How To Add A MailTo Icon & Spambot Protection To Email Address Links In WordPress ?

With WP Mailto Links plugin you can easily protect all email addresses and mailto links from spambots and being used for spamming. The plugin is easy to use and configure.

Installation & Usage: Simply install and activate WP Mailto Links. After activation visit you admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Mailto Links and tick “Protect mailto links against spambots“, choose a mailto icon and there are a few more useful options and features like:

  1. You can protect plain email addresses or convert them to mailto links
  2. You can set classes for your own styling
  3. You can set no-icon class
  4. You can set mail icon

The plugin automatically scans mailto links or you could also use its shortcode:

[wpml_mailto email=""]My Email[/wpml_mailto]

Read more documentation.

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