep. I do not follow any diet. I love to eat! The chocolate, pizza and Italian cuisine are all my biggest weakness. I believe that Italian cuisine is the best in the world. With regard to the exercise once I was very sporty, but over the years I have become a lazy girl. I must admit though that as soon as I see something out of place I do a lot of gymnastics to remedy, haha…

What are your favorite types of outfits to model in? Everything is beautiful in its own way. But I have a weakness for dresses, especially for wedding dresses. I go crazy for lingerie and swimsuits too.

Any least favorites? I do not think that there are.

Any ultimate goal to fulfill as a model? I do not point at the top. I appreciate every chance to work.

How do you see yourself progress in this field? I grew up a lot. Some experiences have been very helpful to me to become more confident and consciousness.

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future? The brand I love is Victoria’s Secret. I love their swimsuits and lingerie.

Tell me something about your city, your favorite hang out spots there ? What do you like to do for fun & entertainment? The city I live in, Amantea, is not very big, but it is very beautiful. The waterfront, where I love to walk, is wonderful and it is even more historic center. Spend your summer days there observing the scenery is truly rewarding. I love to spend my time doing long walks, going to the beach, shopping, going to the cinema, go bowling. I also love to just spend my time in the garden and read a good book.

Do you eat nutritiously? I eat nutritious when I begin to take on extra pounds, haha … But until then I eat whatever I want. Of course, eating healthy is definitely good for your health.

Tell me about the diet you follow on a regular basis? When I follow the diet I eat a lot of vegetables and boiled, lots of fruit away from meals, soups and buckwheat or rice. Seeking to minimize carbohydrates and replace the meat with legumes. I do not drink milk or eat dairy products that swell a lot.

How often do you exercise or go to the gym, workout? The last time? I do not remember! I love to tone up my body with dance. I think there is the best method for me. Mixing passion with your exercise is very good for the spirit! When I train I go for long walks, jump rope, I do boxing and many exercises to tone your muscles.

What is your perfect day, morning through to night? My perfect day is finally waking up rested next to my boyfriend and especially without the thoughts in my head. I love to spend my days at home to relax and recover from the days of chaos. Then breakfast in bed would be ideal. Then maybe, if I had a house with a huge swimming pool, I would spend the entire day at the pool having fun with my family and close friends. In the evening there would be a nice barbecue all together.

Excluding all complicated beauty & fitness mantra what do you think to be the easiest way to look pretty and glamorous? The most natural self always remain the same. A look of soap and water for me is ideal. Personally I do not abuse of make up, I love to leave my skin free so it can breathe. I only use the mascara and a little blush. While for the lips I use some cocoa butter. The same goes for the look. Unless there are complications, the better.

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Tell us about your favorites. My favorite colour is pink. My favorite film is Seven Pounds. My favorite actor is Brad Pitt. My favorite actress is Charlize Theron. My favorite singer is Beyoncé. My favorite international music is Pop. My favorite food is the pizza. My favorite holidays destination is Maldives. My favorite hobbie is dancing. My favorite festival is of classical music. My favorite author is David Icke. My favorite book? All those written by David Icke! The last one is a bomb!

Where netizens can find latest news feed about you? The latest news about me, you can easily find on my blog so I invite you to follow me! In just two and a half months I have already more than 5000 readers. Also you can find my facebook page at this address Violettas and also under my name Violetta Solonko always on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

One question out of this subject: Can you cook? If yes please share your favorite recipie? Of course! I love to cook! I love making sweets, my favorite is to make the tiramisu. It’s easy! You have the need of a few items such as biscuits, coffee, eggs, mascarpone, cocoa and sugar.

What is your ultimate message for netizens? The latest on my blog? Obviously I’m doing this interview with you! Haha… I want, haha… I would like to invite all of you to believe in a better world and to do something to make it special. Beginning simply by ourselves.

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