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Get Dedicated To Your Online Growth

Subscribing a dedicated server is a decision dedicated to the online growth of your business.

A smart business owner takes many diverse decisions every day dedicated to the growth of his business. Subscribing a Dedicated Server is one such decision, it is going to make you fully prepared for your online success. It not only feeds the growth of your domain but also brings an unmatched web experience for your visitors.

A dedicated server is dedicated to the growth of your website. The word dedicated itself means conscientious, something that is only for you. It offers you web space with committed resources to help you grow your business without worrying about the site loading time and the amount of traffic your domain hits. 

Absolute Contol

A dedicated server offers you absoute control over your websites and apps.

  • You can install any software or php framework yourself
  • You can assign engineers and programmers to work on your website without sharing your login credentials.
  • It gives you command-line access with the advantage of installing and upgrading software configurations, databases, and programming languages.

Enhanced Performace

A dedicated server offers you resources dedicated only to you, unlike to general hosting environs where a large number of sites are hosted on individual web servers. The bandwidth, php memory, and RAM are only utilized by your websites and apps, this results in better performace and quick page loading time of your website on internet.

Better Security

The dedicated IP you get with your dedicated server makes sure that your domain doesn’t get blocked or blacklisted because of someone else’s actions. It also allows you to access your website without a domain, simply by typing the IP number in your web browser, this thing is useful while creating team collaboration systems and online private spaces accessible only to selective members.

The dedicated servers at not only offers you exclusive control for maximising your security and controlling login attempts but it also allows you to install, SSLize and encrypt all your websites with free built-in SSL certificates. 

The WHM and cPanel interface enables you to keep track of all access and second-by-second activities happening live on your domain. Apart from this you can also integrate your server with addon security application of that offers you 

  • Quick response time 
  • Malware removal utility
  • WAF malware prevention
  • CDN performance accelerator
  • Multiple site protection options
  • Blacklist monitoring & removal utility
  • Protection for unlimited URLs within a single website 

Every serious business planning to come online needs a dedicated server. It should be your first choice so that you don’t have to face any hard time especially during the starting phase of your success when the traffic of your website abruptly increases. 

Good Scalability

Just because you have shifted to a Dedicated Server does not mean you will never run out of resources, that can only happen if your business stops to grow. As your website traffic further increases, the Dedicated Server at enables you to easily scale your configurations and accommodate your growing need for resources such as RAM and bandwidth. Whenever necessary, these can be extended without causing any downtime to your domain.

WordPress On Your Domain Gives You Freedom To Build Anything

With WordPress on your domain name, you can easily bring your business online, no matter what business you are in. This is the time for you to startup online, whether you have got a new idea or you are looking for some way of making money from home, the internet at’s disposal helps you in everything you need to start and grow online. 

Register Your Domain & Subscribe Dedicated Server

If you are a business, it’s the time to bring it online. Simply start by registering a domain name, you may go for a .BIZ domain as it shows that your name means business, it can be a good fit in building your online business identity. It also shows that you are more than just a shop or a store or else if you are planning a pure eCommerce business then you may also pick a .STORE domain name After you register your domain name, subscribe to a dedicated server

Install WordPress

The next step is installing WordPress, don’t worry about that, the on-screen process on your account will help you in that. That’s all with the setup, now you have everything (i.e. all hardware, software, and code) you need to start and grow your business online.

Moreover, you may buy programming power from but believe you will not be needing that as WordPress has already been installed on your domain and the system of Sangkrit is always after you to help, educated, and inspire you to take your best foot forward. 

Login & Start

Next, log in to the admin panel of your website, you may create the necessary pages to showcase your business information before you start blogging your business

Build Anything You Want

WordPress gives you everything – beautiful designs as free themes, powerful features as plugins, with the freedom of building anything you want on your domain. It is both free and priceless at the same time.

For instance, by installing one plugin called WooCommerce you can transform your WordPress site into an eCommerce store backed with powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day business activities.

Building Your Pandemic-Proof Viable Home Business

The mechanism of people’s personal outlets is developed in such a way that the most necessary changes of doing business in today’s world don’t affect you or your clients. Being a people’s personal outlet your main business task in hand is to help people in bringing their businesses online

There are many businesses that don’t know how they can go well in the new norms, many’s survival is also at risk. At the same time, there are many individuals who don’t know what they should follow to secure a good living in the future or at least how they can start earning a good amount in this time of crisis.

You can not only help these people and make some money out of it but you can very-well start filling this big need and you will end setting up your own pandemic-proof home business.

How to set up this pandemic-proof home business? Simply start by following Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals. Then, create your free account and start helping people as a people’s personal outlet.

What is people’s personal outlet? You become a people’s personal outlet by enabling humankind into the internet age. Simply start to help people in bringing their businesses online.

How you can help people in bringing their businesses online? All you need to know about is Domain, Server, and WordPress. You don’t need to be an expert on these things, just a little information and at least a one-time practice at

Where to find this little information and do a one-time practice? Simply start by registering your full name as your domain name and you will know what a domain is and how it works.

Next, subscribe to a Dedicated Server. A dedicated server, hosting, or business cloud provides you the web-space, bandwidth, and other resources for hosting your web or app files online. There are other hosting options as well but if you are serious about your business then believe that you deserve better and startup only seriously. Else you may go for shared hosting or business cloud.

Finally, install WordPress on your domain, spend some time in the admin panel of your WordPress site, then try a few themes & plugins especially WooCommerce

That’s it, now you know – how to make a personal website, how to set up a blog or a business website or an online eCommerce store using WooCommerce. Now say hello world and post something about your new skills on your blog, and then start helping businesses near you

How to expand your business? Keep blogging your business and home-employ more people into your business and help them do what you are doing to earn a profit on each new order.

This way your business will grow with its own network of people’s personal outlets.

Make Your Purpose Of Life Your Domain

An individual without a domain wanders aimlessly through the Internet. Register your purpose in life as your domain name and start serving it by practicing Sangkrit’s four-fundaments of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business, it will give you a deep sense of what it means to be committed to something bigger than yourself. It gives you a complete sense of freedom as well as the responsibility of enabling humankind into the internet age, and belonging that it empowers you to make great positive changes in the world you are living in. 

Everything on the internet starts with a domain name, so the first thing you need to do is register your domain name to never stray from it. It may take some time and effort in self-reflection but by continuously practicing and promoting the four fundamentals of Sangkrit you will soon make yourself much more effective in the world.

Register the purpose of your life as your domain name, make it your obsession and your only mission, and stick only to that to lead a happier, safer, and successful life.

Serious Players Startup Only Seriously

Three things actually determine whether anything could seriously become your business.

1. Do you love doing what you do?

First of all you must ask yourself whether you love what you are planning doing for the rest of your life? So that your business could get judged at last as your lifetime achievement although that can happen only when this inspires your lifelong engagement.

Any chances to leave things midway are minimised once you truly love doing what you do. That is how your lifelong commitment matters most in determining if anything is seriously your business.

2. Do you adeqautely disrupt by doing so?

Secondly Sangkrit teaches you to start-up only if your idea of doing business adequately disrupts. As per his algorithm, up to the level, your idea can disrupt, determines the total sum of your scope to succeed as a startup.

That is how any serious people play their game to monopolise any particular human behaviour.

3. Did you startup on a dedicated server?

Finally when you are serious enough with your idea of doing business, you must start with a dedicated server and nothing less along with buying bulk domains in your bid for owning all possible extensions of your business domain globally because that is how this works best for monopolising any particular human behaviour as that is called a serious business.

Mediocres, who are not even sure about starting with a dedicated server, mostly fail on the internet contrary to the domainers starting on a dedicated server since any serious players startup only seriously.

How A Billion Dollar Idea Comes In A Mind?

First of all, to make you succeed in business, your purpose must become greater than yourself. Sangkrit provides such a purpose. Simply proceed into his all-inclusive execution.

Once equipped with his core pupose that is indeed greater than everyone around, you watch humankind and assess all their lives to deduct how billions could be doing any better. Thus you pick your disrupt to startup.

Resolving that technologically could become your billion dollar idea. Technologically reinventing any human behaviour by registering a domain name to monopolise over a dedicated server works just like that.

You must not overestimate any individuals while doing so as overestimating any individuals causes your catastrophe.

Do not delay in registering all possible domain names to globally own your this billion dollar idea forever. Sangkrit has made this secret of inception simplest as that.

Surviving The Global Crisis Of Unemployment

Permanent unemployment is on rise, especially for those who have not yet come to know the four-fundamentals of Sangkrit. The best way to stay out of the crowd of unemployment is to never let yourself or your family become a victim of the wage-slavery and this is quite possible when you develop a pandemic-proof domestic entrepreneurship by following Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world and blogging your business, to finally startup from your home as a people’s personal outlet

By starting up as a people’s personal outlet you not only solve your own money problem but you become empowered enough to solve the biggest problem of employment. 

You should understand that people are more likely to be interested in a business like yours. Permanent unemployment is on rise, and in this crisis time no formal method of business or employment is considered as safe. At the same time, everybody needs to make money at least to make a living, some equate it with better security, some wants to get rich fast, some want to accomplish it as a goal whereas some simply want to make more money in order to meet their requirements. And this means that you always have an unbeatable chance of home-employing anyone you see, meet or interact. 

So simply start to home-employ people as people’s personal outlets and encourage your outlets to keep home-employing more people, repeat this behaviour at least till the time your chain of outlets virally starts to develop into a web of your personal outlets.

Grow Your Business With This Free & Unbeatable Marketing Strategy

People live with a habit of sharing their good and bad experiences with everyone they know. An illustration – when you watch a new movie, your mind automatically becomes eager to share that good or bad experience with others. After every new experience, the first natural born human reaction is to tell someone about that.

All advertising, branding and promotional industries work under this perspective, the only disparity is that they try to artifice some enthusiastic feeling by hiring some celebrity or model. However, the enthusiasm of the person who actually lived an experience, and the one of someone who has been paid for copying it in order to influence people, are thoroughly different. The first one is all natural and far more promising than the second one which is an old world thing artificially created for fooling the innocent people.

The first one is also free and is not bound by any sort of maxima. Hence, when operated with a few hacks can be transformed into an invincible viral marketing strategy especially for the people’s personal outlets. So in order to use this naturally born enthusiasm as your best viral marketing weapon, you will have to actually create it and then let it propagate. 

Now the question comes, why will this work? It will work because it always works, it’s well tested, just see around yourself, how people are busy in unwittingly marketing things for free and how others are seriously following them. The factual question is how you can make use of it to grow your home business as a people’s personal outlet? That you will know it in the next post.

Simple Formula To Success As A People’s Personal Outlet

One of the first things you’ll need to understand to build your home business as people’s personal outlet is to respect the process. Start following the four-fundamentals of Sangkrit, the system has laid this cycle only for you so that you can better manage your time and space to change your world from home.

So often people are wondering how to start up from home as people’s personal outlet. Unfortunately, when they read what they need to do, they do it differently and then depress on why they haven’t met the success they desire. 

Earnings may take some time to start or they may start to rain out instantly from the very first day. But in order to be a successful people’s personal outlet, you will have to respect and follow the system. So that you can become rich, stay rich and live a pandemic-proof lifestyle with your family.

There’s a simple formula for success as a people’s personal outlet and that is – start by following Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world and blogging your business. These four-fundamentals you need to master and do every day, don’t change. 

As a people’s personal outlet you have to spread the importance of these four-fundamentals to all slots of livelihoods and businesses and earn money by helping them to come online. This can easily be done by blogging your business and also you may freely prospect more people into this to grow your web of people’s personal outlets. 

It may take some time and effort to grow your small outlet into a big family business, but it’s worth it. 

Home-Employing At Least One Enthusiastic Salesperson Will Solve Your Money Problem

Starting up from home as people’s personal outlet and then home-employing others into your business is a decent approach to start your earnings and multiply them quickly. But this is only possible if you have recruited at least one committed sales person who can close deals and encourage others in doing the same or one who can simply create an example or benchmark for others.

Helping the world with home-employment is one thing but in order to build a good home business for yourself, you will have to recruit good salesmen, you will have to find people with great enthusiasm, you will have to look for people who are excited about your business. By hiring such people you are actually making them share their enthusiasm with others and then this enthusiastic sales force will lead to new sales and inductions of people’s personal outlets.

It is common-place to get discouraged or disheartened after facing some rejection or failure in closing deals, but the success is earned through persistence and perseverance. Hence, it is very important for you to consistently hire new marketing experts as that will cause you to begin emulating and then enlightening the way successful marketing pros act or think. Eventually, executing this can lead your outlets to an impressive success rate overall.

Why Everyone Must Startup As A People’s Personal Outlet?

Being a people’s personal outlet truly equips you to stay home and become rich living a pandemic proof lifestyle. You not only become absolutely empowered to home-employ anybody but you also save people from any paucity of essentials. You help them to become prosperous without letting any entity to boss them around.

The way is simple, you have to exactly start by practicing and promoting the Sangkrit’s four fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world and blogging your business. Rehearse these fundamentals in your home with your family members and then coach these four-fundamentals to the world on your blog from your own domain name

Now diversify the fourth fundamental of blogging your business to spread its importance to all niches of livelihoods as a people’s personal outlet. Help people in blogging their business and make money by assisting them in setting up their business website using Managed WordPress

By doing this they can earn money by blogging their expertise (if they are self-employed), selling anything online (if they are a seller) or simply by writing posts to promote four-fundamentals of Sangkrit (if they are unemployed).

So start expanding your chain of people’s personal outlets by home-employing as many people you can into your business of bringing all businesses online.

Farsight The Great Salesmen

Don’t miss any proficient individual, farsight the great salesmen and then home-employ them into your business to grow it tremendously and get rich fast.

Every new person that joins you as another people’s personal outlet becomes your new opportunity to increase income and reduce your personal labor. So essentially look for individuals capable of taking your business to greater heights, never miss any talent slip through your hand.

In the first encounter, introduce the benefits of starting up from home as people’s personal outlet. Then share the product details and information on how your outlets can startup from home and make money by helping other businesses to come online. Also, learn about their potential to take the business forward and give them a clear-cut picture of this pandemic proof home based business model

Identify future leaders to step into aggressive marketing. Try to rapidly grow your network of outlets but most importantly learn to farsight the great salesmen and then take measures to bring them in to your business.

Earn Money From Home Starting Now

Keep your main focus on making new people’s personal outlets to expand your business and help more people with the safest kind of home employment. However, you should never lose the importance of selling your main products i.e. the domain and WordPress plans which are the foundation of your business, they let you bring any kind of business online, and for that neither you nor your customer or your outlet require any sort of coding or technical expertise. You might not even need a laptop. If you have a smartphone and you know how to use it then you are ready to go for the most part.

The technical and programming part all works in automation, the user registers his domain name, subscribes to a Managed WordPress plan, and the guided tour takes him to the admin panel of his website. The good thing is, this guided tour can be started from any end, no matter whether the user first registers his domain or subscribes Managed WordPress or only registers his domain or only subscribes a Managed WordPress plan. The automatic guided tour is going to take him to the process of making his business live on his domain name in just a couple of minutes. This is not just limited to domain or WordPress but each and every product is reasonably connected to a guided tour that starts with the setup of the subscribed product and completes with everything the person needs to operate and grow his business online.

So simply start by registering your full name as your domain name, follow the guided tour to bring your blog or store online to better master the skill of making money by doing the same thing for others as well.

Building a loyal customer base will help you to generate regular income and your customers will naturally start recommending your products by sharing the good experiences they had with you and your services. More often you may pick some enterprising customers and encourage their behaviour by motivating them to make money as people’s personal outlet. Earning money by formulating such contacts is a no-brainer.

Follow-Up with Your Prospects

It takes time for people to become a fan of some product or accept its importance in their life. Even when they make up their mind to buy something, they spend so much of their time learning about that product, finding good offers, and reliable services. When you follow-up with your client, clear his doubts and stay in touch with him then a stage comes when the person accepts you, your products (sometimes by ignoring your flaws) and you earn a strong relationship that brings you more business. 

Such connections help you a lot during the starting phase of your business as you can make use of such rapport to reach more clients, get more referrers, and prospect for more people’s personal outlets.

Following up with your prospects and customers improves your performance as well as your overall success rate and lets you close more deals. This is also a reason why you should help your client to register his domain name, subscribe his server himself from  and then add you as a delegate to let you manage his apps and websites as that reduces your administration and lets you focus more on selling. Because then your client is timely updated about new technologies, renewal and upgrades to keep his site running and thus the people’s personal outlet associated with each client is benefited with new work. This way, the System of helps you to retain your clients but that only works for you after you successfully close a deal and make your client register his Sangkrit account.

To close any deal, you need to follow-up with your prospect as there is no sense in introducing people with your offers if you don’t follow-up with them on time. A kind follow-up gives your customer an opportunity to be heard and they honor that.

There Is Nothing That Cannot Be Sold

There is nothing that cannot be sold, you just have to transform whatever you want to sell into a product, then find or create its market to start selling. If you know how to sell, then sell it yourself. If you don’t know how to sell then prospect other people (especially salesmen) for that, and share some profit with them on each deal they close.

As a people’s personal outlet your objective is to help other people. Help people in bringing their business online and help people by providing them a home-employment. Every business has a strong need to come online and every individual needs safe employment. The only thing is some are still unaware of the changing world and what the time has brought. But there is no need to worry as you already have a very big market to capture. Start from your home by following Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals and work as a people’s personal outlet.

You should also understand that objections made by your prospects are nothing more than questions you have to find answers, to get yourself prepared for the next marketing campaign. When your prospective clients show disinterest, it means either you have chosen the wrong person or you are not prepared for handing him at this time. So practice more and prospect experienced salesmen to easily counter the objections. A product can be good, bad, or anything else you say but there is no such product that cannot be sold.

Your Blog On Your Domain Is Your Number One Marketing Asset

The consumer behavior of doing online research to find products and local services has now become extremely prepotent. Everyone has a smartphone, access to the internet, and is always busy researching something online on Google.

Whenever any search is made on Google or any search engine, it only shows links to relevant websites. Here, comes your chance to use your website as your number one marketing asset. You can make your website your number one salesperson simply by blogging your business.

You can set up your blog yourself by registering your domain name and then subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan. If you are in selling then you may also set up an online store within your blog by using WordPress Ecommerce. Whatsoever plan you subscribe, the guided tour will take you to the admin panel of your website from where you can compose your first blog post to say ‘Hello World’. Your blog on your domain takes you where your consumer is.

Grow Your Business With Individual Prospecting

Individual prospecting as a people’s personal outlet means reaching out to the people and strengthening them to work as your outlet. It lets you quickly begin your business and make it run on auto-pilot by massively home-employing people.

You can do this by –

  1. Offering an easy home-employment to individuals
  2. Offering businesses to build a second stream of income

You may start with the people and businesses you already know. This may include the people you are connected to and businesses you have been a client of.

Whenever you find some person or business, simply give them an offer to send you referrers and get paid from the profit of each order they bring.

There are many small businesses that don’t want a website to expand their consumer base as they are already occupied with customers and they don’t want to grow or attract more clients. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to make more money, they want, the only thing is they are not prepared for the expansion of their old business. So instead of trying to convince them to bring their business online and get themselves in the event that is necessary for survival in the near future, you should simply recruit them to work as your outlet and encourage them to make easy money from each order they send or each prospect they convince.

When some of your outlet makes a sale, both of you receive a percentage of profit. The bigger chain of outlets you have, the more profit you will make. 

Set Goals Without Limiting Your Success

By setting specific goals at every step you are able to measure your success as a people’s personal outlet but making money-specific goals will limit your success. Making unrealistic goals and putting a time frame on them also limits your success. 

Being a people’s personal outlet, you not only make yourself involved in the biggest ongoing business but you also solve the biggest problem of employment and that sometimes takes time for some people so don’t bother getting started to see how it goes but instead believe in your business and keep making new attempts every day.

Home-employing at least one individual every day as people’s personal outlet or recruiting other businesses to help them build a second safer stream of income by sending you referrers of their clients is a good goal to get started.

Focus On What You Can Command

As a people’s personal outlet you are free to target any market. But to make things natural for yourself simply plan your home business around things you can control. Shape it in your surroundings, not in where you come from or where you want to go. Build your people’s personal outlet by using skills you already have, dealings you already know and good at, and things you can keep under your control, to quickly build your own chain of outlets to extract leads, referrals from the setting you are already familiar with.

This means, in order to build your home-business as people’s personal outlet, you will have to make use of everything and every person from your present time scope. No matter if you are unemployed, self-employed, small business, or a specialist such as a doctor, plumber, or an electrician, you can develop your business among people you are already connected to.

You can do this by home-employing everyone (as people’s personal outlet) you know and while doing so you will further meet people who are interested in bringing their businesses online, they are your prospective customers. This way, each and every person connected to you will get introduced in your new business both as your customer and your outlet.

As people’s personal outlet your main objective is to upgrade humankind into the internet age by practicing & promoting Sangkrit’s four fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business to encourage everyone use the internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure. Doing so you not only earn a comfortable and safe livelihood from your home but you make it possible for others as well.

Know the People Who Can Increase Your Sales

As a people’s personal outlet, when your business is to help people in bringing their businesses online, you can reach your desired income level by home-employing individuals who can sell. This includes people connected to the right network or have good selling abilities. Anyone with these traits will help you in raising your sales.

This doesn’t mean that you should only home-employ those who can sell, nothing is going from your pocket so just try to help out every individual in making money from home, but at the same time also focus on inducting people with the right trait to quickly reach the desired income level in your business.

People with the right network means the individuals or businesses who are somehow connected to the audience you are targetting or you want to target.


  • Anybody who is willing to pay for some advertising agency can be made interested in starting his business blog or website.
  • Anybody who has hired some graphic or logo designer will also make a website at some point of time.
  • Anybody who is ordering cartons or product packaging material might be interested in selling his products online.

These three examples indicate if the advertising agency owner, the graphic designer, and the carton business owner are working as your personal outlet then they can further send their clients to you and make more money from each of their clients. Given are just three examples from the countless number of businesses whom you can make your personal outlet. Thus, recruiting people from the right network is going to increase your sales.

Similarly, people with good selling abilities i.e. salesmen already working for some other businesses will also boost your sales. The reason is they know how to sell, they know where to find the client, they know how to attempt repeatedly without getting disheartened, they know how to make the client interested in the product and then finally close the deal. Good salesmen have a strong network and big contact lists. They also have an ego that can only be fed with increasing sales numbers.

So start targeting such individuals and you will surely reach your desired income level as a people’s personal outlet.

Why Become A People’s Personal Outlet?

Becoming a people’s personal outlet lets you work from your home, earn more, and work less by massively home-employing people to work in your network and help others in bringing their businesses online. 

By working as a people’s personal outlet you not only solve the biggest problem of employment but you actually help people to safely operate their respective businesses from their home, and not let the new rules of safety become a hindrance in doing business.

You may either work full time to achieve financial freedom and make money despite your current financial standing or simply use it as an opportunity to earn extra cash as a side business.

However, to succeed in this business, you will need to find new business leads. For that, you should start by contacting businesses near you and help them to come online simply by registering their domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan to set up the business website. 

To help them in WordPress and earn money from that you should have some basic knowledge of WordPress, learning WordPress is a one day course and for that, you simply need to register your domain, subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan, follow the step-by-step guided tour and then start exploring your admin panel, you will master it in a day. At the same time, you should blog your business every time you learn something new. Simply share the knowledge and skills you gain in this process as that will help you to make an automated system for reaching out to new prospects and build an online passive income from your domain.