Learn The Management Of Your WordPress Website

This set of step-by-step tutorials will help you get a WordPress website up and running, on your SANGKRIT.net hosting. The tutorial is going to take you through configuring and launching your website, accessing WordPress admin panel, post new content, choose a new layout and everything else.

Simply start by registering or transferring your domain to SANGKRIT.net and then select a hosting option to host your WordPress website.

After you subscribe a hosting, your account will guide you step by step in making your website live on your domain name. And once your website is live.

Read these tutorials –

  1. Installing themes – to implement new design
  2. Creating new pages – such as about, contact & blog etc
  3. Writing your first post – to publish new posts – blog/news
  4. Inserting and editing images – inside your posts and pages
  5. Creating tags and categories – to classify website content
  6. Creating website menu – to provide easy navigation
  7. Installing plugins – to extend, add new features

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