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How To Use Unique Custom Mouse Pointers In WordPress ?

You can easily activate a custom mouse pointer for the visitors who access your website in the frontend. Unique Cursor is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to select a custom mouse pointer.

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How To Edit Author Base And Slug In WordPress Permalinks ?

Earlier we discussed about Removing WordPress Category Base in your blog’s permalinks structure. Now this tutorial provides you another useful trick for editing your blog Author slug of individual users and default author base from permalinks.

So first of all install and activate Edit Author Slug . After activation visit your Dashboard -> Settings -> Edit Author Slugpage. Now from this page you can do following things:

  1. You can change default author base from ‘author’ to something.
  2. You can change you can change author name’s slug from ‘username’ to nickname, first name, last name, first name & last name or last name & first name.
  3. You can set to Automatically Update author slug with new one as soon user updates his profile information

Other than this the plugin adds Edit Author Slug section in Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile page where one can use  totally Custom Author Slug by typing the new slug name in text box and updating profile information.

Remember only admins or the users roles assigned with edit_users or edit_author_slug capability can only editauthor slug.