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The Core Culture Within The Universe Of Sangkrit Is Getting Enforced As Universal Order

The new normal is nothing but the normal in the internet age.

Everything is at a very serious threshold and since non-essential distractions cause ultimate disorientation that makes one feel tired and finally defeated so as to not get tired while passing through such a testing time, it is essential for everyone to avoid all distractions.

What has already been normal at the core of Sangkrit has become a new normal for the rest of the world that is condemned for searching and researching sangkrit.org for surviving henceforth.

The core culture within the universe of Sangkrit is just getting enforced as universal order.

You Are Safe Only At Your Home

Safety is your first priority because when you are at risk, your business is at risk, your family and your complete environment is also at risk.

Many states are loosening their stay-at-home policies as they don’t have a workable plan or strategy to run the economy in lockdown or recover from it after lockdowns. This means the businesses will be opening soon, but as the COVID-19 cases are still increasing every day, there’s nothing like coronavirus is gone or going away and you are safe.

Post lockdowns, if not most then many of the businesses are operating in the same old way. Wearing masks, sanitizing the premises, and maintaining social distance cannot be called a new way of doing business. The new way is when you completely leave the old way, the new way is to bring your offline business online and operate from home, the new way is to manage all your business activities on the remote.

Be 100% Sure About Your Safety

Bringing your business online is the best, workable safety measure to implement because you can stay safe only at your home. Any offline business structure can never be called a hundred percent safe and secure.

Offline business models will experience a reduction in sales. At the same time, they will have to comply with the safety and social distancing guidelines, they will have to make new policies to keep their staff and workers safe, provide sanitizers and masks to the team, install partitions between staff and customers, ensure bathrooms are stocked with soaps and disposable towels and make sure every new entry is following all safety guidelines. They will have to manage all these new expenses and work on new management policies at the time when their business is going real down.

Still, they will never be a hundred present sure about their safety loopholes, and every new coughing or sneeze by someone will make them wonder about the spreading COVID-19 infection.

Feel Safe About Yourself, Your Family And Your Business

Hence, it is much better to bring your business online and feel safe about yourself, your family, and your business. If your business type stops you from operating online then make necessary changes to it, adopt new and leave old, pivot in your business and build a new stream of income as people’s personal outlet and do whatever is necessary because now you know what is more important for you.

Design a new structure of your business that can be operated from home, and if some offline activity is necessary then reduce the number of people to work at a given time or limit it to one, this is the big advantage of a small business that most of the things can be managed by an individual himself.

Start By Following Four Fundamentals Of Sangkrit

Start by following Sangkrit’s four fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business. To blog your business simply register your domain name, then subscribe to Managed WordPress.

If you are in the selling business then subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce to start selling your services, appointments, products, or anything else in an online store that can be managed from your smartphone. Moreover, you may also extend your WordPress installation to collaborate with your team online and assign important tasks to them.

How To Survive Your Business In 2020 And Beyond?

If you are in the business of essentials then bring it online, if you are not in the business of essentials then start blogging your business, pivot and think of the necessities you can alternatively provide to your existing clients to keep your business running. In such a case, it would be much better for you to startup as people’s personal outlet and help everyone around you in bringing their businesses online.

Some online researches during corona time suggest that there are near about thirty percent small businesses that have some sort of website. So you have got a big market to capture. Apart from this, most of the business and individuals are doing nothing, they are just sitting at home and waiting for something to happen so here you have another big opportunity of home-employing everybody to work as your personal outlet and bring you more referrers to get equally benefitted from the profit of each sale.

The rapid adoption of mobile technology and increased use of the Internet has made it easier for you to target and engage a big population online and help them with your products i.e. domain and website. Because, without a domain and website, there is no other way of operating any business online.

Make Direct Democracy The World Order Of Internet Age

In July 1867, first case of cholera was reported in Zurich and soon the disease was spreading throughout, mainly among the people from poorer and dirtier districts. In December 1867, thousands of the people gathered demanding their democratic rights by challeging then prevailing political order. In the autumn, the epidemic stamped out but the canton was all geared up to create the most democractic political system in the world.

Contemporarily both the restrictive and the representative societies have equally failed in saving humankind from upcoming pandemic as now they are busy blaming each other. Through this COVID-19 experience of humanity, it is affirmed by now that a direct democracy must become the world order of internet age.

Independent people do not deserve becoming the subjects of any restrictive or representative masters anymore. Instead they deserve taking all the necessary policy initiatives themselves.

Any restrictions and representations upon the public will are all outdated alike as in this age of internet any people can online elect to post, suspend and transfer any trained officials subject to their performance in implementing online public decisions.

This deserves becoming a direct democracy in the internet age. Let us make this the new world order.

Small Businesses Have Unprecedented Opportunity

The big companies are failing to adapt to the changed consumer demand, they cannot hire people fast enough to maintain their supply, even major eCommerce services have failed to serve their customers on time. Whereas small retailers efficient enough to supply everyday essentials are rising in business, they have unprecedented opportunity to serve new customers online.

Startups are now coding apps to target every small business, there are some new apps that enable shoppers to browse their local shop owners, their contact, and website in order to make purchases online. Google has now enabled small businesses to show their products under the shopping tab in the free product listing pages. If you are a small business owner you can clearly see that overall things are going on your side. From small startups to big companies have now started thinking about your problems and this because they can see where things are going.

The world has been forced to shop from home so make use of this opportunity. Register your domain name and subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce to bring your businesses online. Start blogging your business to introduce your products and services to your potential new customers online, as well as to keep your old customers engaged.

Don’t Push On Products That Aren’t Needed Now

The corona time has disastrous consequences on businesses not in the field of essentials. They are getting increasingly disconnected and have become irrelevant to the consumer’s requirement. What concerns people now is everyday essentials, earning from home and social distancing. So if you are not in the business of essentials, no one will appreciate you for pushing on products and services that are not needed.

The best thing you can do during this time of pandemic is – start blogging your business, plan to repackage your products & services for online delivery and startup as people’s personal outlet to bring yours and other businesses online by providing everyone with internet essentials.

By doing this, you not only build a second source of income for yourself but you also help others to keep their businesses running online.

You Are Suffering Because You Were Not Prepared

Individuals, businesses, and governments all are suffering from the impact of the COVID-19. Imagine a few months back someone telling you that most businesses will be out of business, tourism will be banned, schools will be closed, people will stay in homes and homeless will be moved to hotels. Would you have believed? The answer is no for almost all of you.

You are suffering because you don’t know how to think in four-dimensions and that is why you were not prepared for the worst – you are not home-employed, you don’t use blogging as your social activity instead you depend on other things for that such as social gatherings, you don’t know that happiness can be driven to things good for you.

End Your Suffering By Following Four-Fundamentals Of Sangkrit

Sangkrit builds a savior system for humankind into the internet age, where you can build your wealth by following four-fundaments of Sangkit i.e cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business to startup from home as people’s personal outlet and help everybody in bringing their businesses online to serve from home and stay economic, physical, and mental well-being.

Do You Expect Consumers to Comeback After COVID-19 Crisis?

Are you just waiting for the lockdowns to be lifted so that you can move back to your business and serve consumers like before? Is it not risky speculation? Having a business of non-essential things and that also offline and expecting consumers to come back after the COVID-19 crisis and buy things from your store as before! The assumption is not at all safe for any business.

The corona crisis has made consumers move online but still, most of the businesses are ignoring the need of serving people online and this attitude can make them a thing of the past. People are now spending more time on the internet learning about the products they want to buy, reading blogs, and getting consistently targeted by online advertising programs. So there also comes another possibility of moving from your products and services to some other option.

The solution is easy, simply bring your business online and then start blogging your business to stay connected with your customers, reassuring them that you are there. Keep writing posts to reach out to prospects online and get more paying customers.

Internet Essentials To Save Your Business

In this time of global crisis, humankind is moving back to the essentials. They are not buying things they don’t need and this is a good habit to keep as it will lead to a healthier world and a pollution-free environment.

Most businesses across the globe are going down. Because many of them still don’t know the importance of Internet essentials to bring their businesses online. You may have created a business plan before, but now things are changing with the COVID-19 effect and new norms will be implemented with the change in the behavior of the consumer.

The global lockdown period is giving you a sufficient amount of time to replan your business in order to make it fit for surviving this global crisis or any such thing in the future.

Bring your business online simply means – register your domain name, install WordPress to start blogging your business and serve clients from your home via your homepage. This the most essential task for all businesses to survive.

Stay At Home & Keep Your Business Running

Try to understand what consumers want now. Think about whether you can pivot in your business? If customers aren’t buying what you sell, think what you might offer to them instead.

What to offer them instead? The essentials. Simply learn from your example. Just as you need Internet essentials to bring your business online, other businesses would have the same requirement.

So in order to keep your business always in the running mode, you are required to build another income stream that can work in such types of crises and you can take benefit from the future when things get back to normal.

Simply startup as people’s personal outlet following four fundamentals of Sangkrit to home-employ yourself, your family and everybody else around you. So that they can also work from home as your own outlets and bring you more business.

If Your Business Is Not Online, You Will Be Out Of Business

Most businesses are not doing well, jobs are at risk and self-employment is also going down because the intensifying economic effects of coronavirus are slowing proving to be worse than other past financial crises. But the four fundamentals of Sangkrit has made it possible for everyone to start home-employment and build another income stream.

  1. It can be blogging about your business on your domain
  2. It can be selling items on your eCommerce website with store pickup and home delivery options
  3. It can be bringing your business online to stay open to your customers even if your doors are closed
  4. It can be starting up as people’s personal outlet to help other businesses come online by making their business websites, online stores and smartphone apps

Understand what people want now, the new consumer behavior is kicking in and it is slowly being accepted by some smart businesses. For instance: Many home appliance companies are providing online guidance to their customers so that they can service their products themselves. Online food ordering services now include the delivery of essentials. Businesses are looking for ways to serve their customers online and make employees work from home. The COVID-19 impact is acting as an accelerant for businesses to go online.

Still, many business owners are just sitting at home and waiting for some miracle to happen. No matter how much you wait, the future will not be the same as the past. If your business is not online, you will be out of business.

You may simply startup as people’s personal outlet following four fundamentals of Sangkrit to home-employ yourself, your family and everybody else around you.

Make A Food Cart Movement Everywhere

Across all the countries alike, local police with the help of any volunteers, may move a food cart through locked-down streets everywhere facilitating for either a give away or a take away of food packets from every household.

Everyone must either take away or give away a food packet through this two way measure.

This two way measure, if made a movement, might become a way of ensuring that no one remains hungry anywhere in the world battling with COVID-19.

Help Greengrocers To Bring Their Grocery Store Online

The government in most countries has relaxed the transportation and selling of vegetables & fruits. But still, sellers are facing many challenges. They are more exposed to infection as they go for door-to-door selling, even in some parts of the world, whole-sellers sit for hours but once-crowded vegetable markets are now dependent on a few retailers.

A few sellers have acted smartly by bringing their businesses online to receive orders beforehand so that they can simply pack the baggage for each customer and deliver it to the customer’s door following the necessary protocol of social distancing.

So being a people’s personal outlet you have to help all these greengrocers in selling their goods online. You can simply suggest them to come online with their online ordering website, exchange phone numbers at the time of buying vegetables for yourself, then compose an SMS for this and ask them to spread it in order to help other sellers also. Whatever measure you take, make sure that you don’t put anybody’s health at risk, follow all guidelines of lockdown and social distancing.

How To Bring A Grocery Store Online?

Simply start by registering a domain that will be used by the consumers for accessing the store online. Followed by subscribing WordPress Ecommerce and then enable ‘Store Pickup’ or ‘Home Delivery’ option from the eCommerce settings page on the admin panel.

WordPress Ecommerce is mobile-friendly, sellers can share their domain address with their customers and encourage them to place their orders online. Once they start receiving orders, they can simply pack the goods in separate baggage for each customer and deliver it. Whole-sellers may use the ‘Store Pickup’ option instead of home delivery so that retailers can preorder goods and pickup without crowing the place.

Animals Deserve Freedom From Humankind

A few animals have substantially contributed through the early evolution of human civilization but human civilization is now going ahead with all the necessary machinations having no real role of any animals anymore so the animals ought to be given their forests back because they too deserve their freedom from humankind.

Most pandemics and difficult diseases the humanity ever suffered were because of unnecessary animal contacts. Living environs of modern humankind must not have any place for animals.

Humankind must send the rest of animals now back to the forests. Rapid forestation is required for separating all the animals from humankind. This ought to be done immediately before it is late.

Animals indeed deserve their forests back. That is going to be good for planet Earth as well.

Enough is enough. There is no human need to have pets, zoos or meat markets if humankind has to be living any further.

Support Your Neighborhood Shop By Bringing It Online

Small businesses such as departmental and grocery stores survive at the center of their localities, their business is dependent on their location and availability of space and during this pandemic time, these diffident stores have proved themselves exceptionally indestructible.

Everybody including people’s personal outlet should support their neighborhood store in this difficult time by helping them to come online with home delivery and store pick-up options. This can easily be done in minutes simply by registering a domain name followed by subscribing WordPress Ecommerce.

By doing this, the store owners would be able to accept orders directly on their eCommerce website and then they can bundle packages for their customers which can either be home delivered or picked up at the store by the customer.

Local Stores Must Come Online With Store Pickup & Home Delivery Options

Local stores should implement both store pickup and home delivery options on their eCommerce website so that the customer can place his order and if in-case delivery slot is unavailable, the customer may either choose to wait or simply pick up his parcel from the nearby store without crowding the place.

Simply start by registering your domain name and then subscribe WordPress Ecommerce to bring your store online. Next, log in to your eCommerce admin panel and enable ‘Local Pickup’ from the eCommerce settings page. That’s it.

All malls and big shops are closed in many parts of the world, even multinational eCommerce platforms are facing a global shortage of delivery executives. Bringing every local neighborhood shop online would be useful both for the consumer and owner as it will resolve most delivery issues including shortage of delivery agents and the consumer will get access to improved service through greater flexibility.

What To Do With WHO?

Instead of globally taking care of only human health by preventing any pandemic, the World Health Organization was said to have been busy taking care of business concerns of the Chinese Communist Party that include even unreasonable ones up to the extent of causing a global havoc on humanity. US President angrily resorted to stop its funding.

What COVID-19 means for common people? It doesn’t inspire any reasonable public response. People understand only Wuhan virus, Chinese epidemic and global pandemic. Geo-tagging in naming the virus helps common people in understanding the need of due social distancing but the way, (unlike MERS or Japanese Encephalitis) WHO refrained from naming Wuhan virus and prior to that Guangdong (SARS) virus without including the geo-origin epicenter, also proves the allegations made by US President Donald Trump as quite reasonable.

Instead of reasonably responding to these allegations, the World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus defended himself by threatening the humankind by making rhetorics like “…don’t politicise this virus… It’s like playing with fire.” and said “If you want to have many more body bags, then you do it”.

WHO itself played with fire by unnecessarily appeasing the business insecurities of Chinese establishment so that the whole world is getting packed into the body bags today. Innocent peoples, across all the countries alike (including in China as well), are unprecedentedly suffering and helplessly dying due to this lapse in the duty designed for WHO.

Since humankind were globally left up to themselves to make their decision so their decision could only become democratic in due course including in China as well. It is indeed to be decided in near future that what is to be done to WHO also and that too very politically without a doubt.

The World Health Organization cannot ever shed its responsiblity of letting a Chinese epidemic become a global pandemic and not doing enough that timely to prevent that.

Let The Human Load Ease On Earth

Human load did already exceed the bearable level of the planet Earth. This pressure has eased up to some extent with COVID-19 lockdown. Furthermore you ought to do everything to let the human load permanently ease on your planet home. Increasing the number of Sangkrit households across all the countries alike, is the best way for doing that.

To build a Sangkrit household, you simply follow four fundamentals of cleaning your private spacecooking your vegetarian mealsprogramming your world and blogging your business as living this lifestyle permanently eases human load on your planet home.

Stop doing anything that unnecessarily contaminates the climate. Contaminating the climate endangers humanity.

Startup As People’s Personal Outlet, There’s No Better Way Today

Amid the spread of the coronavirus, it has become mandatory for businesses around the world to adopt the work from home policies and soon this shifting to the home office will become the new norm.

Once the crisis is over, the restart will face apparent disruptions and there would be no successful restart for businesses using the same old ways of doing things, as the consumer priorities and habits will change –

  1. People will prefer home employment
  2. Consumer faith will shift to staple goods
  3. Buying habits will shift to online ordering

The mechanism of people’s personal outlet is developed in such a way that the most necessary changes of doing business in today’s world are not going to affect you, your clients and other outlets working below you. And by following four fundamentals of Sangkrit, you become fit for surviving any such situation in the future also.

So startup today with the most simplified home-employment to help everyone around you in building a corona-proof economy because bringing one’s business online is no more an option.

Learn To Think In Four Dimensions

Thought processing ought to be four dimensional. Sangkrit insists upon considering four dimensions of system, application, data and outcome about everything in observation as that is up to the mark for survival through this internet age.

How does a 4D thought process works?

Let us make it simplified in a concurrent example that everyone would easily understand.

COVID-19 pandemic is viral across most of countries alike so let us consider its course as the system here. Consider the prescribed dose of Hydrooxychloroquine as an application in its course. This prescription brings down the patient’s viral load. Consider this as data. Consequently chances for human immunity defeating the rest of viral effects are enhanced. You may consider this as related outcome.

Learning Sangkrit’s four dimensional way of thinking makes you quite capable to decide that what to do and what not to. Considering like that is sure to help you at every step in your day-to-day life.

Make Lockdowns Productive By Blogging Your Business

This is the uncertain time for businesses worldwide. Instead of panicking you should make good use of this time to stay ahead. Start preparing your business to weather the crisis of COVID-19 and any such thing in future. Bringing your business online is a must and in-addition to that you should start creating useful content for your customers.

Write articles about your products and services, if you are a small business owner or shopkeeper then you can post information on the products you are selling, update your customers about the new products, their performance under specific conditions, how you are utilizing COVID-19 shutdown to make your business better for them etc. You may also ask your customers to send you review of your products which you will share on your website.

Everyone is staying at home, they’re all now more active online, so it makes sense to help them, engage them, talk to them by blogging your business on your domain.

Once you have engaged your customers and built trust with regular blogging and sharing of helpful articles, you can start pitching your products for sale with offers to entice your customers online. This can be done simply by installing WooCommerce plugin on your existing WordPress blog to convert it into a functional eCommerce store website.