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How To Use Common Gateway Interface (CGI) In Your Hosting Account?

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) extends the capabilities of your Web server to make your website communicate with other application or script.

These programs are common on Web servers to interact dynamically with users. Many forms containing web pages use a CGI program for processing the data from the form.

CGI service at supports server-side includes, form handlers, and the hit counters.

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The World’s Highest Payout Developer Marketplace

Marketplaces selling digital assets have been around for over a decade, so why we are taking time to write about this new developer marketplace that the programmers over at Never Settle are building?
Because they are addressing many user needs that are still outstanding and focusing on a niche vertical of quality code based products.  The Market is going to be a plugin, theme, and code marketplace built for developers rewarding quality and excellence.

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Using Third Ubuntu Click To Open Apps, Tabs, Pasting Text & More

There are many mice and some touchpads available that provides you a middle mouse button. In general mouse and touch pads doesn’t provides you the third click button i.e. middle click but now problem you can use third click by pressing both mouse buttons at the same time. This is more easy on laptops becuase there you have to put your finger on the place where both (left & right) click buttons meet each other (in center) and press both of them together, it seems difficult but its very easy. Or on a mouse with a a scroll wheel, you can usually press directly down on the scroll wheel to middle-click.

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Easily Install Gnome 3.10 Environ In Ubuntu 13.10

Gnome 3.10 release contains 34786 changes by approximately 985 contributors. It has major new features and large collection of small-small enhancements and an improved experience for users. Want to switch Gnome 3.10 from Ubuntu Unity environ. Here’s how you can easily install or uninstall Gnome 3.10 in Ubuntu 13.10 Linux.

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How To Install & Configure phpMyAdmin On Ubuntu 12.04 & Greater Versions?

phpMyAdmin is a free software that provides you a user friendly interface to work with MySQL on the web. It simply provides you a convenient visual frontend to access MySQL capabilities. This tutorial shows you the steps for installing phpMyAdmin on Ubunu Linux so before installing it make sure you must have root privileges on your virtual private server.

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Slax OS: Fast, Lightweight, Portable Pocket Linux In Modern KDE Interface & Outstanding Design

Slax is a fast, modern, lightweight, live boot free operating system with a modular approach and outstanding layout and style. It is small in size but still it provides you a wide range of pre-installed software useful for everyday use. It includes a well organized GUI (Graphical user interface) and recovery tools. Other than this it also provides you various modules you can download if you are missing any specific feature. For Example: If any networking tool or game is missing you can download its module with the software and copy it to your Slax OS without running any installation or setting up any configuration settings.

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How To Use Your Ubuntu Laptop As A WiFi Router (Hotspot)?

A few easy steps (no software installation is required) can turn your Ubuntu Laptop in to a Wireless Router and you can share your Internet connection with other users using other devices may be Netbook, Tablet or Laptop etc. You can do this thing visually right from the Ubuntu GUI (Graphical User Interface) but there are some limitations like for some devices. There are some devices that may not support ad-hoc wireless networks and Ubuntu can only create wireless hotspots using weak WEP encryption instead of strong WPA encryption.

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How To Easily Install Android On Your Laptop?

The tutorial is about installing Android on your laptop. This is possible for average Linux users and you can do it yourself without any coding skills required.

To Start, first thing you need to do get latest Android download so refer to Androidx86 project download page, Lookup for section RC 1 and download Android ISO for your laptop/tablet or netbook ISO and as you can see there are a few options available:

android download

Second step is to copy it to a flash drive. You have the ISO file and now its time to write it on a USB drive so that you can boot from it on your laptop.

You can create a flash drive by using UNetBootIn, it is an open source cross platform app about which we have already discussed. If you are using Ubuntu Linux the refer to its tutorial we posted before other wise you may install it on Windows, MAC etc by refering to its webpage here. Windows users can also use Linux Live USB Creator, best for windows users.

Copy the contents of the ISO to a flash drive, unlike to other ISOs, this can be done in just 1 GB USB drive.

Finally, Third step is to boot your laptop on USB. Put your USB and boot your laptop from USB drive and follow/select from on screen instructions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It provides you various options for partitioning, dual-botting etc. Check out the Androidx86 installation guide here.

Installing & Using UNetbootin (Bootable Linux USB Creator App) On Ubuntu

UNetbootin is an opensource cross platform application that provides you functions to easily create bootable Live USB drives for Android, Ubuntu, Fedora and other Linux distributions without any burning a CD. The application is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Also you can either let UNetbootin download one of the many distributions supported out-of-the-box for you, or you can supply your own Linux .iso file if you’ve already downloaded one or your preferred distribution isn’t on the list. For installing UNetbootin in Ubuntu you have to give a few simple commands from terminal.

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How To Change Default Running Programs In Ubuntu?

Many new Ubuntu users spend hours in look up for settings to change default Ubuntu programs. For example: Suppose you want to change default video player from ‘Movie Player’ to ‘VLC Player’. For setting up default running programs in Ubuntu 12.04, first thing you need to do is click the settings icon present on the top left corner and select ‘System Settings’ option.

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HackerTray: Bring Hacker News To Your Ubuntu Linux Menu Bar

HackerTray, a free Linux app programmed with Python2 (inspired from Hacker Bar) simply brings Hacker News to your Linux menu bar. It is yet not compatible with all Linux systems but works really nice with Ubuntu. Following screenshot explains everything pretty well about how it works on your Ubuntu desktop. So now we are starting with its installation and upgrade process etc.


How to install HackerTray?

Open your Linux Terminal and use the following commands to install:

sudo pip install hackertray
sudo easy_install hackertray
#Download Source and cd to it
sudo python install

Now you can run hackertray from anywhere. Other than this you can now add it to your OS dependent session autostart method.

If you are a Ubuntu user then you can access it from:

  1. System > Preferences > Sessions
  2. System > Preferences > Startup Applications

Depending upon your Ubuntu Linux Version. Or simply put it in ~/.config/openbox/autostart if you are running OpenBox. Here you can see how the configuration should look like in Ubuntu and its derivatives.

How to upgrade HackerTray?

The latest stable version is always available on pip. You can check which version you have installed with pip freeze | grep hackertray.

To upgrade, run pip install -U hackertray.

In some cases (Ubuntu), you might need to clear the pip cache before upgrading:

sudo rm -rf /tmp/pip-build-root/hackertray

How To Detect Your Skype Friends Having Invisible Status On? is a online tool that lets you know which skype friends are hiding themselves from you. With this cloud app you can detect your invisible friends on Skype b y typing in your desired Skype ID and it will find out if he’s hiding or just logged out.

How to detect invisible Skype friends?

  1. Visit
  2. Type in your desired Skype ID and click the search button

The app detects real status of Skype users and your privacy is 100% protected, as advertised. The application doesn’t saves or share scanned skype users id.

Control & Use All Your Android Devices From Any Web Browser

AirDroid is a powerful but free cloud app that allows you to manage all your Android devices right from a web browser, your chromebook, from anywhere, from any web browser, all over the air. The application provides you complete control over your Android devices and best part is Desktop SMS that lest you easily Send & receive SMS right from your computer, you can type SMS using your keyboard giving your complete comfort with faster typing and navigation with the full keyboard and large screen.

Other features allows you to manage Files and Media. You can move photos, videos, ringtones and any other files on and off Android, all without a USB cable.

You can manage your Phone Calls, Clipboard , URL transfer. Make Calls, Contact, Share Clipboard Content across devices, push URL to Android and there are more features awaiting for you to discover them.

How to use AirDroid to manage all your Android devices from a web browser?

Step-1 First thing you need to do is visit and sign up your account. You may signup using your Facebook, Google etc accounts too. After you signup you will see a Android Home like desktop showing up in your web browser window.


Step-2 Now you may connect your Android devices. Install AirDroid App from Google Play, click sign-in button and login with the same account and your device will be connected.

AirDroid 2

You can Manage your Android Apps, gets to easy app search, installation and apk export. You can see through the lens of your Android camera, front and back. Or stream the screen of your Android in nearly real-time.

Not only this much but even you can find the location of your phone. Yes you can locate and lock your Android from any browser in-case if it’s lost. Also you can wipe all its data remotely.

Instantly Generating Colorful CSS Gradient Backgrounds is an easy, fast and elegant gradient background creation tool that works on cloud. All you need to do is visit its home page and you will know what you have to do. On homepage it provides you a button which generates random Gradient with CSS each and evrytime it is clicked. Also you can give a retouch to randomly generated backgrounds or in just a few click you can create your own beautiful gradient and copy its CSS to use it in your website or anywhere else.

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Easily Add Search Box On Your WordPress Navigation Menu Bar

You can easily, in just one click add a search box in your WordPress site’s main navigation menu bar. Search box on Navigation Menu lets you do this in a very easy way. All will be needing to do is install and activate it.

Upon activation the plugin adds the default search box on main navigation menu that will save the space and flexibly fit with the menu.

How To Select-Deselect All Terms Of Any Parent Taxonomy In WordPress?

You must have observed this type of feature on many websites. By default, WordPress allows you to select taxonomy terms one by one, even if you select any parent taxonomy, you have to select other child taxonomy terms one by one. This is good for most WordPress users but sometimes you need more options.

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Easily Download, Install & Use Skype For Ubuntu

Skype uses decentralized peer-to-peer technologies and lets you make calls without letting anything go through a central server, but through distributed servers and other users. It is proprietary software you may use for making calls over the Internet using your computer. The Skype software is free to use, but it is not free software. It is free as a beer, its source code is not available for modification.

By default Skype is not installed on Ubuntu but you may install it by clicking: Install the skype package. You need to Activate the Canonical Partner Repository to install Skype.

OR alternatively you may install it by visiting Ubuntu Software Centre. OR you may install it directly from your terminal. Follow the steps:


Step-1 Open your terminal, type the following command and hit ENTER:

sudo apt-get install libqt4-dbus libqt4-network libqt4-xml libasound2

Step-2 If it asks for password, type password and hit Enter again.

Step-3 Now use the following command for downloading Skype:

  • Skype 32-bit:

wget and hit Enter.

  • Skype 64-bit:

wget and hit Enter.

Step-4 After you finished downloading, use the following command to install Skype:
sudo dpkg -i getskype-*

Step-5 Now finally to finish installing:
sudo apt-get -f install

That’s all with download and installation. Now open Dash Home, type Skype, open and start using it.

Working With Ubuntu Universal Access

Don’t know what Ubuntu Universal Access is? You can do much more with your mouse, keyboard and touch pad. Open your Ubuntu system. From the top right corner of top panel click the small settings icon and then click System Settings option. From System Settings page scroll down to System sub section and click blue color Universal Access icon. It provides you many different useful options, by default it opens up Seeing tab, now lets see what you can do here:

Seeing TAB

  1. You can change contrast to high, low, normal or high/inverse
  2. You can change text size to small, normal, large, larger
  3. You can enable beeps for caps lock & num lock
  4. You can enable or disable screen reader

Hearing TAB

You can enable visual alerts. You can enable a visual alert indication when an alert sound occurs like you can flash window title or even you can flash entire screen. Great feature if you don’t like hearing alert sounds again and again. Sometimes they are very disturbing.

Typing TAB

This is very useful tab. Here you can enable virtual screeen keyboard, Most Ubuntu users don’t know that Ubuntu already provides you a cool virtual keyboard, they keep searching for it on cloud.

In normal conditions there is no use of virtual key pressing but sometimes when any key of your keyboard stops working, or you are watching a movie on your laptop, having snacks and suddenly you receive an email sound and you don’t want to touch your keyboard and make it dirty. Well you can respond to your email by using Ubuntu’s virtual keyboard.

You can also turn on accessibility features from the keyboard. You can turn on Sticky Keys, it treats a sequence of modifier keys as a key combination. You can enable certain conditions like you can disable if two keys are pressed together. Also you can enable a beep if a modifier key is pressed.

Slow keys: You can turn them on or off. They put a delay between when a key is pressed and when it is accepted..

Also you can change acceptance delay by dragging its bar from short to long. Other than this yo can enable a beep, beep when a key is pressed, accepted or rejected..

Bounce keys: You can enable or diable bounce keys. They ignore fast duplicate key presses. Here also you can enable a beep when a key is rejected and change the acceptance delay by dragging the bar between shot and long.

At the bottom of this page you will find a small text area where you can type to test settings.

Pointing and Clicking TAB

Pointing and clicking tab provides you options for Mouse keys, Simulated Secondary Click, Hover Click.

Mouse Keys: Cool option. You can enable Mouse Keys by pressing the on/off button given there. These mouse keys allows you to control your mouse pointer using your keypad.

Simulated Secondary Click: Enable option to trigger a secondary click by holding down the primary button. Provides you controlf for acceptance delay.

Hover Click: Allows you to trigger a click when pointer hovers. This also provides you delay control and mothion threshold.

Mouse TAB

Mouse Settings: At the very bottom of the page (right corner) you will see a Mouse Settings link. This directs you to Mouse and Touch pad controls page where you can:

  1. Set mouse for RIGHT HANDED or LEFT HANDED person.
  2. You can enable option to show position of mouse whenever Control key is pressed from the keyboard.
  3. You can set MOUSE POINTER SPEED, increases or decrease mouse acceleration and sensitivity.

Other than this you can increase or decrease threshhold for Drag & Drop and Double Click Timeout.

Touchpad TAB

Now finally click the Touchpad tab. Here you can enable or disable touchpad while typing, you can enable/disable mouse clicks with touch pad.

Scrolling options allows you to turn on Edge Scrolling, Two Finger Scrolling and Horizontal Scrolling or you can completely disable the touchpad scrolling.

Last, Pointer Speed section allows you to increase or decrease Mouse Pointer Speed (this time touchpad’s mouse pointer), its acceleration & senstivity.