How To Find Your VPS Or Dedicated Server’s IP?

All VPS and Dedicated servers on provides you a dedicated IP address which is used for completing various important tasks such as pointing any domain to your server so that you can create a website on it and more.

This dedicated IP address also allows you to access your server from anywhere, you simply need to type your server’s IP followed by colon and 2087 in your web browser’s address bar.

For Example – https://yourserverip:2087

How To Obtain Your Server’s IP Address?

You will have to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager and click Servers.
  2. Next to the server you want to use and click Manage.
  3. Your server’s IP address displays either in the Server Details & Resources or Server IP Address section.

Knowing IP address of your server helps you to access cPanel without going through so many steps of logging into your account then navigating through multiple admin sections.

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