Shardul Pandey Talks To Svitlana Manoylo

Svitlana Manoylo is from Ukraine, she came to India few years back to become a model then worked in Dashvihaniyastarring Vinay PathakNeha DhupiaRajat KapoorRanvir ShoreyBrijendra Kala, the film was produced by Shashant Shah. Now she is living in Mumbai, Maharastra. She likes Mumbai and loves Indian food specially paneer dishes with naans and rotis. She is working in another movie by Shashant Shah starring Vinay Pathak and same group of stars who worked together in Dashvidhaniya.

Shardul Pandey Talks To Svitlana Manoylo

I welcome you in the Kingdom of Freedom Svitlana, please tell our netizens about yourself?

My English is very bad so sorry if I made any mistakes. My name is Svitlana Manoylo and I am from Ukraine, Simferopol.

Simferopol is a really nice place to visit. I love my country but I don’t want to stay there :-) I don’t know why I don’t like staying there, may be because its very cold region.

How was your childhood ?

When I was small I was very a very naughty girl full of energy. I have an elder sister, she is calm and disciplined unlike to me ;-) cause I always use to create problems for my mom and dad. My relationship with dance started when I was 5 years old and joined dance classes.

Tell us about your family and what lifestyle people follow in Simferopol, Ukraine ?

Well, I am living with my mom and sister. my sister is now married and is now a mother of beautiful daughter Amina.

My father past away when 16 sixteen years old and then my mom was left alone. That was a very hard time for our family.

Lifestyle of the people in Simferopol is really very simple. When you finish school, you go to college then start your work or just work and then get married fast and get divorced also very fast ;-)

But its not with everyone there, there are people who are happy with their married life and live together forever ;-)

What are your ideas on venturing in movie business?

I love movie business not only as an actress but I also have a dream in me to work as a director, I understand its a difficult job to do so right now I am scared but I will try to follow this dream and may be one day I would be ready for this.

How you came to India and started working in Hindi Film Industry ? How you got signed up for the movie ‘Dashvidhaniyan’ and what was your experience when working with Vinay Pathak ?

I came to India with my best friend. She is having a big craze about India so we came here to work as models and after working for three months she got married and last year she got a baby girl. I am still working here and I am really very happy that she took me here.

I auditioned for the movie Dashvidhaniya. Although I don’t believe in auditions but I am a lucky girl at the same time. I was not just happy but I got crazy good experience in working with. Vinay is amazing and a great wonderful person. I was really lucky to meet all people in my life like Vinay Pathak, Rajat Kapoor, Shashant Shah and all are just great.

What do you think to be the main difference between Cinema of Ukraine and Hindi Film Industry ?

A big difference. Difference of culture, social problems and more that is why both are totally different from each other.

Likewise you are now living in Mumbai so what do you think about this city?

Mumbai is like my home city. I feel very comfortable here. I love everything about Mumbai. Sometimes traffic here kills me but that’s fine, Its just a matter of my mood. Otherwise Mumbai is very nice place.

Do you like Indian food ?

I like all Indian dishes with Paneer and I love Indian Bread, Naans and Rotis. Other than I love Ukranian food made by my mom but I make Indian Food for them, that is funny;-) I don’t eat very spicy food here but when I cook Indian Dishes in Ukraine I make them extra spicy to make them know how spicy Indian Food is. My mom gets shocked and asks me not to cook it at home :-)

What you are doing now-a-days? What other movies you are presently working on?

I am doing another movie with same guys of Dashvidhaniya. Working with Vinay Pathak and director Shashant Shah and I am really very happy to work with them again.

I have seen a few of your paintings in your Social Media Pages and they are fantastic, so from how much time you are doing paintings and what inspires you doing this ?

Thank you. It is really nice to know that you liked them. I started doing paintings less than a year ago. I don’t know how this talent came to me as I never did this before. I really love to paintings, I know they are not professional but I will learn and improve it in future. I do this just for me and my friends.

Don’t you think that starting a photo blogging website for your paintings would be a nice idea ?

I think I am not yet ready. My paintings are not yet professional, its more like a hobby.

We always suggest to own your domain so that whatever value is created by you in webspace may become your wealth. Anyway what you would like to say to our netizens here?

I made My page on Facebook so that they can be in touch with me. Those people who really want to get updated with my present life can join it cause from Facebook its not always pose ball :-) Thank you very much for this interview :-) HAVE A NICE DAY :-)

Thank you very much Svitlana for choosing India as your place of doing business. You should soon be doing some business on Internet also. I wish you all success!

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