Crossposting Content From One WordPress Blog To Other, Also Works Between Self-hosted & WordPress.Com Websites

Just like Tumblr Crossposting from WordPress, now you can easily cross post your WordPress blog posts and other content to your blogs and other self-hosted WordPress site having Jetpack installed in them. WordPress Crosspost is the new WordPress plugin that automatically crossposts your content to your other WP sites, it enables you to select the blog of your choice whenever you hit the “Publish” (or “Save Draft”) button.

The plugin uses simple’s API for keeping everything in sync like whenever you edit your posts, the changes and updates automatically gets reflected to other connected website and also your private WP posts stays private on other remote site. Other things also gets synced like deleting a post which  that you have previously cross-posted auto deleted on the remote site, scheduled posts also works in the same way and so on.

How To Use WordPress Crosspost Plugin?

Install and activate WordPress Crosspost plugin then follow the steps:

Visit your admin Dashboard -> Settings -> WordPress Crosspost page and connect to your account, it asks for you WordPress API and client secret, you can create one by clicking ‘create one here’ link.

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After you’ve entered your client id and client secret, a “Connect to” button will appear. Click that to be redirected to’s authorization page. Now click “Authorize” to grant access to your blog from WP-Crosspost and start posting!

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