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Users Make Your Reality

You do something that is necessary in your business. Thus you get busy actually engineering your next step since engineering your next step is the only task given.

Once your technology gets made, its usage defines your status. Make technology change the way you wish to change the world.

You do so by refining your products and enhancing your release cycle. So that increasing usage of your products brings in your prosperity. Your prosperity ensures your security.

Ultimately users make your reality and your world gets made but you stay busy engineering your next step like ever since Sangkrit loves your doing only that.

Either The Code Works Or Doesn’t, Leaving No Room For Any Argument

Programmers make the newest kind of people. They are mostly misunderstood by other people, who do not understand the mathematical exactitude of coding. Either the code works or doesn’t, leaving no room for any argument. Therefore other people are mostly unable to connect with them.

When castes are independent, they work better than trade unions.

Once you become really good at something, you cannot be doing that forever for free. System at is working hard to make programming a very successful business for every professional programmer across all the countries alike.

Traditionally successful business gets genetically casted. That has been a part of human evolution. Castes are also good or bad on the basis of only being independent or subordinate. When castes are independent, they work better than trade unions.

Programmers have always been very independent people. Their getting that much professional is a necessity of our times.

How Much English You Must Be Knowing?

The greatest programmer Linus Torvalds had won his world by using only as much English was necessary to code and still he is ruling his world of Linux kernel. Those days English and Russian were globally dominant languages but things are not so anymore.

Now fluency in your native language and additionally knowing Hindi or Chinese is going to work better. So how much English you must be knowing? As much may be efficiently adequate for programming in the concerned code.

Two Vocations Are Destined To Transform Whole World

Transforming everyone into two main vocations is the global task given at These two vocations are destined to transform whole world.

From hunters and gatherers of stone age, men and women are finally getting transformed in to programmers and domainers of internet age.

All the smart women must become domain registrants by registering their domain names at and likewise all the smart men must be programming their world via charging hourly per terminal.

How To Parent Boys?

Let boys do all the maths, hacks, tracks and sketches other than doing their household cores to grow as free men. Let them find out and let them make whatever they like most.

Indulging deep within the code of dominant technologies is the ultimate free way to free men. Thereafter they won’t have free time.

Sangkrit sees independent jobs for at least one billion free men to program this world. They could be building their net worth by independently changing this world.