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How To Resend User Activation Email Link In WordPress & BuddyPress?

When working on a WordPress- BuddyPress membership website, the biggest administrative headaches come from the user activation process as there are many a times when activation emails get caught by spam filters or they are deleted unwillingly by the person or simply not understood. Yet by default, WordPress & BuddyPress has no user interface for viewing and managing unactivated users. Here’s a solution for you.

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How To Easily Reorder WordPress Admin Menu Items?

Here’s the most quick and very-very easy way of re-ordering WordPress admin area menu items. Admin Menu Reorder is the brand new plugin from WP Idiots. The plugin works completely live and allows you drag & drop for reordering menu items on the go.

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Enhance WordPress Multisite Network Administration

You can make your multisite management better by adding more useful functions for super admins. Multisite Enhancements is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to enhance the network admin area by adding some new useful functions to it like the plugin adds several useful items to the multisite ‘Network Admin’ admin bar, it enables ‘Add New’ link under the Plugins menu only for Network admins (super admins), shows which blogs have which plugin and theme active and much more.

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How To Integrate Bootstrap Content Delivery Network In WordPress ?

BootstrapCDN is a free public content delivery network. If you are a BootstrapCDN user then you can load CSS, JS and also images from its servers remotely. It uses NetDNA’s global content delivery network which makes websites using its service resilient to unexpected surges in internet traffic.

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How To Turn On Maintenance Mode In WordPress Multisite Networks ?

It is easy to enable maintenance mode in single site installations but on multisite network there are multiple websites and various users so single site plugins not always work on multisite networks especially if you want to force network wide maintenance mode so that no-one can login in between maintenance period.

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How To Enable Post Listening Feature In WordPress?

You can easily enable your website visitors to listen to any text present on your WordPress site. They can listen to your blog posts, pages, footer content, or any manually selected text on your website.

GSpeech is a WordPress plugin that uses Google to provide you the good-quality automatic text-to-speech service enabling your visitors to listen to any text on your website.

Main features of the plugin:

  • Allows you to listen to any text from the site!
  • Listen to the selected text. The speaker will appear when You select a part of the text!
  • Autoplay Feature. See Demo
  • Feature to set greeting audio for your users!
  • Feature to set different greetings for logged-in users.
  • Speaking menus. Users can listen to menus when they hover them!
  • Ability to set custom events.
  • More than 50 languages are supported by Google!
    • Unlimited text-to-speech!
  • Place the speaker wherever you want!
  • Ability to set the custom style and language for each TTS block!
  • 40 speaker types!
  • Customizable TTS block styles!
  • Customizable tooltip styles (12 beautiful styles)!
  • Live preview in the administration panel!

Install and activate the GSpeech plugin on your WordPress site. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> GSpeech admin page and select your language. You can choose a custom style and set other options from the same admin page. Now, click the ‘Save Options’ button and that’s all.

Now visit the front end of your website, select any text (which you want to listen to) and it pops up a Speaker Icon. Click that speaker icon and listen to the selected text.

For displaying the speaker after the text, use this basic format: {gspeech}Text to speech{/gspeech}

You can also specify custom styles and language for each text-to-speech block on your website: {gspeech style=2 language=en}Custom text to speech{/gspeech}

When using all parameters with GSpeech, the structure will be: {gspeech style=2 language=en autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0 registered=0 selector=anyselector event=anyevent hidespeaker=1}welcome{/gspeech}

In order to use the plugin, you must have the PHP Curl library enabled on your web-hosting. If you are hosting your website at Sangkrit.net, simply contact the support to get help.

Cache Gravatar Into Your Host For Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

Cache is basically a component used for storing data transparently for fast processing of requests. Data stored in cache can be the computed values or duplicates of original values stored somewhere else. If data is stored in the cache then requests are served simply by reading the cache which is comparatively faster. This tutorial explains you how you can enable cache for Gravatars of your WordPress site.

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Quickly Access To Super Admin Resources In WordPress Multisite Network

Multisite Toolbar Additions is a powerful, light weight WordPress plugin that simply adds some very useful admin links in toolbar. It also provides support for various popular third party plugins listed in WP plugin’s page. With this plugin you get quick links to visit admin pages easily. For example: you can access the ‘Nav Menu’ Settings of a sub site/blog using your admin bar from frontend or backend of any subsite.

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WordPress Multisite Robots.txt Manager For Easy Network Wide Management Of All Robots.txt Files

Here is a tiutorial for quick and easy feature that allows you to manage your WordPress Multisite Network files in an advanced and easy way without opening any cPanel or FTP interface but first thing you should know Multisite Robots.txt Manager is a free plugin only for WordPress Multisite Networks which is needed to be network activated which means you cannot use it by activating it in individual subsites of your WordPress Network Install.

Installation & Usage: Install and network activate Multisite Robots.txt Manager. Upon activation visit your Network Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> MS Robot.txt and start playing with robot.txt files all over your multisite network.  The plugin provides you following useful features:

  • You can instantly add Sitemaps URL’s to all your robots.txt files.
  • Allows you to manage all sites from Network Administration Area.
  • You can quickly publish preset robots.txt files to your Network or a subsite.
  • Allows you to manage a single Website through the Website Settings Admins.
  • You can run mass update the all sites across your Multisite the Network in just a click.
  • You can easily create custom and unique robots.txt files for each subsite present on your network.

Following screenshot shows this plugin’s option page showing a quick view of various hidden sections like presets & examples, plugin usage:

More plugin’s screenshots are available here.

You should know that d

  • efault “Network Wide” robots.txt file is not live robots.txt file. Deactivating this plugin doesn’t change or remove the preset option instead it stops displaying the plugins robot.txt files. But deleting this plugin removes all settings from your database for all your sites.

For making Robots.txt file live for a Website, either click “Publish to Network” button or select website using dropdown then click “Change Sites” buttons. Now adjust the displayed robots.txt file and click the “Update this Website” button.

Both methods simply publishes robots.txt file to Website(s) and make it live. Clicking the [ view robots.txt ] link next to the Websites dropdown shows the changes within your web-browser. Visit Plugin’s Website for documentaion and user guide here.