Gamma Gallery: Responsive WordPress Gallery Plugin With Montage Photo Arrangement

Gamma gallery is a powerful, stylish, responsive image gallery WordPress plugin which is free and comes with a nice full screen view and various slideshow features like play/pause. The plugin supports native WP features like random order, include/exclude images, rearrange order etc. Simply install and activate it and that’ all, there are no configuration settings to make, it works automatically with default WordPress image gallery feature.

Gamma gallery showing montage images:

Full screen view with slideshow option:

Gamma gallery in various screen resolutions:

Main Plugin Features:

  1. Responsive design
  2. Montage image arrangements
  3. fullscreen view
  4. Slideshow with play pause
  5. Sync with wordpress gallery settings(order,include/exclude,random)
  6. You can use it with Pinpress theme for viewing a great mobile site.

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