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You Are Not Alone

Walking alone also, carrying your smartphone along, you are not alone. Smartphone is your best friend. You are always connected with the world. So much so even the potential stalkers get discouraged in following you fearlessly.

Concurrently your smartphone is the ultimate device, you must always carry along. This is the most functional social security instrument. Users feel secure just by having this since this works personally social and very much business-wise.

This has a nature like that that whoever is using this, is at no point of time alone because of immediately getting inolved in building the political economy of the largest ever population that is called internet. You will come to understand this whenever you would like to understand. You are not alone.

You will come to understand whenever you would like to understand

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Profiting Makes A Business But Scaling Makes A Big Business

Welcome to the new age in India. Now consistently loss making is also considered making a kind of value. Since not yet winning the game has certainly more value than not knowing to play. Now this kind of a business is going to get publicly traded for the first time in Indian stock market.

IPO of Zomato is opening for subscription on the day after tomorrow on 14th of this month. Maximum 13 lots of 195 shares each are available to a retail investor to bid in the price band of ₹72 to ₹76. Shares are to be allocated into demat accounts by 26th of this month and stock is to be listed on 27th to get publicly traded onwards. This is already valued even more than the total worth of top 20 hospitality chains in India and more than top 6 fast food chains in India also because in another way it is more valuable without a doubt. This is not mere to hold your vadapav but this has all the potential to home deliver you everything. New age business works like that.

Even LIC is said to be weighing to bid in this IPO. Although never before the Life Insurance Corporation of India has invested through the primary market in a private company but this time it is different for the first time in the history of the largest investor of the largest scale having the longest experience of not making losses in the secondary market. Zomato IPO begins to publicly trade the largest home delivery machine.

The Shape Of Democracy In Internet Age

Random thoughts

by Uday Kumar Varma

Former Secretary,  Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

That we are past Industrial Age and already in the new Age of Internet, is a phenomenon and a fact that we have come to recognize and reluctantly accept. The challenge now is how to understand and deal with the requirements of this age and how to harness and utilize its potential for furtherance of the interest of mankind and human existence on this planet. A more formidable and difficult challenge will be to mould and adapt our thinking and attitudes, our ambitions and impulses, our notions of growth and development and progress and equally significantly how to temper and tame our hubris and arrogance and intemperance in disowning and discarding what we have toiled to build over last many centuries with our talent, intellect, sweat and blood. For, detachment from something that we so passionately and painstakingly created, amplified and sustained is rarely uneventful or painless.

One immediate implication of the Internet Age will be on our governance structures and political institutions like democracy. Will democracy get strengthened, will it be fairer, more equitous and mature, and could it indeed become truly representative? Or will it become another instrument to be manipulated for creating narratives and discourses that serve the interests of those who control the use of internet? It’s a very important question and demand urgent attention from all thinking people in the world.

My own understanding of what has come to pass in past over a year and a half, makes me believe that there is no way we are going to turn back to old ways of our living. The society-its mechanics and dynamics, the institutions that so far defined our thoughts, concepts, planning, organizing, working and interacting, the daily chores that structured our personal, family and professional lives- all of these have transformed and this transformation is here not only to stay, but only get intensified.

The new world order will not brook wasteful processes and prolonged debates and deliberations. The representative nature of our collective expression or articulation because one did not have access to everyone else’s attention and information shall become irrelevant and redundant.

Out of over 6 .6 billion people in the world, internet has access to almost half of them. There are countries where this access is reaching a level that can be called universal while there are pockets where it is still in the realm of a distant dream and utopia. We have been calling this the digital divide for some time now. Is this divide narrowing? Is this gap getting bridged? Is the reach of the most advanced and the most backward and the information hiatus between the most primitive and the most advanced amongst the human race likely to continue and sustain for long?

The paradigm shift in the way we have been living and surviving in last year and a half offers enough evidence to suggest that it is just a matter of time when this so called divide may be a thing of past. The most remarkable aspect of our survival in the times of corona is that the world has not seen populations dying of hunger, of want, of lack of food or water or even medicine. And this has happened because we learnt to use the internet to maintain our supply chains, our processes of production and procurements and distribution. We learnt to work from home and to learn and teach and educate on line without the shelter of a class room or university building. We missed the ways we used to work but quickly adapted ourselves.

This then is going to be the ‘new normal’, and no doubt we will feel nostalgic about our former life styles, their pleasures and their advantages, those conveniences and comforts, we are never going to go back to these old ways. All concepts of an era, borne out of our advancement emanating from Industrial Age and its gifts and legacies today stand on their head and shall only be replaced, substituted and supplanted.

Not too far in the future, shall we need a parliament? Why do you need to elect 600 odd people’s representatives paying an astronomical price in terms of money, time, energy and resources, just to debate on policy matters and take a majority view when each one of us can directly express our opinion and views on any issue under the sun with which we are concerned? At a click of a key, we can directly and decisively opine whether we want or need a law, or how a scheme of welfare for children and women should be conceived and created. We can participate directly in telling the government whether we need a law, a regulation, for whom and what should constitute its contents and components? The new Age of Internet will enable us to do so. So do expect in near future abolition of or at least a radical transformation in the way we think and conceive of making laws in this country or for that matter in any other countries and we don’t need MPs and MLAs to decide what law should be framed and enacted for us. These bodies, no doubt, will have some other useful purpose but we will not need them the way they exist today.

But there always exists another possibility- perversity and pessimism, destruction and disorder- being as natural an impulse, choice and fascination as are creation and conception. What if some or many of us consciously decide and choose the technical manipulation of information and data to further consolidate control and authority- a weakness and vulnerability that nature seems to have endowed upon us as generously as it does the spirit of benevolence, altruism and sacrifice. And such a possibility is not merely a fear or apprehension, it is real, palpable and experiential.

Notwithstanding the uncertainties and attendant excitement of understanding the unraveling of imminent possibilities, one is inclined to be convinced on the course of the future democracies of the world set and destined to reinvent and re-engineer themselves. And this will only be a beginning. Institutions after institutions so assiduously and craftily built during the Industrial Era will crumble under their weights as increasingly they will find little utility, little value and no justification for their continuing existence. Be ready instead to embrace and accept and own new order of Institutions- in every sphere and dimension of human life and existence.

Make Everything Happen Personally On Smartphone

Help everyone work as a people’s personal outlet to make everything work as a personal app.

The public life is almost ready to be upgraded as per the smartphone stage of Internet age. Ongoing pandemic has made this the most urgent matter of public security across all the countries alike.

Nothing should remain social anymore

Maintaining adequate social distancing has now become the most essential for the survival of humankind. Considering that everything must change immediately without a doubt anymore.

Now there is no need of unnecessarily congregating all the people anywhere for accomplishing any task. Nothing should remain social anymore except for the enhancing human cooperation with adequate social distancing everywhere.

Likewise even the marriage must not remain a social affair anymore. It was a primitive way of seeking social recognition that is no more valid.

Everything must become very personal

The marriage is now possible very personally via the smartphones of bride and groom. Any witnesses are also not necessary for its registration anywhere but necessary legislation in this regard is necessary everywhere.

The elections can also occur in such a manner. That is to be much cheaper on public exchequer and far better for everyone involved.

Through this smartphone stage of internet age, the governments must legislate to let everything happen personally for everyone over the smartphone only. Independent programmers must accelerate everything in that direction itself.

Let us meet only over personal apps

The networking enabled personal app from SANGKRIT.net can do all that. Email to system@sangkrit.net for any necessary support in this regard.

There is a wonderful way of implementing the Internet in a peer to peer protocol. Help everyone work as a people’s personal outlet to make everything work as a personal app.

Work From Home And Homeschool Your Children

Sangkrit insists upon your family’s doemstic entrepreneurship to let your children get homeschooled into that itself. That is the best way of graduating at home.

Through this smartphone stage of internet age, old-fashioned schools are already outdated. Only morons plan to send their children to school anymore.

Work from home and homeschool your children. There is no other way that safely goes out anywhere.

Let The True Faith Become A Fashion Forever

It is not over yet. Unprecedented pandemic is still killing people everywhere. From superstitions to politics everything has failed while Science is struggling hard to find a survival route through vaccinations. Untouchability with social distancing is to be followed forever.

Sangkrit has been one and the only saviour around through these pandemic times with his four fundamentals still saving the world. So the wisest believe in Sangkrit and Sangkrit keeps their faith intact. Let the true faith become a fashion forever. So that everyone else also not suffer unnecessary pain, misery or torture.

Ego activates humankind and individual self-interest motivates. Thus life fulfills a natural reason of upgrading human genome via experiencing everything throughout the life-time. This becomes confusing and tormenting only when the individual purpose is somehow fragile as that leads into pain, misery and torture. 

That is why you; having faith in Sangkrit; should be living only an eternal purpose, treating everything else; whichever does not serve your purpose of life; as unimportant. Thus you experience only a sure progress towards your promising future into internet age.

Practising life as an algorithm helps best. Only the essential steps are to be followed in the necessary sequence the way any distracting, deviating or disturbing steps may not come in between. 

Learning life as an algorithm is always personal. This differs for everyone as per the individual situation. Everything is not for everyone since everyone has own dharma to seek out self truth.

Electing Women Into Executive Positions

Sangkrit insists for a future; conserving local naturalness everywhere with women owning the houses, not just cooking traditional dishes in the family but making their languages prevail as mother tounge by getting elected into every executive position for holding the motherland independent; since throughout the past mostly women were made to suffer the most.

Now; when independent people can themselves legislate and elect public representatives into executive positions instead of assigning them any legislative roles; women must get made ready to lead into every executive role like that through this smartphone stage of internet age.

Sangkrit works for that. So that becomes the way of unleashing a direct democracy everywhere without coming in conflict with any of the ruling leadership anywhere since facilitating for that kind of a radical transformation would place their very names into unparallelled eternal eminence. They just cannot be doing anything better for themselves as well.

Legally treating the marriage as mere a mutual understanding about living together; considering the pregnancy as individual right of only women; will pave the way of actual independence of women. Executing the program of Sangkrit as made explicit at the homepage of Sangkrit.org is the only real respectable route for all the women across all the countries alike.

Let Them Be Doing Everything

Smartphone stage of internet age deserves much more than mere representation. People from all walks of life are all the time in a position to determine virtually everything without getting represented for that.

It is the simplest so best to implement a direct democracy everywhere without any more delay and without any more discriminations. Let all of them be doing everything themselves.

A direct democracy would stablise the public life in a dynamic way of progressing forever.

Implement A Direct Democracy In This Internet Age

The representative democracy is proving unnecessarily divisive and is deficient through this internet age. Whereas now a direct democracy can regulate and administer everything efficiently without getting divisive like that. Unfortunately getting divisive has been the driving force of the representative democracy whereas geting divisive is absolutely unnecessary in a direct democracy.

Humanity, integrated via internet, is getting ready through the smartphone stage of the internet age for implementing a direct democracy everywhere; by demolishing all divisive and discriminating past and burying all representations forever. Seeing that the representative democracy; that is getting too old to work well; should soon retire into history for better leaving all political space for implementing a direct democracy everywhere.

The representative democracy has always been corruptible while the direct democracy would prove incorruptible.

Manage Diversity With A Direct Democracy

People using the smarphones become themselves also smart. They cannot be continued getting governed by the outdated substandards. Thus your future is almost destined to occur.

Minimising many chances of any public unrest, a Swiss style direct democracy may better be managing all human diversity along with conserving the local naturalness everywhere. Managing immigration with a national integration along with business-wise enhancing international cooperation with a neutrality in every other respect may complement that.

Politicians facilitating for that may get glorified in the final chapters of the political history of their respective countries. Smartphone stage of the internet age is already fast equipping almost all the peoples for implementing a direct democracy everywhere. That is going to be workable at very large scale also just like the internet works via smartphones.

New World Order Has To Take Over

Old world order is over but a new world order has yet to take place. Such is the contemporary chaos bringing people on street despite the pandemic at large.

Seeing that domaining, for home employments, is contemporarily the core fundamental for establishing a new world order. Sangkrit.net facilitates for that.

Everyone following four fundamentals can make that happen. Sangkrit.org makes that explicit.

Pursuing the core fundamental of domaining your purpose of life by practicing & promoting four fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, blogging your business along with making others also following a similar routine comfort; adequately prepares everyone for staying home with necessary social distancing not only through pandemic times but thereafter as well; ultimately leading the humankind into the internet age through the saviour system at Sangkrit.net.

Let us make the new world order of internet age take over now. Other than that you do have nothing else worthwhile doing like that.

The Core Culture Within The Universe Of Sangkrit Is Getting Enforced As Universal Order

The new normal is nothing but the normal in the internet age.

Everything is at a very serious threshold and since non-essential distractions cause ultimate disorientation that makes one feel tired and finally defeated so as to not get tired while passing through such a testing time, it is essential for everyone to avoid all distractions.

What has already been normal at the core of Sangkrit has become a new normal for the rest of the world that is condemned for searching and researching sangkrit.org for surviving henceforth.

The core culture within the universe of Sangkrit is just getting enforced as universal order.

Many Things Must Go Out Of Fashion

Would you still like to be travelling unnecessarily, eating out and become an unforunate part of a public gathering or foreign travel? The way people used to celebrate or mourn or simply spent time ought to change henceforth.

Sooner or later the humanity shall overcome this pandemic but the new coronavirus is going to stay here forever and so is a need for social distancing in human life. Humankind suffered COVID-19 just because of not taking the first flu virus with such a standing consideration.

Now mournings and marriages should become utmost private and many things must go out of fashion forever.

You Are A Netizen

You are reading this because you are a netizen. This is your utmost universal value. Comparing to this your citizenship is a very local issue.

Netizens are globally connected. Together being Sangkrit they are empowered as invincible everywhere.

Sangkrit is the collaborative collective that lets you become self-led in the course by posting all statements here at Sangkrit.net addressed to you and you ought to cooperate to become like that.

Thus you are homeschooled to become a freedom fighter for yourself so that you carry your freedom on the go through this smartphone stage of internet age.

Politics Is A Technical Failure

Whenever people fail to resolve technologically, politicians get a chance representing them. Thus through this smartphone stage of internet age, the politics remains nothing more than a technical failure.

Like the failure in reasoning used to spread superstitions while science used to pave the way beyond that, the politics too gets formed in this gap and apartheid in all possible formats is continued everywhere due to that.

Ultimately technology would make a total solution so that no gaps are nowhere left in any situation for the politics to continue like that with the emergence of the internet of everything.

Bitcoin Was Brought In To Help Out WikiLeaks

Whether Bitcoin was brought in to help out WikiLeaks or not but it certainly did exactly that.

Although it was not like Linux just to finish any unfinished business such as GNU but quite similarily WikiLeaks and bitcoin also arrived as per an algorithm of spacetime to change the world forever.

Wikileaks and bitcoin made the new age finally began. Altogether they unlocked a previously unseen situation through the history of humankind, ascertaining that internet age is finally going beyond the state-bound phase of civilizations forever. Together they made that irreversible.

Among all the smart creatives around the world none has ever been even comparable with the political brilliance of Julian Assange excepting the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, who has indeed excelled him the way that if Julian Assange did appreciate any technology with all his heart, it is only bitcoin.

@JulianAssange tweeted on 14 October 2017 at 10.35 pm “My deepest thanks to the US government, Senator McCain and Senator Lieberman for pushing Visa, MasterCard, Payal, AmEx, Mooneybookers, et al, into erecting an illegal banking blockade against @WikiLeaks starting in 2010. It caused us to invest in Bitcoin — with > 50000% return.”

Interestingly Satoshi Nakamoto, fluent in commonwealth english (very much like Julian Assange) with nothing japanese except his pseudonym, absolutely unbothered about anything at all but bothered about personally requesting Julian Assange for not to use bitcoins to spare it an early wrath of the governments.

Whether Bitcoin was brought in to help out WikiLeaks or not but it certainly did exactly that.

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You promote your personal outlet via your personal app by giving it a global exposure so that you change the world by bringing everybody’s business online. While doing so you simply mention your unresolved difficulties to get any necessary cooperation from other personal outlets from worldwide.

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Stalinism Is Continued Through Internet Age And Its Smartphone Stage

Stalin is relevant for recognizing the worth of data mining for extracting efficient intelligence.

Richard Stallman keeps away from smartphone, calling it the portable tracking device and blaming it as Stalin’s dream come true. Julian Assange called entire internet age as what Stalin would have admired. So Stalin is at the receiving end of all the blame of internet age and its smartphone stage. But what for and why?

In Stalin’s regime any uncomfortable facts were not just wiped out from photographs but from the planet earth and edited out of history as well. Yes there was Stalin before the Photoshop who did more than that but that is not all indeed keeping him still relevant through all the progress of internet age of humanity that is even making the most of politics also irrelevant.

Stalin is relevant for recognizing the worth of data mining for extracting efficient intelligence. That is why he is getting increasingly relevant through the smartphone stage of internet age for data retention.

Data retention is the Stalinist feature of smartphone stage of internet age. Machine learning is further implementing this.

Nothing Unnecessary, Nowhere, Never!

You are the personal outlet and not anything else.

When you do signup for your free SANGKRIT.net account for both- business and personal, you become a personal outlet of the globally distributed order of Sangkrit. The personal outlet of the globally distributed order of Sangkrit is to keep you free forever. Neither you ever get victimized of any wage slavery nor you do victimize anyone else. This is the movement.

So you should not become a shopkeeper by exploiting others to work for you. Contrarily you ought to transport humankind into internet age by unburdening them of any outdated era. Sangkrit is a collaborative measure so you may seek all necessary cooperation in your business from other personal outlets such as yours. In any case you own your world to make a world revolution. The quantum mechanics involved here work like this.

Every move denotes a purpose. You do nothing unnecessary, nowhere, never. That is the fundamental principle following what makes you a hero of internet age. You do have to lead this course for others as well. You do regularly cleanup your place, make your meals, program your world and blog your mind to take on an outgoing world.

Doing all that you emerge as the hero of internet age. You may be working on the go as independent humankind, meeting clients in the coffee shops of five star hotels whenever necessary and accepting payments direct in your personal bank account. You are the personal outlet and not anything else.

Make 2017 The Year Of Hacktivism

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The new humankind is a smart phone user. He is dressed comfortably having a comfortable hair style. He doesn’t unnecessarily talk on phone but uses it for living better. What he may not necessarily has, is his domain. So let him be that comfortably developing his domain as his global property on the go. Helping him, in developing a new domain with complete internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure, is the way of hacktivism in 2017.

The new humankind is not anonymous. He signs to transact. He doesn’t go out for occupying wall street as he buys stocks for that but he would certainly prefer occupying webspace.

He knows that the real romance is in responsible parenting so the new humankind is never wasting time and attention in pleasing others like he doesn’t dress-up to show-off. He lives his real self very naturally. That is why he deliberately needs his way of connecting with his world and that should become his domain. It is now your business to prepare him like that.

Signup for your free SANGKRIT.net account to startup as personal outlet of the globally distributed order of Sangkrit. The collaborative measure of Sangkrit lives like a humankind with his System Administrator for ruling his subjects and his Core Programmer for determining his objects.

You should be selling the whole life-style of the new humankind. That is fashionably better way of transporting humanity into internet age. This could become your starting point that is actually going to change the world by becoming the biggest business on planet earth.