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Replacing Media File Uploads In WordPress

Have you ever wanted to replace an upload on your WordPress media library? By default, it can be done only by uploading a new file, replacing it in your content, and then deleting the old upload.

This technique is both long and causes clatter in your media library as well as dead links on the internet, The reason is that newly uploaded file gets a new permalink.

There is one different way to replace any image – On media library, click “edit” view, and you can replace your file in one of two ways:

Simple Replace

It just replaces your file. The option requires you to upload a new file of the same type as the one you are replacing. The name of the attachment remains the same no matter what filename you upload.

Replace the file and update all links

The option replaces the old file, uses the new file name, and updates all links i.e. all links pointing to the old file are updated to point to the new file.

How To Replace Media Files?

  1. Install and activate the Enable Media Replace plugin
  2. Next, visit Media -> Library in your WordPress admin area
  3. Locate the file that you want to replace
  4. Take your mouse near the file name
  5. Click the link labeled as ‘Replace Media’
  6. Click the ‘Choose File’ button
  7. Select from the two options:
    • Just replace the file
    • Replace the file, and update all links
  8. Press the ‘Upload’ button

The plugin also provides you a shortcode that picks up the file modification date to display it in your posts and pages.

How To Fix Restricted Upload Error In WordPress?

Sometimes an error is experienced when you try uploading a new file in your WordPress media library. The error message is – “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.”

The reason behind this restriction is to prevent the accidental or purposeful upload of maliciously executable files as that could damage your website.

However, if you are certain about the filetype you are trying to upload then you can fix this issue yourself.

Add this code in the wp-config.php file (located in the WordPress root directory):


Alternatively, you may use a plugin called Remove Unrestricted Uploads. Simply install-activate it to enable unfiltered uploads.

However, the given plugin has certain limitations and does not always work. In-case, if it doesn’t work for your specific file-type then try another plugin called Enhanced Media Library.

Install-activate it and then visit Settings -> MIME Types -> Media page.

See whether your desired file-type is listed or not. If it is not listed, click the ‘Add New MIME Type’ button and type the extension details.

In-case, if you don’t know the name and the label of your file-type extension, you can easily find it from here.

Next, tick the ‘Allow Upload’ box for the new MIME type you have added and save your changes.

Targetting Billions Can Help You Make Millions

Anything, that divides the humanity, is disallowed in the universe of Sangkrit. So you have to be selling the same integrating internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure as other peoples’personal outlets also sell although they do not compete but cooperate instead.

Moreover you may startup your own business also.

Build business by subscribing dedicated servers

Any serious business begins only upon a dedicated server. Now-a-days there is no other way possible.

Instead of purchasing hardware and hiring engineers subscribing all internet infrastructure at https://system.sangkrit.net works more stably. Thus you do not loss money upon frequently replacing outdated hardware.

Brand your business by registering domains in bulk

The best way to brand your business is to register domains in bulk. You must register your business name with every possible domain extension.

Blog your business for billions on planet Earth

Install WordPress for marketing as there cannot be anything better than blogging your business in this internet age. You do so by writing posts. Write posts by addressing the whole of humanity. Such an integrated cross-border approach maximises your revenue streams.

You must only innovatively add a new post. So that you make many billions better understand you afresh.

Targetting many billions is sure to help you make your millions. Your first million may not be far away from you. Just keep the coordinates crystal clear.

Blogging Your Business Is Transactional By Nature

Blogging your business is transactional by nature which means you can make it action-oriented. This can be done by using a call-to-action plugin on your WordPress site. You can add a button for buying your product or subscribing to your service or simply booking an order or appointment right from your post page. 

You can use it to direct traffic to your eCommerce store or collect customer information on the contact page and ultimately drive your sales. 

There’s no guesswork in blogging. The SEO tool at SANGKRIT.net analyzes your website and gives you step-by-step guidance on optimizing your domain for Google®, Yahoo®, Bing® and track its progress on the internet over time. 

You can measure your performance, track your success, the increasing worth of your website, and more importantly how many people visit you in a day and how many calls to action are clicked. The more serious blogging you will do, the better you will get in it, and the more business you do overtime.

Do This To Discover Your Perfect Blog Subject

Pick five topics you enjoy talking about most and then try to write twenty headings under each topic. The subject on which you can happily create more headings is your perfect blogging niche. Follow that topic on the internet and start blogging on that.

To start your blog –

  1. Register your full name as your domain
  2. Subscribe to a Dedicated Server (Why?)
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Start blogging

For most people, the topics they like to talk about and the topics they like to read on are different. If you want to become a good blogger then read and blog on the same topic. 

If the topics you read and talk about are different then for blogging you should pick the one you like talking about because after all, you are blogging to interact with this world. The important thing is to get yourself started, pick your topic and give it all you have and you will learn new things on the go.

WordPress Ecommerce Now Supports Bookings & Appointment Scheduling

Do you want to allow your customers to book an appointment directly from your website? The new version of WordPress Ecommerce at SANGKRIT.net supports booking and appointment scheduling features especially for the professionals like doctors and lawyers.

A booking form can be displayed inside a page or post or via a menu link. The visitors on your website would be able to check availability and book appointments or make reservations directly from your website.

The booking form is customizable from the admin panel and digital payment options are also available. Notification emails are sent when an appointment is booked, rescheduled, or canceled. Admin may also send friendly email reminders of upcoming appointments.

Blogging Your Business Is The Most Decent Way To Outreach

Engaging customers is equally important for every business. By blogging your business you don’t push your offers to anybody but instead, you use a tactful way of making others aware of your existence and keep the conversation going.

When you post anything new, your customers especially your subscribers get automatically notified about your new offers having relevant information about your products and services. On the other side, search engines automatically work to give you new visitors by showing your site-links on relevant searches. This system on your domain when develops with time, not only helps you to reach billions of people online but opens up many new streams of income, examples are all around you.

By blogging your business you simply keep yourself focussed on creating new content which can be anything you want to share with the world. Just keep in mind to make your blog posts really useful, interesting, and time-worthy for others. It is all about creating fresh content to keep your old customers engaged and bring in new prospects from the world wide web.

The World Now Prefer Online Shopping

The eCommerce industry is growing like never before and if you are planning to enter the world of online selling then there has never been a better time to start. There’s absolutely no doubt that launching an online store can help any business in its total sales and that is why not only more people are searching and buying products online but eCommerce shops are also increasing every day. You may use Google to take a look at the growth of the online market in numbers.

A smartphone gives people a more convenient way to browse and shop with no limitations. Even a new consumer behavior is observed, some people go to offline shops only to touch and feel the product before they really order it online. With online shopping, people can see and compare a large number of products and they can continue this behavior for as much time they want, nobody is there to judge them except the software, which with time starts to show them more relevant deals based on their interest.

By understanding this new consumer behavior you can create a strategy to bring your business online. Starting an online store has never been so easy, all you have to do is register your business name as your domain and then subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce, no coding is required to build, manage and grow your business website. 

Your Domain Needs Nothing Else But WordPress

If a hundred programmers are hired to build a program like WordPress then it will take hundred-plus years and more than six million US dollars to complete. 

In the robust community of programmers, the WordPress code is under continuous development. About twice a year, a new WordPress upgrade is released that automatically up-to-dates all WordPress websites with the present world-wide-web standards. The last version of WordPress was nearly four-lakh lines of code with more than seventeen-thousand newly added ones. Every day some new themes and plugins come into the free market allowing people to extend their specific websites on their own.

So, simply installing WordPress on your domain is better than going after anything else, you don’t even need to hire a developer because anything else on your domain is going to make you settle with something that is less than what WordPress is. 

WordPress is free and the System of SANGKRIT.net provides you an easy way to get started with it. Every Dedicated Server and Managed WordPress at SANGKRIT.net not only offers you automatic WordPress setup but you also get dedicated support with protection and backup so that you can keep yourself focussed on expanding your business.

WordPress on your domain is enough to let you have your own free press publishing anything you want the world to know. Consistent practice of WordPress simply by blogging your business on your domain soon pays you off by creating new online revenue streams. Becoming a People’s Personal Outlet, and helping others to come online is a way to do that smartly.

Hello World!

This is WordPress. Everyone is free for using this free software as free press. You may freely use this to protest against or support anything anywhere. This could be done very peacefully without rioting around on roads, interrupting the public life or defying the due process.

Sangkrit insists upon all that. Since anyone interrupting the public life, rioting on the road or defying the due process is actually a public enemy. Such a miscreant deserves getting arrested or shot dead by the police upon the very first sight for ascertaining a very peaceful public life.

Moreover you must be domaining instead of indulging into any kind of unpaid labor at a domain not registered in your name from where you could get blocked or trashed whenever the real domainer likes doing so. Considering that too you must be domaining to wordpress to protect all your words.

WordPress On Your Domain Gives You Freedom To Build Anything

With WordPress on your domain name, you can easily bring your business online, no matter what business you are in. This is the time for you to startup online, whether you have got a new idea or you are looking for some way of making money from home, the internet at SANGKRIT.net’s disposal helps you in everything you need to start and grow online. 

Register Your Domain & Subscribe Dedicated Server

If you are a business, it’s the time to bring it online. Simply start by registering a domain name, you may go for a .BIZ domain as it shows that your name means business, it can be a good fit in building your online business identity. It also shows that you are more than just a shop or a store or else if you are planning a pure eCommerce business then you may also pick a .STORE domain name After you register your domain name, subscribe to a dedicated server

Install WordPress

The next step is installing WordPress, don’t worry about that, the on-screen process on your SANGKRIT.net account will help you in that. That’s all with the setup, now you have everything (i.e. all hardware, software, and code) you need to start and grow your business online.

Moreover, you may buy programming power from system@sangkrit.net but believe you will not be needing that as WordPress has already been installed on your domain and the system of Sangkrit is always after you to help, educated, and inspire you to take your best foot forward. 

Login & Start

Next, log in to the admin panel of your website, you may create the necessary pages to showcase your business information before you start blogging your business

Build Anything You Want

WordPress gives you everything – beautiful designs as free themes, powerful features as plugins, with the freedom of building anything you want on your domain. It is both free and priceless at the same time.

For instance, by installing one plugin called WooCommerce you can transform your WordPress site into an eCommerce store backed with powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day business activities.

Your Domain Is Your New Business Address

No one can ignore the change of time that has alarmingly made people everywhere to change their way of doing business. The new consumer has gone online and the businesses are also finding ways of doing business online, those who know anything about WordPress have already registered their domain name and have started their business websites.

When WordPress is installed on your domain on a dedicated server you yourself become empowered enough to make and manage your business website. From your domain name i.e. your new business address your customers can buy your products, avail your services or get in touch without visiting you in the name of doing business.

The internet at SANGRKIT.net’s disposal has made it possible for everyone to start up online with minimal infrastructure. Those with some sort of business or business idea should register their domain and subscribe to a dedicated server and then install WordPress or buy necessary programming power from system@sangkrit.net whereas those having no business idea must startup as people’s personal outlet to make a living by helping other businesses come online.

Politics In The Time Of Corona

Politicians are used to making political statements, addressing massive rallies and enhancing public contacts. That has been the usual way of doing politics almost everywhere.

Amid ongoing pandemic, organising public rallies and making public contacts have become extremely dangerous. Simply by changing the way of doing these things, the politicians may cope with the time of Corona and become system ready for internet age as well.

For pursuing a career in politics even in the time of Corona and beyond that as well, you must register your full name as your domain with your country code as its extension on a dedicated server of yours installing WordPress just to help yourself…

  1. in monopolizing your political statements by writing blog posts;
  2. in monopolizing your massive rallies by directing traffic to your domain;
  3. in monopolizing your public contacts via making this networking enabled.

Thus the career politicians across all the countries can safely continue doing everything they require doing still that regularly. Moreover they may even outsmart their competition.

Aspiring ones can email to system@sangkrit.net for any help necessary in this regard.

Be Mindful To The New Consumer

The pandemic situation might be improving in some parts of the world but COVID-19 is still here and it bounces back as people try to unlock themselves to old norms. As a business, you need to accept the fact that safety comes first and not everyone would be ready for the unlock in the future also. 

So being mindful to all your customers you will have to find a way of serving them with all necessary social distancing and safety guidelines, especially while carrying out your business activities. Bringing most of your business activities online can be a good solution, start thinking about what business activities you can bring online, and then carefully plan every step before you actually jump into the execution. This lesson will guide you on how you can make most of your business activities operational from your domain.

Register Your Domain 

Register your domain name and subscribe to a dedicated server. A dedicated server will accommodate your growing business needs and will never let you worry about the bandwidth and space especially at the time when your online success starts. Still, if your budget is limited, you may go for Business Hosting or a cheaper Managed WordPress plan.

Install WordPress On Your Domain

Once you have registered your domain name, it is time to make your business live on it. For that, you simply need to install WordPress on your domain. Whether you just want a simple business website for the online visibility of your business or a fully-fledged e-commerce store, WordPress provides you an easy and reliable interface for all that.

Follow this lesson and install WordPress on your server, if you have subscribed to a Managed WordPress plan then there’s no need to manually install WordPress, just click the Manage button on your account page and it will let you set up your website on the go.

Try To Bring All Your Business Activities Online

The local store owners and people in any kind of selling business (wholesale, retail, digital files, books, music, video, etc) may simply make use of WordPress Ecommerce to start selling their products online. Everyone else can make use of basic WordPress and its free plugins to set up their business website themselves.

You may also visit the support page here to call the online support and get a free consultancy on what type of website and internet marketing products your business will need.

If Required, Buy Necessary Programming Power

Plan what features you will need to run your business online, whether you need a smartphone app? Whether the features you need on your website can be fulfilled with some free WordPress plugin? or you will need a dedicated developer for that? 

If the basic WordPress installation is not your ideal business solution then you may limit it for blogging your business and get more advanced features developed in the form of a smartphone app or a plugin by a team of experts, for that you just need to purchase the necessary programming power from the system@sangkrit.net

Collaborate With Your Team Online

Team collaboration is a critical business requirement, the good thing is with WordPress you can easily make your workspace collaboration live on your domain. Because being physically present in an office has its own disadvantages such as, 

  • You are not slowing down the progress of infections in society 
  • The office environ makes you, your people, your customers, and your family more vulnerable to the infection 
  • If in-case someone gets infected, the person can more easily pass on that infection to other people

Anyways, WordPress solves your problem of online team collaboration. It simply makes live interaction possible on your domain, you just have to make a few additions to your existing WordPress site and you would be able to establish your own online communication system. Again, for more complex options you can buy necessary programming support from the system at SANGKRIT.net.

Setup Online Billing & Inventory Management

If you are a big business, you can make use of a free IMS i.e. inventory management system, available via Installatron app installer on all dedicated server and hosting plans at SANGKRIT.net. Small businesses may simply use the built-in WordPress inventory. There are also some good business accounting apps, CRMs i.e. client relationship management platforms, billing and invoicing system along with cloud workspace softwares that can be easily installed on your domain from your server’s admin panel. 

Keep Blogging Your Business

You must have noticed various marketing emails in your inbox, most of these emails contain links to blog posts, some ask you to subscribe to their blog, most of the news notifications you see on your smartphone take you to some blog, most of the product releases, updates, and sale notifications are also broadcasted on their specific blogs. For example, every new Google update is first published on the Google blog and every new WordPress release is first discussed on the WordPress blog.

The reason is, blogging is the best marketing platform of your time, so keep blogging your business on your domain. You simply need a domain and WordPress to start posting content related to your business and with that, you can resolve simple issues that your potential customers face. 

When you post good quality content, search engines start to index your website and with time your posts start to rank higher on search engine results pages, this automatically brings new traffic to your website, and with that traffic, you can increase your sales by adding some call to action (i.e. links that take visitors to sale or checkout pages) after your posts.

Blogging your business is an effective yet lowest cost marketing method, so stop ignoring it and make its good in your business.

Use Search Engines To Drive Targeted Buyers To Your Business

This is the time when consumers start researching the products and services on Google before they actually make a purchase. So make use of this consumer behavior to get more paying clients simply by blogging your business.

This internet marketing process is easier and cheaper than any other marketing measure. For this, you just need a WordPress blog on your domain name and then start promoting your products and services by regularly posting on your blog.

You may test different headlines, offers, prices, selling approaches, and most importantly make sure your posts are not just promotional material but they are useful enough for your prospective clients so that the web traffic may organically reach your home page.

By blogging your business you can also build a stream of passive income by monetizing your website with Google Adsense. And once you master these skills you may also help other businesses to come online.

To start blogging your business, simply register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. At SANGKRIT.net it takes less than fifteen minutes to get your website up and running.

Manage Your Suppliers Online From Your Website

WordPress Ecommerce lets you sell anything online from anywhere. You can use it for selling your products online and also you can manage your stock right from the admin panel of your website. Apart from this, you can also manage your suppliers and supply orders.

To start an eCommerce store with WordPress, all you have to do is register your domain name and subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce. Once you are subscribed, simply login to your website, then install-activate WooSupply – Suppliers, Supply Orders, and Stock Management plugin. The plugin upon activation enables you to create suppliers and supply orders.

You can generate your supply orders in PDF and send them to your suppliers. Receive the ordered products and increase your WooCommerce stocks. It also allows you to manage your supplier invoices information and upload documents for further reference. Apart from this, you can access the statistics panel to see your monthly margin based on WooSupply plus WooCommerce orders, all works within your WordPress Ecommerce website.

How To Offer Curbside Pickup In Your Business?

Offering curbside pickup in your business simply means you are allowing your customers to buy your products online and then visit your location i.e. home or store-front to get it without entering your place or leaving their vehicle. With WordPress Ecommerce you can easily start online selling and offer this service in your business too.

WordPress Ecommerce offers you more than just a platform you need to start selling your products online. It works on your domain name and offers everything you need to create an effective and memorable online presence. You can add your products, manage your orders, pickups, and deliveries plus you can also blog your business from your smartphone to build a strong online presence.

Even if you are a small local business that only serves the neighborhood people, a WordPress Ecommerce website will help you to get more orders and compete with bigger businesses without leaving your place and without increasing your business expense.

With WordPress Ecommerce, an online selling website becomes much easier to build and more affordable than you might think. It offers you a complete selection of online tools for building websites, along with web-hosting-server, email, and marketing options to grow your business online.

Starting Ecommerce Website With Curbside Pickup

To start, register your domain name and then subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce, its step-by-step online tour will guide you to the admin panel of your website. There you can add your products and control each and every aspect of your online store.

Second, to implement a curbside-pickup service, simply visit Plugins-> Add New page to install-activate the new WordPress plugin called Curbside Pickup. This plugin offers you a complete system to manage all functionalities of your curbside pickup experience.

  • It features custom pickup links for your customers
  • A dashboard for your staff, so you’ll be alerted right away when a customer arrives for pickup
  • Your customers can even provide special instructions, a parking space number, and/or a description of their vehicle to make it easier for your staff to find the customer and deliver their order.

Upon activation, the plugin integrates directly with WordPress and WooCommerce. You simply need to select Curbside Pickup as a Shipping Option, and you’re ready to give curbside pickup to your patrons.

Creating Wholesale Market Online With WordPress Ecommerce

Selling wholesale products additionally in your online retail store is one thing that can be easily done with WordPress Ecommerce, as explained here. Whereas running a complete wholesale market or market place online is another thing, that can also be done on your WordPress Ecommerce website.

To start up a new or bring your existing wholesale business online, the first and foremost thing you need is a domain name with a subscription to WordPress Ecommerce. Once you are subscribed to WordPress Ecommerce, its step-by-step tour will guide you to the admin panel of your website from where you can control every aspect of your online business website.

You have your domain name registered with a subscription to WordPress Ecommerce, now login to the admin panel of your website and install-activate a plugin called WCFM Marketplace. It is a free front end based multi-vendor marketplace plugin that helps you to build your own dream marketplace with minimal setup.

With flexible features such as commission, refund request, withdrawal & reverse withdrawal, single product multi-vendor, ledger book, zone & country-wise vendor shipping, store inquiry & review and stripe split pay it takes your simple eCommerce website to the level of a functional wholesale eCommerce business. Once you have activated the plugin on your WordPress Ecommerce installation, simply navigate to the WCFM Settings page from the admin panel of your website and select your options.

Why Use WordPress Ecommerce?

WordPress Ecommerce allows anyone to sell anything online from anywhere. Use it because it’s a fast and easiest way to create an eCommerce website that you and your customers will love. It is packed with all necessary online selling features. You simply start by registering your domain name, followed by subscribing to WordPress Ecommerce and its step-by-step tour will guide you to the admin panel of your website.

To select a design for your website all you will need to do is simply type in your idea or industry and the WordPress theme installer will pull up a number of professionally designed, ready-to-launch website themes, and you can activate the one specific to your business niche. You can design pages yourself, post articles to reach out to new prospects every day. You can manage your business activities, stocks and workers remotely, you can implement from online appointment scheduling to a full-blown eCommerce system, WordPresss Ecommerce is powerful enough to handle your business’ needs today and as you grow.

At the same time, you can also start up as a people’s personal outlet and help other businesses come online. You can do this by using Managed WordPress and WordPress Ecommerce or by subscribing bigger options of Managed WordPress such as WordPress Developer and WordPress Pro especially to design websites for others, you should introduce more people to this business and include them in your team to easily expand your business and make more profit online from your home.

WordPress Developer & Pro Options At SANGKRIT.net

Managed WordPress at SANGKRIT.net provides you specially packaged WordPress options to help you make websites for yourself and others. WordPress is a web-publishing platform that is not only easy but recognized the world over as a standard in website development. You cannot compare the aesthetics, web standard, and usability of WordPress with any other software in its field. WordPress is free software that empowers you to manage everything from a small personal blog to a large commercial website or eCommerce store with thousands of products. Millions of websites trust their online presence to WordPress and with Managed WordPress, you can, too.

Not sure how to start a blog, design a website, or set up an eCommerce selling platform using WordPress? Don’t worry! Your Managed WordPress subscription is seamlessly connected to the latest version of WordPress, so all you need to do is log in and you can start creating a website directly from your control panel. 

Managed WordPress is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of technical adjustments. WordPress Developer and WordPress Pro help you to host multiple websites of your clients with bigger and better traffic management solutions. At the same time, you can customize and run each website differently, you can make and sell blogs, eCommerce, or other kinds of the website separately to your clients.

How To Access Your Managed WordPress Installation?

There are several ways to log in to your WordPress website. You may directly go to SANGKRIT.net, log in to “My Account” and choose Managed WordPress type from your list of products. This method also works when you forget your website’s password as you can access the admin panel of your website by following this method and then you can change the password from there.

The second method is by typing http://yourdomain/wp-admin, where yourdomain is your domain name with extension (such as .com, .net, .org, etc) suffixed with /wp-admin. The complete URL will take you directly to the admin login screen of your website. 

And if you ever have questions, you may avail the 24×7 online support via phone or email, the contact details are available on the admin panel of your SANGKRIT.net account, the experts will guide you through creating, updating or even promoting your website or blog.