Easily Keep Track Of Multiple Time Zones In Google Chrome

You can now transform your Google Chrome’s new tab page with a beautifully columned time zones of your clients, customers, relatives or whatever you like. ‘Figure it Out’ is a wonderful Google Chrome extension. The extension very beautifully displays multiple time zones you work in. It enables you to easily add time zones of your choosing in new tab screens. Thus makes it easy for you to schedule your online chats, meetings, hangouts, connect with your family and beat jetlag.

[heading size=”17″]Step-1 Install & Choose Time Format[/heading]

To start first add Figure it Out extension in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser. After the extension is added, click the new tab page and since this is your first time, it asks you to choose from time formats from 12 hour or 24 hour clocks.

Easily Keep Track Of Your Time Zones Of Your Clients In Google Chrome  1

[heading size=”17″]Step-2 Set Up Your Current Time Zone[/heading]

Again open a new tab page and you will be seeing a clock, use your mouse scroll (up & down) to set your time. If you are using a laptop then put your finger in the extreme right side your touch pad and move it up and down to set the right time of your current location.

Easily Keep Track Of Your Time Zones Of Your Clients In Google Chrome  2

[heading size=”17″]Step-3 Adding New Locations[/heading]

Now for adding a new location, click ‘Add Location‘ tab and a new column will slide up from the right, start typing a location.

For example:

Suppose you want to add ‘New York’ then start typing New York till you see it in the drop down suggestions, select it and click ‘Figure It Out‘ button and it will be added in a new beautiful column.

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That’s it. You can add multiple locations, and all will be added in new columns of different colors.

How To Disable This Extension?

This is the question most of its users ask. The reason is simple, unlike to other extension ‘Figure it Out’ doesn’t shows up its icon on apps page so the users cannot simply right click to remove it.

Easily Keep Track Of Your Time Zones Of Your Clients In Google Chrome 6

Instead you should be clicking Google Chrome’s ‘Wrench’ button visible in the top right corner and then visit ‘Settings’ page. From the settings page, click ‘Extensions‘, scroll to ‘Figure it Out’ and then disable or delete it.

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