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Let The Human Load Ease On Earth

Human load did already exceed the bearable level of the planet Earth. This pressure has eased up to some extent with COVID-19 lockdown. Furthermore you ought to do everything to let the human load permanently ease on your planet home. Increasing the number of Sangkrit households across all the countries alike, is the best way for doing that.

To build a Sangkrit household, you simply follow four fundamentals of cleaning your private spacecooking your vegetarian mealsprogramming your world and blogging your business as living this lifestyle permanently eases human load on your planet home.

Stop doing anything that unnecessarily contaminates the climate. Contaminating the climate endangers humanity.

Break The Line Before It’s Late

Peoples of all the countries are compelled to fully cut-off from each-other just because their governments didn’t stop doing any business with China before it’s gone late. Now the whole world is facing its worst. Just because a Wuhan virus was not stopped then and there before its becoming a full-fledged Chinese epidemic while the world didn’t cut-off all ties that timely with China to not let it become a global pandemic. Such a social distancing was immediately necessary.

India is gone under a complete lockdown to not lose through impending pandemic times. Still India’s imposing the world’s biggest ever lockdown is not enough to save humanity but a global lockdown alongwith massive medical identification and treatment in isolation of all the persons exposed to it is awaited. That must not get delayed. Asia is endangered. Europe and America are under unprecedented attack. Break the line before it is late.

Keep The World Posted

Chinese people have suffered severely and Europe is under a seige. It is a war like situation. Humanity is under attack by COVID-19.

Victory depends upon defetaing the misinformation circulated by certain vested interests, interested in keeping all people irresponsibly ignorant. People of all the countries altogether, can certainly defeat all the misinforamtion around by the responsible blogging on their registered domains.

Responsibly blog the truth from everywhere so that the humankind may take any measures necessary to cope with the enemies of humanity. Don’t let the Wuhan spirit die ever.

Keep the world posted. WordPress is the free press. Humankind has to defeat COVID-19.

Internet Integrates Humanity

Internet integrates humanity. There is no better way of uniting humankind. Internet unity is the greatest possible form of integrating humanity.

Let us uphold our human identity along with respecting local naturalness everywhere. That is the the way of not discriminating against anyone anywhere towards the ultimate globalization.

Consolidating the overall human force is a must to make humanity survive after all. Internet has made this possible so Sangkrit stands for that.

Stephen Hawaking Is No More Now

It is our brain that can keep our body alive and it is not vice versa.

Stephen Hawking is no more today. He was finally worried that humanity is not vigilant enough for its survival against most possible dangers of its extinction.

Respecting his legacy for us humankind can be practised as follows: –

  1. Let us become very vigilant for our survival by finding out other planetary abodes beyond earth that can be hosting humanity
  2. Let us become very vigilant for our survival against possibly more advanced aliens
  3. Let us become very vigilant for our survival against possibly more advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning

Sangkrit respects him like that considering his life as an eternal era in the cosmology of universe. Seeing him living, we have come to know fully well that it is our brain that can keep our body alive and it is not vice versa.

Cooperation Saves Humanity

Upgrade humankind into internet age by helping everyone to use internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure.

Sangkrit loathes coercion. Humanity has suffered this utmost. Only human cooperation can get rid of this absurdity of so many sham civilizations, which actually manifest this or that kind of reactionary apartheidism.

The globally distributed order of internet growth engine SANGKRIT.net has a very simple mandate for humankind to cooperate. ‘Upgrade humankind into internet age by helping everyone to use internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure.’

Your following that increases another personal outlet for upgrading humanity. Getting really helpful matters most. Doing so you earn your livelihood as well. Any necessary cooperation is always appreciated. It is essential in a cooperation that the free will of people must always get respected.

Humankind cooperates. Coercion is not humane. It is an evil of reactionary apartheidism. All sorts of reactionary apartheidism has been eternal enemy of humanity. The globally distributed order of internet growth engine SANGKRIT.net must prevail manifesting integral humanism by strengthening humanity.

Coercion decreases by enhancing cooperation. Cooperation saves humanity. Upgradation of humanity into internet age can make that happen utmost.

Start Making Decisions For Establishing Order

Decision makers do not indulge in intellectual gymnastics. They grasp only the truth and that too faster than academics. Therefore we do encourage our writers for telling the truth direct without going through unnecessary details. Its getting useful is the purpose of every post here.

SANGKRIT.net posts for decision makers and to let everyone become a decision maker. That’s it. Not many paragraphs and may be not many lines or even a few words are not necessary every time. What is really necessary is that not mere one, two or three but increasingly more and a lot more people should be determining the destiny of humanity as a whole.

Four Things That You Too Can Do For Sure

It is a kind of quantum mechanics to keep yourself in sync with Sangkrit. Four simple things are essential that you too can do for sure.

Sangkrit simply loves living as follows: –

  • Everyday clean up own space and keep the neighborhood equally clear
  • Every time cook fresh vegetarian family meal at home
  • Independently program your world for domestic entrepreneurship
  • Regularly blog out your homeschool to humanity

If you love living like Sangkrit, you too may do so that simply.

It is all about enhancing individual initiatives for upgrading social life as a whole. Sangkrit has earned the most global exposure by doing just that. The way is open from everywhere to everyone .

Let Android Become The Personal Media Of Humanity

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