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How Writing More Posts Brings More Traffic To Your Website?

Creating more content is the most common SEO advice, search engine crawlers more frequently visits the website that posts regularly and according to various researches, it has been found that website that create more content gets more than 400% increase in their traffic.

When more posts are published on your blog, more pathways are opened for your target audience to reach you and with good internal linking and references to other posts you can increase the pages views and time on site.

Know The Free Channels That Give Traffic To Your Blog Post

  1. You get traffic from Search Engines when you post quality content
  2. You get traffic from social media when you share your posts on your page as well as the groups of your niche
  3. You get traffic from micro-blogging sites such as Twitter when you use appropriate hashtags
  4. You get traffic from posts on other websites when you post useful comments
  5. You get traffic from other websites when you review or mention their services or publish how-to guides for their apps and products
  6. You get traffic when you maintain & use your Email Marketing List
  7. You get traffic when you post consistently and make a following i.e. the people who directly visits your website

You will have to remember that you can attract visitors and retain them only by creating valuable content. Understand your target audience, their needs and problems, and then address them consistently with your blog posts to establish your domain as a reliable source of information.

Writing and publishing more blog posts on your website requires planning and consistent effort. You will have to set realistic goals planning how frequently you can post without compromising on the quality of your content. Set achievable goals based on your time. You can plan to post daily or weekly but the effort should be consistent. Choose a consistency that you can follow for a long time.

Make A List Of Possible Post Ideas

Writing down on a topic becomes easy when you have a list of possible post titles. Make use of the following points and then make a list of post titles and consistently add more titles to that list whenever your brain sparks.

  1. Consider your blog niche
  2. Browse the search trends
  3. Analyse your competitors
  4. Find the customer problem points
  5. Understand the needs and pain of the target audience
  6. Encourage your readers to contribute content or ideas
  7. Start searching Google for other blogs that fall in your niche
  8. Repurpose your posts, you can deep-dive in to a specific aspect
  9. Read popular blogs and then think what is missing or what is next
  10. Try Google Keyword Planner to discover popular topics in your niche
  11. Monitor social media platforms and communities related to your niche

Other ways to gather post ideas may come from keyword research, browsing hashtags on Twitter, following topics on social media, and reading forums, etc.

For instance, If blogging is your niche, you will find many topics by browsing WordPress forums to see what problems users are facing and then you can offer a better and well-elaborated solution in your new post.

Never compromise with the quality. Focus on creating valuable, informative, and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. By using a combination of these strategies, you can consistently generate new post ideas and keep up firing new posts everyday.

Why You Really Need To Update Old Blog Posts & Dates?

The post date of every blog is shown in the Google search result page. There are mainly two reasons why you must keep your old blog posts and their dates updated:

  1. Google prefers fresh content
  2. People prefer fresh content

That means even if Google shows one result with a very old date and another one with a new date, people are more likely to ignore the old post and click on the post that has been posted recently.

Google Freshness Algorithm states that people like content that is both relevant and recent but remember that not all website content needs to be updated and date changed, there is content that stays evergreen and we have discussed about it earlier in this lesson.

What Happens When You Don’t Update Your Blog Content?

Sometimes a well written and researched article needs some update to stay relevant for the search engines.

When you don’t update your old content, it starts slipping down on search engine results pages, its ranking start to decline and the traffic it was brining before begins to drop.

This happens mainly because of two reasons:

  1. Some other website has published a better version of your post which is more informative and new, so now Google prefers that.
  2. People are clicking on the new results because the date of your article is quite old.

This problem can be prevented by updating your posts and adding new important information, going in depth, removing or updating the text that has gone irrelevant with time, and then re-publishing the post.

How To Update Old Content & Dates In WordPress?

It is better to start with popular posts that you have posted years ago and then cover your worst performing articles. Managed WordPress users can easily do that from their admin panel or contact support team to get helped.

For editing any old post, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the post for editing
  2. Check if there is anything that has gone outdated
  3. Update that content
  4. Read your post
  5. Click ‘Save as Draft’ button
  6. Its asks for your conformation
  7. Confirm to un-publish the post and save it as draft
  8. Move to the right sidebar, under ‘Post’ section (left to the block section)
  9. Next to ‘Publish’ option you will see the publishing date
  10. Click that date and then select ‘Immediately’ option
  11. Now click the ‘Publish’ button

This will republish the post without changing its permalink. The permalink of the post is visible on the right sidebar of the post editing page, you can confirm it from there.

When you re-publish the post, it comes back to the latest feed of your website, become more visible to search spiders, and automatically goes to your blog subscribers, as well as social channels (if connected). Thus, it brings new traffic and becomes more visible on the search.

If you own a blog with evergreen content then you may also update post dates in bulk but only if your content is evergreen, otherwise don’t do that.

Why Every Individual Must Blog From His Domain Name?

Registering your personal domain name to start blogging on it allows you to establish your unique online identity and present yourself professionally on the internet. You can use the domain name for your personal website, blog, or portfolio, or to showcase your skills, expertise, or resume.

Your blog should be driven by your passion, interests, and desire to share your unique perspective with others. Blogging can be a fulfilling and enriching experience that allows you to connect with others, contribute to a community, and grow personally and professionally and build a passive source of income.

Blogging provides you an outlet for self-expression

It allows individuals to share their thoughts, ideas, experiences, and perspectives globally with a wider audience. Blogging gives you a platform to showcase your unique voice, and it can be a rewarding way to articulate your thoughts and engage with others who have similar interests.

By blogging you can share your expertise, skills, and knowledge with others in the world. There are people who are looking for information and you can benefit them as well as build a good community over time that helps you to grow your online income.

You can blog about anything that interests you such as your hobbies and experiences, etc to become a source of information for the people seeking that knowledge.

Blogging makes you brilliant

Blogging makes your knowledge speak for you and helps you establish yourself as a leader in the niche that interests you. Sharing insightful and valuable content contributes to your professional development which brings various opportunities for networking, career growth, collaborations, or even monetization through partnerships or sponsored content.

When you start blogging, you research the content to post it on your blog and that enhances your writing skills as well as thinking capabilities. It keeps you and your readers stay informed about the latest developments and trends in your niche.

Blogging brings income

When you post an article on your blog and search engines archive it. It goes in the continuous process of making some money for you even while you sleep. So posting useful and interesting content on your blog is the key to bring traffic and traffic is the key to build a source of income through your blog.

Blogging can be monetized by various means that include cost-per-click ads, affiliate advertising, sponsored content, selling your own products, services, consultancy, and even creating premium content for any industry on demand, etc.

While it will take some time to build a successful monetized blog that earns money but if you are committed to then you will certainly make an additional source of income.

How to build a blog?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan to start blogging from your own domain name.

Blogging from your own domain name is very important because that only builds your identity as well as a passive source of income.

Owning your own domain name offers you complete control over your online presence and lets you decide how you want to present yourself to the world, how you want to present your content, how to edit away the negative comments, what to share, and how to engage the audience. It works as a centralized spot where people can find and connect with you or know about all your social channels.

Seven Strong Reasons For Businesses To Start Blogging

Blogging your business is a cost-effective way of marketing your business. Compared to traditional advertising methods, blogging is relatively inexpensive and can provide continuous long-term benefits.

It is a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility, engage with customers, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

There are several reasons why you must start blogging your business from today onwards:

  1. Increased Visibility: Blogging can help businesses increase their online visibility. By regularly creating new and valuable content, businesses can attract more visitors to their websites and improve their search engine rankings.
  2. Helps To Monopolize: Blogging can establish a business as a thought leader in their industry. By sharing valuable insights, tips, and advice, businesses can build trust and credibility with their audience.
  3. Better Customer Engagement: Blogging is an effective way to engage with customers and build a community around a business. By encouraging comments and discussions, businesses can gain insights into their audience’s needs and preferences.
  4. Building Your Name In The Industry: Blogging can help businesses to build their brand and establish a unique voice in their industry. By consistently publishing high-quality content that reflects the values and personality of the business, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors.
  5. Works As A Powerful Lead Generation Platform: Blogging can also be an effective way to generate leads for a business. By offering valuable resources and encouraging visitors to sign up for email newsletters or other offers, businesses can capture leads and nurture them over time.
  6. Cost-Effective Internet Marketing: Blogging is a cost-effective way to market a business. Compared to traditional advertising methods, such as print or TV ads, blogging is relatively inexpensive and can provide long-term benefits.
  7. Build New Source Of Income: Blogs can earn money through advertising by displaying ads on their website. This can be done through ad networks, such as Google AdSense, or by selling ad space directly to businesses. Apart from this blogs can also earn money through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling products, or consultancy services.

Overall, blogging can be a profitable endeavor for everyone willing to put in the time and effort to build an audience by creating valuable content. By leveraging various monetization strategies, businesses can not only promote their products and services but can also earn money while sharing their expertise and building their authority.

Now the question comes, how to start a blog? Well, you simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. That’s all you need to have a business website of yours with blogging and optional eCommerce features.

The next coming lesson will guide you on the topics a business may blog about. Reading the next coming lesson you will know what posts and content you should share on your blog to attract readers and prospects.

Blogging Your Business Works As Your Live Internet Marketing Campaign

Blogging about your business itself works as a live internet marketing campaign for your business. It not only brings more business to you but also works in building a passive source of income when you monetize it with Google Adsense, etc.

To survive and grow your business you need customers, and to bring customers you need to reach out to promote your business. In the olden days, this was done by means of brochures, flyers, newspapers, and other kinds of ads or by meeting in person from house to house or shop to shop. But today it has become much easier, you can reach out to a million by making a blog post on your website.

Blog Your Business From Your Own Domain

In the internet world, there are endless possibilities, there are many options for advertising and marketing your business but the most powerful yet cheap option is to start blogging your business from your own domain.

If you want to get known by your own name then stop promoting URLs such as somename.com/yourname, instead, promote your own domain name i.e. yourname.com. If you want to get into the serious business of blogging, you certainly need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

The free blogging options out there benefit the owner of the service and not you because it works on their domain, not yours. So, if you hope to grow your business, establish your identity, and most importantly make money from your blog, you need to own your domain name with a hosting option such as Website Builder or Managed WordPress.

Because Advertisements Consume Your Money

One important reason to blog about your business instead of getting into a costly advertising campaign is when you stop spending money on any advertisement or marketing campaign, it stops. But when you blog, it keeps on circulating on the web and opens up new channels for earning better money online.

But Blog Post Earns You Money

On the other side, your blog post, as soon you make it, it gets into the process of bringing new customers as well as new money to your bank account. So the result of making a blog post is that without spending money, you get into the process of earning money.

There is only one universal right choice for marketing your business on the internet and that is registering your domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan. So do it.

Why Your Business Needs A Blog?

Blogging your business is the best way to get known for your business by building a strong community around it. One of the greatest benefits of blogging is that it builds an audience around your business, project, cause, or anything you do and that provides you the social proof.

Because people are more likely to invest their time or money in anything that is already being in use by others. By blogging your business you can reach out to people free of cost and that not only helps you to spread the word but also build new streams of income which is not dependent on your business but on the posts of your website.

How To Setup Your Own Blog?

Sangkrit.net has made it very easy for anyone to start blogging his business.

You simply need to –

  1. Register your domain name, then
  2. Subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan

And you are ready to go in a few clicks afterwards.

You can blog from your phone or laptop and reach out to new prospective customers searching the internet for information and solutions.

What To Post On Your Blog?

Post regularly on the topics that relate to your business. This will open up new avenues that were not possible before when you were not on the internet. Your blogging is going to build up a personal connection with customers thus it will build your trust and credibility.

Blogging will not only expose you to a new prospective customer base but it will build a readership of people waiting for your articles. Thus, it will help to in introducing your products and services to a larger audience.

What Should I Blog About?

Blog your business. Post on what can get you to a bigger consumer base as well as what can help you in strengthening your passive source of income on your ads-enabled website.

Don’t just blog for a hobby, if you have something like that then make it your business, you can easily do that by starting to blog on your domain to monetize it with advertisements and services of your own.

Earlier we have discussed how you can know your perfect blogging subject. But the best thing you can do with your blog is to use it to help the world by generating a billion home employment opportunities. 

You can do this simply by becoming a people’s personal outlet and then blogging your own business.

Very few people know that they can put simple things such as the domainserver, and WordPress together at SANGKRIT.net to start serving their customers online. So post, to help the world in knowing that and let them learn from you, hire you (at per hour price), or join you in your business.

Let’s see what you can blog as a people’s personal outlet and how it is going to benefit you and the world –

Blog on Sangkrit’s four fundamentals

Sangkrit’s four fundamentals of – 

  1. Cleaning your private space
  2. Cooking your vegetarian meals
  3. Programming your world and
  4. Blogging your business 

These are proven COVID-19-proof, they sufficiently prepare anyone to stay home, be safe and earn online. 

You should also know that these four fundamentals cover four big globally searched topics on the internet i.e. – 

  1. Cooking 
  2. Cleaning
  3. Blogging 
  4. Programming

So when you start to blog on Sangkrit’s four fundamentals, you not only choose the most popular blogging subjects that will always survive on search but you also distribute a practical plan to become wealthy by leading humanity through the internet age.

Blog about home employment 

Let the world know that you are the one who can home-employ anybody anywhere. Blog to tell them about your billion home employment opportunities especially for home-loving people. 

Encourage everyone to register his free SANGKRIT.net account and work as an outlet to help everyone in doing online business.

Blog to create your own network of outlets

People’s personal outlet is a kind of home employment that anybody can share with anyone, and expand his network for a mass effort, to internetize all sorts of businesses.

Train others to become your outlet. The Internet is here to stay and the requirement for essentials i.e. domains, websites & apps isn’t going to disappear.

So, encourage more and more people and prepare your own outlets.

And when they bring some order, you may either complete it yourself, (read this lesson) or get it done by other outlets in your network.

Blog about online support

Write posts to let people know that you can help them in bringing their business online. Let them know that you are an expert of –

  • Making websites
  • Managing servers
  • Programming smartphone apps

Whether you are an expert or not but surely you can sell these services by putting other outlets to work.

Create your personal advertisements on your website and keep offering online support (i.e. yours as well as other outlet skills) at per hour price. Do this to help businesses get online by hiring you. You can do all that yourself with services like Managed WordPress, WordPress Ecommerce, and Website Builder, etc.

Blog about domain names, servers, hosting, and WordPress, etc

Post about the products available at SANGKRIT.net to build a niche that can give you work, by purchasing online support.

Instead of simply introducing the service, you should create useful how-to guides so that people can know that you are an expert.

Before writing an article, research about it on Google, explore SANGKRIT.net documentation and with time you will really become an expert of your subject.

For any help, use the following comment form.

Outlets Exchange Online Support

Create your account to startup as an independent outlet of Sangkrit in a globally distributed order of people’s personal outlets. This works everywhere as a free market for buying or selling any online support.

WordPress Sangkrit having adsense

Register your domain as your name.com to wordpress Sangkrit having your adsense. This works best to begin with trading in online support.

Outlets exchange online support to complete the orders placed with them. Online support gets freely sold on hourly per terminal basis at any mutually agreed upon rate. That ultimately makes you rich.

Before to add a new post, write up most craftly as it is a piece of art while you are about to address the whole world about Sangkrit. This must become interesting and useful to billions as this is the actual challenge given so that your power of sentence succeeds in bringing you a return gift of consistent income rather immediately once you are having an adsense.

Make a sure sense to succeed

Learn reading your AdSense page most carefully to understand everything. This you must do everday morning just after you get awake and again at night also just before you go to sleep.

In between keep an eye on the world news understanding public aspirations across all the countries for representing Sangkrit as befitting while you wordpress to all of them alike.

Gradually you would start understanding all this as this would begin to become increasingly interesting by turning into the most beautiful thing in your life; when this shall start earning sufficiently for your decent living even when you are asleep also. Following that developing increasingly more outlets like yourself earns a fortune for you since they make your division.

Your division earns you a fortune

What you must never forget even for a second that the core objective of emancipating humanity is awaiting for at least one billion people’s personal outlets and nothing less to succeed. That is the mission given to all the people’s personal outlets alike.

Building some of those outlets can contribute up to any extent in developing your own division. Developing your own division by building increasingly more outlets actually earns you a fortune.

Blogging becomes your method of choice

The mission is to make everyone an outlet just like you are. Your smartphone works well as your all-in-one device in this regard. Let blogging become your method of choice.

People’s personal outlets thrive by independently exchanging online support as per their clientele’s immediate requirements. That enhances internet wealth creation and works best for its universal distribution.

Practicing The Fourth Fundamental

WordPress is the free press for everyone. So don’t ever forget to say a hello to the world from wherever you are witnessing whatever since you are the people’s correspondent for archiving the real history of humanity.

Blogging is the fourth fundamental of practicing Sangkrit that forms the most effective media in the hands of any individual humankind. Your practising the fourth fundamental empowers the people in general.

Modern tyrants and totalitarian regimes are not afraid of any organised media any more but they all fear alike any free blogging by their people. You must not remain one but become many to overcome that. Help everyone else as well in practicing the fourth fundamental.

Do This To Discover Your Perfect Blog Subject

Pick five topics you enjoy talking about most and then try to write twenty headings under each topic. The subject on which you can happily create more headings is your perfect blogging niche. Follow that topic on the internet and start blogging on that.

To start your blog –

  1. Register your full name as your domain
  2. Subscribe to a Dedicated Server (Why?)
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Start blogging

For most people, the topics they like to talk about and the topics they like to read on are different. If you want to become a good blogger then read and blog on the same topic. 

If the topics you read and talk about are different then for blogging you should pick the one you like talking about because after all, you are blogging to interact with this world. The important thing is to get yourself started, pick your topic and give it all you have and you will learn new things on the go.

Blog Your Business To Establish Async Communication & Rely Less On People

Asynchronous communication, also known as async communication is a communication that doesn’t require people to be present on any side at the time of carrying out discussions which can be customer support, inquiry, or any other type of online conversation.

An email is an old example of async communication whereas video calls and phone calls are not asynchronous, they are called synchronous as they require both parties to be present on phone at the same time.

Async communication is better as it can work across numerous timezones and it promotes writing which is open for anyone searching for it to read, plus it empowers people to continue any discussion by adding anything useful or posting a new question.

Async Communication For Consumer Support

When you register your domain name, subscribe to Managed WordPress to start blogging your business, the readers i.e. your prospects may start a conversation simply by commenting on your blog post. You can resolve their queries by replying to them, and others may also add their value to it. Such conversations always remain visible online after your blog posts (until you delete them) and are helpful for others facing similar issues or having the same queries.

An screenshot showing WPDiscuz comment form

It helps you to establish a system and rely less on people as you don’t need a 24hour working helping or subscribe to a customer support service. There are many startups that don’t provide phone-based customer support. Instead, they use a mechanism of async communication and they are successful.

Async Communication Remains Available For Others To Read

The comments on your blog posts remain available for others to read. Suppose you have shared a blog post on a new project, product or service, and carried out all your important discussions on your post itself. The good thing is, it will always remain available on your website and when someone new joins your team, he can easily know all your thoughts and decisions regarding that project simply by reading your post and the discussion after it.

An screenshot showing an example of WPDiscuz on-site conversations

And the best thing is it can be edited from the admin panel of your WordPress site, you can update post, your thoughts on comments and everything else as per your present time requirement.

Blogging Is Best Form Of Async Communication

Other systems such as email, document sharing, and social media posts can also be called asynchronous but their biggest limitation is that they are not open to the public, anyone searching for similar issues on Google will not be able to see the conversations which you are running on some other website. As a blogger, your main objective is to bring people on your website so that they can view your services and products. So that you can make offers. So that you can earn money by using some cost per click program such as Google Adsense.

How To Blog Your Business?

Simply register your domain name, subscribe to Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce (if you are in the selling business) to start blogging your business on your domain. Moreover, you may also make use of WordPress to help other businesses come online and build a second source of income for yourself as a people’s personal outlet.

Blogging Is Equally Important For Local Businesses

Blogging your business is equally beneficial for small businesses serving in their locality as near about forty-six percent of searches made on Google have local intent. Eighty percent of Internet users own a smartphone, their general behavior is when they need something, they first search about it on Google and then contact the businesses located near them.

So when you blog your business on your domain, the possibilities of gaining new clients increases. Local businesses have a bigger opportunity as their competition is small and not every business located near you know the benefits of business blogging. So when you blog more, you grow more.

To start your own blog, you simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to Managed WordPress. The automated process will take you to the admin panel from where you can start posting. You may start with microblogging by simply sharing the reasons you use to tell your customers to convince them to buy your products.

Once you successfully set up your own blog, you can help other businesses in doing the same, you may charge some amount for that and build up a second source of income by working as a people’s personal outlet.

Human Cooperation To Defeat Divisive Distractions

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, peoples across all the countries thoroughly experienced the failing superstructure of all divisive assumptions everywhere alike. Superstitions suppress the fact that the humankind is one and all divisive assumptions are false.

Undermining all superstitions, Sangkrit stands for humankind with Internet as the unity of humanity. Universal cooperation among human beings is made easy further through ongoing smartphone stage of internet age and unleashing human cooperation is quite capable of defeating any divisive distraction. So let it be like that.

Despite all divisive distractions, domaining, blogging and sponsoring Sangkrit paves the way ahead. Follow this to build one integrated future by integrating humankind and let that become your business henceforth.

Make Lockdowns Productive By Blogging Your Business

This is the uncertain time for businesses worldwide. Instead of panicking you should make good use of this time to stay ahead. Start preparing your business to weather the crisis of COVID-19 and any such thing in future. Bringing your business online is a must and in-addition to that you should start creating useful content for your customers.

Write articles about your products and services, if you are a small business owner or shopkeeper then you can post information on the products you are selling, update your customers about the new products, their performance under specific conditions, how you are utilizing COVID-19 shutdown to make your business better for them etc. You may also ask your customers to send you review of your products which you will share on your website.

Everyone is staying at home, they’re all now more active online, so it makes sense to help them, engage them, talk to them by blogging your business on your domain.

Once you have engaged your customers and built trust with regular blogging and sharing of helpful articles, you can start pitching your products for sale with offers to entice your customers online. This can be done simply by installing WooCommerce plugin on your existing WordPress blog to convert it into a functional eCommerce store website.

Blogging Your business Connects You Directly To The Consumer

Blogging is a way to connect directly to your consumer. When you start to blog your business on your domain, the search engines like Google crawls your website to index your posts. This indexed content is then displayed to netizens who are searching for it.

Google takes highest quality answers and displays most relevant content to its users. So blogging becomes the most advanced form of marketing. Your every blog post is an opportunity to generate new leads because only people interested in your product reaches your post on Google search results page.

Consistently writing helpful posts for your target audience establishes your domain as an authority. By blogging your business you not only get benefitted from the people who buy your products but every single user contributes to your web ranking and you also make money from the advertisements displayed on your website.

Reach Prospects By Blogging Your Business

Once you startup working as people’s personal outlet at Sangkrit, the next step is to find prospective clients for your business which means finding individuals and businesses who can pay you for making their website or programming their smartphone app. You can target them by blogging about your business.

With blogging you can reach-out to people looking for websites and other online services. You can also help those who don’t know anything about starting-up online, you can train them as your own outlets so that they can work from home and find you more prospective clients.

Blogging your business on your domain is more effective and cheaper than any other advertising or marketing medium.

Bringing Your Business Online Is No Longer An Option

Making money peacefully from home is everybody’s requirement. The global pandemic and lockdown has made it mandatory. You must bring your business online today to thrive in the online market world. Now most people look for their requirements online — be it a post, product or service. So the individuals who don’t have a product or service to sell may simply start blogging and make money by displaying ads from Google Adsense.

No matter how small your budget is, anyone can afford to register a domain in order to start a website and then blog to establish identity, developing a loyal and growing customer base from home. Multiple roles are served with a business website, it helps your potential clients to find you on search engines, learn about your business, get in touch and finally buy your product or service online without showing up at your door.

This is the time for the people across all time zones to startup as people’s personal outlet because now bringing everybody’s business online is sure to become the biggest business of internet age and procuring online support from system@sangkrit.net lets you easily expand that way.

Blogging Your Business Is Better Than Advertising

The online advertisements are often displayed on blogs managed by individual bloggers. So you don’t really need to spend money on advertisements when you can start to blog your business on your domain. A blog is comparatively very-very much cheaper than running a small advertising campaign.

Blogging helps you to establish your identity, consistent blogging will help your prospects to find you on search engines like Google. Your posts will build trust in your target market and you can grow the customer relationship which is the vital part of improving conversion rates. A blog is a great marketing channel to enhance your business growth.

Starting a blog is easy, you simply need to register your domain and then subscribe Managed WordPress. The rest is done by the system that takes you to a step by step tour asking you questions to setup your business blog. All is done in a few minutes and then you may start writing your first blog post to promote your business online.

Blogging Is A Business Anyone Can Start

Blogging is a business that starts as you start to post your ideas on your domain.

When you start sharing your ideas on your website, people start to visit your website and Google pays you for the clicks on advertisements it displayed on your website.

To start blogging all you need to have is a domain name with WordPress installation, managed WordPress at SANGKRIT.net is an easy way to start a blog without any technical hassles.

The business of blogging involves sharing of useful/interesting posts to bring netizens to your website in order to earn revenue from advertisements.

You can blog about anything that interests you, maybe your story on how you found something out, your solution to some problem or your lesson on something in which you are good at. Simply identify your interests to generate ideas for blog posts and then start posting.

You can also help other netizens (as people’s personal outlet) in doing the same and charge some amount for installing WordPress on their domains or helping them on their websites with online support wherever needed via system@sangkrit.net

Blogging Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Work From Home In This Pandemic Time

Blogging is the best thing you can do from home and make money online. You can start blogging whenever you want, it is easier than other online jobs, you can blog at your time and it lets you earn money from home by doing what you love.

Don’t get impressed by the people posting pictures of expensive things, trying new food, travelling places, meeting new people and then sharing their experiences by working from the beach. It is of no use in today’s time. Instead, cleaning your place, cooking your meal and then blogging your ideas work far better.

Making money from your blog, also called as professional blogging by some is no different thing. You don’t need any online course and seo trick for money blogging when you can simply start by registering your domain name and then installing WordPress to start blogging your ideas.

After posting a few articles, you can apply for the Google Adsense and monetize your website.

Self-Quarantined Self-Employment To Everyone Around

Sangkrit ascertains human solidarity with necessary social distancing across all the countries alike.

Adapting a Sangkrit way of life can certainly help you in staying within your home throughout these globally pandemic times and thereafter also by developing your online business in between.

You could do, so should be doing, blogging and domaining along with sponsoring Sangkrit. This would be simplest and best for making the world much better by staying at home.

Blogging would keep the humanity responsibly communicated for enhancing its resilience. Domaining would build your global networth doing that. Sponsoring Sangkrit would spread the solution to the problem.

Therefore keep calm and start up to carry on.