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You Are A Netizen

You are reading this because you are a netizen. This is your utmost universal value. Comparing to this your citizenship is a very local issue.

Netizens are globally connected. Together being Sangkrit they are empowered as invincible everywhere.

Sangkrit is the collaborative collective that lets you become self-led in the course by posting all statements here at Sangkrit.net addressed to you and you ought to cooperate to become like that.

Thus you are homeschooled to become a freedom fighter for yourself so that you carry your freedom on the go through this smartphone stage of internet age.

Transform WordPress Into A Podcast Website

podPress enables a lot of features specially designed to transform WordPress the ideal platform for hosting a podcast.OR if ypu like doing things more professionally you can use our special service for easily creating and hosting a beautiful Podcast website which provides you blog and podcast in one, you can learn more about its options and features here.

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How To Get Rid From Disadvantages Of Large Number Of Links On Your Website?

So many links simply wastes your Google Page Rank because the page rank of any web page is equally distributed among all links that exist on that particular page and hence, if you have 10 links on any web page whose PageRank is 5 then each of those links is passed 0.5 PageRank and if you decrease their number from 10 to 5 then each links will be awarded with a PageRank of 1.

This article explains you how you can automatically make all links below the “ tag include the rel=”nofollow” attribute. This is evil sometimes because others will not be benefited for having a link on your website but at the same time it becomes ideal for blog posts organizing untrusted links after the <!--more--> tag and this has become very important thing to do since the recent update of Google penguin and panda search algorithm.

So for turning all links no-follow after read more tag, simply install and activate the new WordPress plugin Do More and you are done. This will automatically turn all links below the <!--more--> tag include the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

New Science Blog Helper WordPress App For Science Writers

Science Blog Helper is the new WordPress plugin designed specially for science blog writer. Currently it provides you functions like LaTeX supporting and post outline generation. Simply install and activate it. Upon activation the plugin adds a new menu in admin sidebar. Visit Dashboard ->  SciBloger and choose your configuration mode and other options.

LaTeX Support

This function is realised by importing copy of MathJax, an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers, from their CDN Service.

Simply use \(…\) to wrap your in-line math or \[…\] to wrap your equations. For more info, please visit MathJax Homepage or Documents.

Outline Generation

Posts on science usually are long works. SciBloger will help you generate a useful outline as long as headers were set properly: making h3 the top level in your post; h4s, h5s, h6s follows by order.

Shortcode is also supported to generate outline more flexible:

[scibloger_outline show=”yes” right=”10px” top=”20%”]

Text Replace Plugin: Easily Create Shortcuts For Text In WordPress

Text Replace is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to replace text (inside posts, pages, custom post types etc) with some other text. It provides you quick and easy way to create shortcuts to common, lengthy, or frequently changing text, HTML or for smilies. It can be utilized to make shortcuts for frequently typed text, but always remember these things in mind.

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Top 3 Great Ways Of Embedding Twitter Tweets In WordPress

Twitter already provides you inbuilt widget creation features. Other than this WordPress also provides you oEmbed for twitter, you can enable oEmbed in your WordPress site from Dashboard -> Settings -> Media page and then you can embed a tweet simply by pasting its URL inside your post or page content.

This article is on few other WordPress plugins that extends tweet embed features in WordPress and allows you to do some more good things with your tweets.

Tweet Blender

Tweet Blender is a popular WordPress plugin that provides you various Twitter Widgets like you can

  • Display your own tweets
  • Display tweets for hashtags
  • Display tweets for twitter lists
  • Display tweets relevant to your post content (like Huffingtonpost)

The plugin supports multiple authors, keywords and hashtags. With Tweet Blender you can display tweets from a single user or a list of users. Also you can display tweets from a certain topic, multiple hashtags or keywords, various lists, authors etc. There is a long list of this plugin features.

Screenshot showing Tweets archive page: [view more screenshots here]

Installation & Usage:

After activation specify your configuration settings from Dashboard -> Settings -> Tweet Blender admin page. You will be needing to authenticate to Twitter and allow read-only access to tweet stream (present under the Status tab).

The plugin provides you widgets you can use in your sidebar, shortcodes to use inside your posts/pages and templates to use inside your theme files.

Fetch Tweets

Fetch Tweets is another plugin for fetching and showing Twitter tweets. With this plugin you can display tweets by specifying username, search results, keywords, Lists and yes you can show up combined results by adding multiple rules.

For displaying the fetched tweets the plugin provides you Widget, Shortcode, PHP Code and Custom Templates.

Installation & Usage:

Install and activate the plugin then follow the given steps:

  1. After activation you can set a rule from Dashboard -> Fetch Tweets -> Add Rule by User Name or Add Rule by Keyword.
  2. For using its widgets visit Appearance -> Widgets and use Fetch Tweets by Rule Set. You can set the rule in the widget form itself.
  3. The plugin also provides you shortcode to use in your posts, pages. Use the shortcode
    [fetch_tweets id="123"]

    Replacing 123 with your rule ID. Rule ID can be found in the Fetch Tweets admin page in your dashboard.

Screenshot showing widget settings: [view more screenshots]

For more usage instruction refer to the Other Notes section here.

Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget and shortcode)

As clear from its name, the plugin provides you widget and shortcodes for displaying Twitter Tweets. It is used for displaying one tweet at a time with rotation which means one tweets gets automatically and smoothly replaced by the other. Display is responsive and it shows up the recent tweets even if Twitter is down. Check out the plugin working here.

Installation & Usage:

After activation you can use its widget from Appearance -> Widgets page or you can display it via shortcode (inside your posts and pages etc) like:

[rotatingtweets screen_name='your_twitter']

The plugin allows you to decide how you want to show up tweets, you can set the number of tweets to display, you can include retweets and replies and even display a follow button if you like.

Checkout its its shortcode parameters here.

You can also set Tweets rotation speed and animation type to use in Tweet rotation.

How To Create A Twitter Application ?

Most of the above plugins uses Twitter Application, API so following are he instructions on how you can create your Twitter Application, it takes a few minutes:

  1. Visit My applications page on the Twitter website. Login with your Twitter username and password.
  2. If you don’t already have a suitable ‘application’ then create one from the Create an Application page. It’s normally best to use the name, description and website URL of the website where you plan to use Rotating Tweets. You don’t need a Callback URL if you are setting it up for the plugins discussed here.
  3. After clicking Create your Twitter application, click on Create my access token.
  4. Now copy the Consumer keyConsumer secretAccess token and Access token secret from your Twitter application page and use it wherever required.

How To Use Unique Custom Mouse Pointers In WordPress ?

You can easily activate a custom mouse pointer for the visitors who access your website in the frontend. Unique Cursor is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to select a custom mouse pointer.

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Advanced Drag & Drop HTML Visual Editor WordPress Plugin

WYSIWYG Visual HTML Editor & Drag And Drop Web Page Editor With CKEditor, Desktop Publisher For WordPress is a powerful WordPress Plug & Edit HTML Editor based on 3D page building design with height, width and depth.

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How To List All Incoming Search Terms In WordPress ?

SEO SearchTerms Admin is simple WordPress plugin that lists all incoming search terms generated by SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2. To use this plugin you will need to have SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 installed and activted in your WordPress site, this plugin allows you to multiply your blog traffic by strengthening on page SEO, increasing the number of indexed pages, auto convert search terms into post tags etc.

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How To Queue Posts & Pages For Future Publishing In WordPress ?

Using WordPress Queue Posts plugin you can queue your blog posts and pages for later publishing with just press of a button. The plugin simply allows you to place new posts in a queue for further publication at a specified time interval.

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Improve WordPress Search By Displaying Real Time Query Results

Search in Place is a cool WordPress plugin that improves your website search by showing up search query results in real time. The plugin uses AJAX and displays results dynamically as soon you enter the search criteria. Also it groups search results by post type (post, page, attachment) and allows you to limit the number of elements in the dynamic search results. It also offers a different navigation option on the website.

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How To Display A List Of Upcoming Blog Posts In WordPress ?

Using BCD Upcoming Posts plugin you can very easily display a list of upcoming posts in your WordPress site. The plugin provides you a sidebar widget and a shortcode [bcdupcoming] you can use for showing off your future blog posts list.

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Powerful Featured Category Widget For WordPress

Featured Category Widget is specially designed for website owners for whom the Featured Post Widget is not enough. There are many different featured category widgets but this Featured Category Widget plugin is highly customizable and provides you a number of display options and features.

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Display Beautiful Borders & Shadows Around Images In WordPress

WP Image Borders allows you to add-remove image borders & shadows on pictures in your WordPress blog posts. Using this plugin you can:

  • Add-Remove borders around images
  • Add shadows to images in your blog posts
  • Change image border styles, border colors, border width etc

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Now Edit Post In Preview Mode Using New WordPress Smart Editor

You already know about WordPress Visual editor and HTML editor, they all works in the back-end. Here we are discussing about new WP Smart Editor that works directly in Post Preview Mode which means you can directly edit, write and customize your post content from its preview page itself using this new post editor.

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How To Add Facebook Recommendations Bar In WordPress ?

WP Facebook Recommendations Bar is an easy to use plugin that lets you add the Facebook Recommendations Bar in your WordPress based site.

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