How To Enable Post Listening Feature In WordPress ?

You can very easily enable your website visitors to listen to any text present in your WordPress site. They can listen to your blog posts, pages, footer content or any manually selected text from your site.

First install and activate GSpeech plugin in your WordPress site. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> GSpeech admin page and select your language. You can choose a custom style and set other options from the same admin page. Finally, click Save Options button and that’s all.

Now visit the frontend of your website, select any text (which you want to listen) and it pops-up an Speaker Icon. Click that speaker icon and listen to selected text. For learning more about its usage and options, refer to its WordPress.Org page.


  • Allows to listen any text from the site!
  • Listen to selected text. Speaker will apear, when You select a part of the text!
  • Autoplay Feature. See Demo
  • Feature to set greeting audio for your users!
  • Feature to set different greetings for loged in users.
  • Speaking menus. Users can listen menus when they hover them!
  • Ability to set custom events.
  • More than 50 languages supported by Google!
  • Unlimited text to speech!
  • Place speaker wherever you want!
  • Ability to set custom style and language for each TTS block!
  • 40 speaker types!
  • Customizable TTS block styles!
  • Customizable tooltip styles (12 beautiful styles)!
  • Live preview in administration panel!

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