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How To Use Google AJAX Libraries CDN To Speedup WordPress?

You can make your WordPress website to use common JavaScript libraries from Google AJAX Libraries CDN in order to make it fast as it enables users to download jQuery faster than before.

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How To Display Your 500px.com Photo Gallery In WordPress?

500px, pronounced as five hundred pixels is a popular online photography community which is aimed at aspiring and professional photographers and encouraging members to upload their best work to gain gain exposure, find inspiration and connect. The webservice currently has over 2.5 million registered and over 10 million monthly active users. In this tutorial we’ll explain you how you can add your 500px photo gallery in your WordPress based website.

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How To Create An RSSJS Feed For WordPress?

RSS, or “Really Simple Syndication” is a format for distributing and gathering dynamically generated content from sources across the Internet, including newspapers, magazines, and blogs. RSSJS, or “RSS To Javascript“, allows you to display this content within your own web pages and to do so without having to possess any XML knowledge or skills. RSSJS will take ANY RSS feed and create a very simple Javascript that can be coded into ANY HTML document. The resulting Javascript output can be manipulated using CSS and even scrolled as we have done in the “News Headlines” example. – Source

Recently WordPress.org has launched a new plugin called RSSJS. The new lightweight WordPress plugin simply creates an RSSJS feed for your WordPress site. All you will be needing to do is install and activate it.

Easily Add Expand & Collapse Functionality To Any WordPress Theme

Expand + Collapse Funk is the brand new WordPress application the allows you to easily add expand and collapse functionality to any WordPress theme. The plugin is beautifully simple UI. It simply saves your space by generating hidden content.


  1. Beautifully simple UI
  2. Easily integrate images and YouTube video
  3. Direct link to images/YouTube videos
  4. Quick placement of expand+collapse items
  5. Use on pages or posts (or copy and paste the code to use in theme templates)
  6. Use HTML markup inside the hidden content area

With this new plugin you can easily place hidden content and a link that reveals the content. The functionality is widely used across world wide web to free up space on a page or to place semi-important content into posts. There is no limit to the length of the hidden content. You can include images, YouTube & Vimeo videos or anything else you like.

expandcollapse-funk screenshot 1Expand+Collapse Funk creates a custom tinyMCE icon in the visual editor for very easy use.

expandcollapse-funk screenshot 2The Expand+Collapse Funk modal

expandcollapse-funk screenshot 3Example of very simple YouTube video integration

expandcollapse-funk screenshot 4Example of generated links on a page

expandcollapse-funk screenshot 5Example of expandedl inks showing hidden content.

Simply install and activate the plugin. Upon activation the plugin adds a new TinyMCE button in WordPress visual editor. You may create or edit a page or post to access the ‘Expand Collapse Funk’ tinyMCE button then input the necessary fields, click insert and you are done.