Best Programming Languages For Beginners To Start With

Every business and individual is coming online on world wide web. Hence, there will always be demand of talented programmers who can design good web apps and websites. 

But sometimes it can be very difficult for anyone to know where to start from and what should be the next? In this tutorial we will tell you what programming languages are best for beginners and why you should learn them.


Python is an easy programming language for anyone to make first step in programming. It has plain but consistent syntax with a large standard library which makes it easier for anyone to learn and understand how programming works.

PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor

PHP powers dynamic content. PHP is the leading general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development purposes. It is fast, flexible and pragmatic; PHP powers almost everything from your blog to the most popular websites on world wide web.


Javascript power interactive components. The one most important thing you should know about JavaScript is that it is used on every single platform starting from old world’s Linux, Mac, Windows to new world’s iOS, Android, Chrome and Chromium.


Knowing a little bit CSS and HTML is good for every web programmer. These are not programming languages but they are used on every website for spicing up both static and dynamic content.

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