New Circle Style Photo Gallery With Lightbox Popups For WordPress

IS Circular Photo Gallery is the new circle style image gallery with Lightbox popups WordPress plugin that uses images either from WordPress Media Library or directly from an uploaded directory of image files. The plugin simply allows you to show images as circle on current page or post by using basic JQuery library.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate IS Circular Photo Gallery plugin. You can easily configure your gallery options from Dashboard -> Settings -> IS Circular Photo Gallery admin page.

Now there are three ways of inserting a circular photo gallery:

  1. Select images attached to your post/page with the shortcode [wp-iscircularphoto]
  2. Upload your pictures to a subfolder and use the shortcode [wp-iscircularphoto dir=SUBFOLDER]
  3. Tag images in your media library using the Media Tags plugin by Paul Menard and use the shortcode [wp-iscircularphoto mediatag=tagslug]

Learn more about its usage options and instruction from its installation page here.

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