Beautiful Responsive 3D Slider Slice Box For WordPress

3D Slider Slice Box is a free beautiful and responsive 3D slider plugin you can easily set up working in your WordPress site. It provides you a simple and easy admin interface that you can create your favorite slides in minutes.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate 3D Slider Slice Box plugin, then add the template tag:

<?php if(sb_slides_display()){sb_slides_display();} ?>

Wherever you want to display 3D slider.

Now visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> 3D Slider page.

You can display slider by:

  1. Displaying Custom Images with Captions & Custom Links OR
  2. Displaying Posts (all or from selected category)

From the options page choose option for displaying sliding custom linked images or your posts.

Slider Display Options:

  • Responsive.
  • Change perspective to have a great view
  • You can enter image urls, with captions and custom links
  • Change orientation from horizontal to vertical or just random
  • You can display posts from a category. Also you can set excerpt words limitation.
  • Other options include: Slider width, Slider Navigation, Random Cuboids, Cuboids Count, Auto play, Slide Interval, Slide speed, Disperse Factor, Perspective, Orientation etc.

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