How To Resend User Activation Email Link In WordPress & BuddyPress?

When working on a WordPress- BuddyPress membership website, the biggest administrative headaches come from the user activation process as there are many a times when activation emails get caught by spam filters or they are deleted unwillingly by the person or simply not understood. Yet by default, WordPress & BuddyPress has no user interface for viewing and managing unactivated users. Here’s a solution for you.

Unconfirmed is an awesome WordPress plugin. It is the best solution for unconfirmed i.e. unactivated user management, it enables WordPress admins to manage unactivated users by activating them manually, deleting their pending registrations, or resending the activation email & link.

How To Use Unconfirmed Plugin?


Install and activate Unconfirmed. After activation visit Network Admin > Users on Multisite admin page where you will be seeing a list of unactivated user registrations. For each user registration, you have the option of resending the original activation email, or manually activating the user.

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