How To Redirect Links With Countdown Timer In WordPress?

You must have noticed various website shows you a countdown before redirecting you to targeted page or download file. In this lesson you will learn about doing same on your WordPress website.

Clink – Countdown then Redirect links is a WordPress plugin that firsts starts countdown then redirect your links with 301 redirections, counting their visits at the same time.

Main Features:

  • Create and manage indirect, internal and external links
  • Show a countdown timer before redirect to destination link
  • Manage show or hide countdown timer for all links from Global Clink Settings
  • Manage show, hide or use global countdown settings for each link separately
  • Count number of visits for each link separately
  • All links without the countdown timer, use 301 redirect type
  • links with countdown timer, use JavaScript redirect method
  • Ability to change Clink base links URL slug easily from Global Clink Settings
  • Ability to change Clink countdown timer duration from Global Clink Settings

Start by installing ‘Clink – Countdown then Redirect links’ plugin in your WordPress website

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Clink -> Globar Settings page, enable countdown and set its duration in seconds.

To enable countdown redirection for any external link, visit your admin area dashboard Clink -> Add New page and add your link. Here you may either use global settings defined on this plugin’s settings page or use custom settings for that specific link.

Publish your link and that’s it. Following same steps you can create more links and manage the from your admin area dashboard Clink -> All Links admin page.

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