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How To Sync Any Facebook Page Photos & Albums To WordPress?

This is not just about importing and managing Facebook photo albums on to your WordPress website but you can bring in photos from any public Facebook page into your WordPress media library simply by using the FB page slug. FB Photo Sync is an incredibly powerful and free WordPress plugin which is very easy to set up, manage, you can sync FB photos & albums and to display any album with all photos to a post, page, post type etc via shortcode.

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How To Display Your 500px.com Photo Gallery In WordPress?

500px, pronounced as five hundred pixels is a popular online photography community which is aimed at aspiring and professional photographers and encouraging members to upload their best work to gain gain exposure, find inspiration and connect. The webservice currently has over 2.5 million registered and over 10 million monthly active users. In this tutorial we’ll explain you how you can add your 500px photo gallery in your WordPress based website.

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Creating Beautiful & Responsive YouTube Video Albums In WordPress

You can fetch yours or someone else’s YouTube video (uploads or favorites) from YouTube channels to create beautiful albums with retrieved info into your WordPress site. Srizon Responsive Youtube Album is the new WordPress plugin by srizon.com. Using this new plugin you can create video albums, the play video on a responsive lightbox, you can add as many albums as you want and display them using shortcodes which are generated automatically, you can copy/paste them into your blog post, page or any other custom post type etc.

Install and activate Srizon Responsive Youtube Album. Upon activation the plugin adds a new menu ‘YouTube Album’ in WordPress admin area. Follow the given steps:

  1. From Dashboard -> YouTube Albums menu click on the Albums submenu
  2. Click “Add New” button to add a new album. (or click on an existing album title to edit that)
  3. Fill-up or modify the form and save that
  4. Your albums will be listed along with the shortcodes. Use the shortcodes into your page/post to show the video album
  5. Try out different options to suit your need
srizon-responsive-youtube-album screenshot 1Thumb with description layout – wide view
srizon-responsive-youtube-album screenshot 2Thumb Grid layout – wide view
srizon-responsive-youtube-album screenshot 3Video in responsive lightbox – wide view
srizon-responsive-youtube-album screenshot 4Video in responsive lightbox – small screen
srizon-responsive-youtube-album screenshot 5Thumb Grid layout – small screen
srizon-responsive-youtube-album screenshot 6Admin View – Adding album – basic
srizon-responsive-youtube-album screenshot 7Admin View – Adding album – layout related optionssrizon-responsive-youtube-album screenshot 8
Admin View – Album list with shortcodes

Pro Version:

There is also a pro version of this plugin having following more features:

  • you can sync as many videos as you want (assuming that your connection and server’s memory can handle the data)
  • playlist is also supported besides channel uploads and favorites
  • 3 layouts available (one additional responsive slider besides 2 free layouts)
  • pagination is available for 2 layouts

Integrate Default WordPress Gallery With jQuery Modal Popup

PrettyGallery is the new WordPress plugin which automatically integrates default WordPress gallery shortcode ([gallery]) with jquery modal popup.

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