Write Better Content & Spend Less Time Editing Content In Your Blog, Browser, Office Suite, Website Etc

After the Deadline is a free service that lets you create better content and you spend less time in editing your work like your blog posts and other content you create on Internet. You can use it in your WordPress site, bbPress, BuddyPress, Google Chrome, Firefox and various other frameworks.

It provides you following useful features:

  1. Contextual Spell Checking
  2. Advanced Style Checking
  3. Intelligent Grammar Checking

You can use After the Deadline:

  • In your web browser: After the Deadline is available as a Firefox add-onand a Google Chrome extension. Now you can use our technology on any site.
  • Inside your BuddyPress Community: It provides you a BuddyPress plugin which adds After The Deadline proofreading for BuddyPress Groups, Forums, Activity Stream, Profiles, Messages and Blog Comments.
  • Within your WordPress blog: For bloggers, After the Deadline is available as a WordPress plugin. You may also use our Intense Debate plugin to let your readers check their comments.
  • On your website: Add our grammar, style, and spelling checker to your forms with our plugins for jQuery and TinyMCE. Our server technologyis open source too.
  • With OpenOffice.org Writer: Our grammar, style, and misused word checker is available as an OpenOffice.org extension.
  • For commercial needs you can use free server software.

Select Its App For Your Framework:

Simply click the framework where you like to use it. For example: if you want to use it in your WordPress site then click WordPress link above and it will direct you to a page showing a download link with installation, how to steps & video tutorial.

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