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How To Assign Categories To WordPress Media Library Files?

Enabling categories over WordPress media files lets you easily group and find the images. Just like posts, you can enable the category taxonomy in your WordPress admin area dashboard’s ‘Media’ section.

To do so, simply navigate to your admin area Plugins -> Add New page to search and install the Media Library Categories plugin on your website. Upon activation, the plugin will add a categories section on Media -> Categories page.

From this page, you would be able to create and manage categories. The categories could be either assigned while uploading the image or from the Dashboard -> Media page. You can also browse images by their category and perform bulk editing actions from this page using the drop-down option.

Apart from enabling you to add, remove, edit categories, change the category of multiple photos at once, and browse images by their category. The plugin also lets you display photos from a selective category by using a shortcode.

How To Display Photo Galleries By Category?

For displaying photos from a category in a gallery format you simply need to add the ‘category‘ attribute to the shortcode and then use it on any post or page just like any other shortcode.

The value handed to the ‘category‘ attribute can be either the category slug such as:

[gallery category="my-category-slug"]

Or the term_id, such as:

[gallery category="14"]

When you only want to display attachments uploaded to the page and filtered by category then use the ‘id‘ in combination with the ‘category‘ attribute:

[gallery category="my-category-slug" id="123"]

Or leave the ID empty for the current page/post:

[gallery category="my-category-slug" id=""]

In the given example, the slug is used, but as you can see the term_id can also be used.

You should also know that the WordPress Media Library uses the same categories as WordPress does in posts. Still, if you want you can use separate categories as a custom taxonomy from Settings -> Media page or by clicking on the settings quick link on the plugins overview page.

Who Will Watch The Watch-dog?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

by Uday Kumar Varma

Former Secretary,  Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

To believe that the overall conduct of the news media, in particular TV news Media, in the wake of the recent COVID epidemic is merely a transient aberration, will only reveal an ostrich-like approach, living in stark denial of what is staring us in the face. In ignoring the salience and propriety of issues that confront our news media space and the prevalent discourse that dominates this space these days – decidedly one of the most corrosive, difficult and depressing in recent times, will be perilous, to say the least.

Unfortunately, and ironically, most crises arise, perpetuate and even fester because many of us despite feeling resentment, frustration and even anger choose to be spectators and silent witnesses as grossly improper and unjust events happen around us and eventually overtake us. It is the silence of the sane and reasonable that pushes us down the abyss while a small, shouting and bullying minority decide and dictate; and rest of us choose to collectively suffer in silence, while individually and internally remaining discontented and uncomfortable. And it is true across every segment of society – politics, bureaucracy, academia, intelligentsia, civil society and of course news media. It has happened in the past; it happens even today and it will continue to happen in future as well, such is the nature of our intellectual and cerebral evolution.

History and our collective understanding of the growth of human civilization bear testimony to the fact that as far as freedom of expression and thoughts and ideas is concerned, the State shall never be able to either control or influence it for long. The nature of human intellect, freedom, innovation, endeavour and wisdom as also follies and foibles, ensure a free flow of thinking and an equally fierce desire and will to articulate it. No state can ever be able to control, subordinate or subjugate these desires, aspirations, tendencies, capacities and their free flowing expressions. Therefore, when we talk of news media content, the state shall be in the least effective position to offer an endurable and lasting mechanism to moderate or monitor content. Actually, it is news media itself that should find mechanisms to draw well thought out and defined ‘Lakshmana rekha’. Anyone else doing so will inherently invite resentment, refusal and rebellion. It is this aspect that needs appreciation when one discusses why industry should itself volunteer to effectively monitor content.

It will be foolishly and patently erroneous to argue, as a few among us may tend to believe and assert that sanity and propriety has taken leave of the news media world, that everyone in news media today thinks alike and are in broad agreement with the approach, attitudes and motives that dominate and decide the conduct of news media. Nothing can be more preposterous. There are very sensible elements and voices – many of them – not just a handful, who vehemently disagree with what news media is doing today. While most have chosen to strike silence and stoicism, many have voiced their concerns and worries and discomfort and apprehensions in private and at times but only occasionally, even openly. If only some of them are able to pluck enough courage and say what their conscience is constantly goading them to do so, the discourse will change. Or else it may as well continue on its present disastrous trajectory, much as the political philosopher Burke had warned, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

It is possible to invent, create and sustain any narrative and propagate, peddle and sell it, howsoever far removed it may be from reality and truth. The Palestinian American historian Edward Said, author of the monumental ‘Orientalism’ called such possibility through ‘a whole structure of opinion and discourse’. If some among us can successfully create a subversive, corrosive and subjective perspective, the more intelligent and enlightened amongst us, can as well create a counter narrative- positive, hopeful, constructive, pacifying, and healing.

News media has always enjoyed a certain mystical ‘mojo’ – a magical charm that places her on a pedestal higher and different from others. She acts as a watch dog for everyone else and claims it as one of her basic and inherent rights and privileges. But who will be overseeing her own conduct and character? Who would do the course correction as and when it is required? To argue that news media is a power unto itself and beyond any scrutiny will be in denial of the basic and fundamental law of nature- a law that requires a balance of forces, powers and potentials- and without which neither the universe nor all that it encompasses could originate or exist. Media has the option to be its own watch dog. Is she willing to confront this reality and challenge and and make bold to resolve it?

My own logical conviction is that happen it eventually would! The challenge, of course, pivots around the issue of when and who must take the initiative in this direction.

Making Ultimate Media The Largest And Utmost Monetized

We could comfortably be selling our worldwide exposure to any entity on planet Earth that can make a consolidated payment for a few quarters in advance. Thus we make money to reinvest in expanding the searchable knowledge index of humanity. We do so by encouraging everyone across all the countries in owning a piece of Internet i.e. called a top level domain with free software support for domestic entrepreneurship. That connects our homepage to homes across all time zones. Continue reading Making Ultimate Media The Largest And Utmost Monetized

How To Hide Entire Media Library Menu From WordPress Admin Area Dashboard?

WordPress media library contains all images, videos, recordings and files which you have uploaded and used inside your posts, pages, post types etc. Media is typically uploaded and inserted at the time of creating/editing content and the admin media menu (Dashboard -> Media) lets to access those files in bulk, it also allows you to upload media files through Dashboard -> Media -> Add New page but that is hardly used by bloggers.

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SANGKRIT.net Is The Most Global Media Of This World

Most Global MediaSANGKRIT.net is  not only more global than most popular BI media bbc.co.uk but a lot more global than AI media huffingtonpost.com also. BI denotes the helpless ages of humanity before the Internet while AI denotes the empowering times of humanity after the Internet.

More than 60% of total traffic to domain of BBC is just from UK and USA while more than 67.3% of total traffic to domain of Huffington Post is only from USA but the situation is quite different at the domain of SANGKRIT.net, where traffic is almost evenly coming from more than 159 countries. By all considerations today SANGKRIT.net is the most global media in this world.

Easiest Way For Displaying Downloadable Media File Button In WordPress

Easy Media Download provides you the easiest way to add downloadable media file buttons. This is the new WordPress plugin that activates an easy shortcode button that offers file download to your readers, your readers can download digital media files from your website. It instantly starts the download once the button is clicked.

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Enhance Your WordPress Media Library By Adding New Better Management Features

WordPress plugin repo. has new handy plugin for the bloggers and webmasters who need managing a lot of media files. With this new plugin you can create unlimited amount of media taxonomies (just like categories and tags), manage your custom media taxonomies in a better way, easily filter media files in Media Library by your custom taxonomies, create new media file types (MIME types) and more.

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Enable Jetpack Shortcodes Without Installing Jetpack In WordPress

Shortpack is a plugin by Automattic, it lets you use same shortcodes that are provided by Jetpack, but without Jetpack’s activation overhead in your WordPress based website. All you need to do is install and activate it in your WordPress site and you are done.

New Circle Style Photo Gallery With Lightbox Popups For WordPress

IS Circular Photo Gallery is the new circle style image gallery with Lightbox popups WordPress plugin that uses images either from WordPress Media Library or directly from an uploaded directory of image files. The plugin simply allows you to show images as circle on current page or post by using basic JQuery library.

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How To Add External Media Files In WordPress Library Via oEmbed ?

oEmbed is now a popular feature among bloggers. It allows you to embed any media file like videos and images simply by pasting their URLs inside post content.

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rtMedia Plugin Is Now Compatible With WordPress, BuddyPress & bbPress

BuddyPress Media plugin has now been completely re-written and re-launched with new name rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress. Now the plugin is also compatible with WordPress installation with or without any BuddyPress install. The plugin adds albums, audio-video encoding, privacy-sharing, front-end uploads & more cool features which works nicely on mobile-tablets devices.

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How To Enable Post Listening Feature In WordPress?

You can easily enable your website visitors to listen to any text present on your WordPress site. They can listen to your blog posts, pages, footer content, or any manually selected text on your website.

GSpeech is a WordPress plugin that uses Google to provide you the good-quality automatic text-to-speech service enabling your visitors to listen to any text on your website.

Main features of the plugin:

  • Allows you to listen to any text from the site!
  • Listen to the selected text. The speaker will appear when You select a part of the text!
  • Autoplay Feature. See Demo
  • Feature to set greeting audio for your users!
  • Feature to set different greetings for logged-in users.
  • Speaking menus. Users can listen to menus when they hover them!
  • Ability to set custom events.
  • More than 50 languages are supported by Google!
    • Unlimited text-to-speech!
  • Place the speaker wherever you want!
  • Ability to set the custom style and language for each TTS block!
  • 40 speaker types!
  • Customizable TTS block styles!
  • Customizable tooltip styles (12 beautiful styles)!
  • Live preview in the administration panel!

Install and activate the GSpeech plugin on your WordPress site. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> GSpeech admin page and select your language. You can choose a custom style and set other options from the same admin page. Now, click the ‘Save Options’ button and that’s all.

Now visit the front end of your website, select any text (which you want to listen to) and it pops up a Speaker Icon. Click that speaker icon and listen to the selected text.

For displaying the speaker after the text, use this basic format: {gspeech}Text to speech{/gspeech}

You can also specify custom styles and language for each text-to-speech block on your website: {gspeech style=2 language=en}Custom text to speech{/gspeech}

When using all parameters with GSpeech, the structure will be: {gspeech style=2 language=en autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0 registered=0 selector=anyselector event=anyevent hidespeaker=1}welcome{/gspeech}

In order to use the plugin, you must have the PHP Curl library enabled on your web-hosting. If you are hosting your website at Sangkrit.net, simply contact the support to get help.

Easily Display Polaroid Plus Style Photo Gallery With Lightbox Popups In WordPress

Using WP-Polaroid Plus plugin you can easily display polaroid plus style image gallery with lightbox popups in to your WordPress based website. The plugin uses photos either from the WordPress Media Library or you can simply upload directory of your images.

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Easily Add 31000+ Games In Your WordPress Site Via Shortcode

You can very easily add over 31,000 games in your WordPress site and increase your time on site and ad income. All you will be needing to do is install and activate Online Games Collection plugin, then use [online–games] shortcode wherever you want games to be displayed.

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Gamma Gallery: Responsive WordPress Gallery Plugin With Montage Photo Arrangement

Gamma gallery is a powerful, stylish, responsive image gallery WordPress plugin which is free and comes with a nice full screen view and various slideshow features like play/pause. The plugin supports native WP features like random order, include/exclude images, rearrange order etc. Simply install and activate it and that’ all, there are no configuration settings to make, it works automatically with default WordPress image gallery feature.

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How To Bring Media Upload Path And URL Setting Fields Back In WordPress 3.5+ Versions ?

Newer versions of WordPress (from WP 3.5+ ) removes the settings fields which can change default media upload path and URL but you can easily bring them back in your WordPress site by using a simple WordPress plugin.

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Best Websites For Easily Converting YouTube Videos To MP3

In last tutorial on YouTube you have learned making YouTube as your non-stop background music player. Now, this tutorial provides you names and URLs of four websites that allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3, you can convert videos to MP3 online and download it to your system and listen on some media player, mobile etc.

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How To Set Maximum Image File Upload Size In Your WordPress Site ?

It happens in WordPress multi author blogs that your users do not compress or resize their image files before inserting them in their blog post, and oftentimes WordPress’s maximum upload limit of 2MB-10MB is still too large to prevent these image insertion which can signficantly slow down your WordPress site.

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Easily Extend The Allowed Mime Types From WordPress Media Uploader

Using Mime Types Extended plugin you can extend the allowed Mime types from WordPress media upload dialog box. It supports dwg, asd, asn, tsp, dxf, spl, ptlk, hqx, mbd, mif, hlp, chm, bin, dll, oda, ai, eps, ps, rtc, smp, tbk, vmd, vmf, shtml, xhtml, xml, bcpio, z, cpio, csh, dcr, dir, dxr, dvi, evy, gtar, hdf, php, phtml, latex, bin, mif, nc, cdf, nsc, sh, shar, cab, spr, sprite, sit, sca, sv4cpio, sv4crc, tcl, tex, texinfo, texi, t, tr, roff, man, troff, ustar, au, snd, es, tsi, vox, aif, aiff, aifc, dus, cht, mid.

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