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Selling Software As Proprietary Service Is Equally Bad As Selling Software As Proprietary Product Is

It is important to keep all the diversity intact upon the Internet. Therefore the best of hackers must always be living responsibly well without ever submitting to the wage slavery of limited liability corporations. Independence of hackathon has not become less important in the Internet age. 

Continuously consolidating the commonwealth of codebases for selling free software support as an hourly paid independent service to domain registrants is the best way ahead. Selling software as proprietary service is equally bad as selling software as proprietary product is.

Men must always be men, authoring their own device drivers. Even android could also get replicated as free software in such a way.

Google Is In The Business Of Personal Media

Personal media has become the Google’s destiny. Android, Chromebook and Google Glasses have brought Google in to it. The search engine giant Google is now very much in the business of developing personal media.

Personal media very effectively enhances individual life. Therefore this succeeds to sustain. Success stories of personal computer, tablet and smart phone are its examples through the digital history. Unlike Facebook Google is getting a much stable future. It might change the way we compute.

Free Software Effect Had Ascertained The Freedom Of World-Wide-Web

No how less than Linus Benedict Torvalds was influenced at beginning, founder of World-Wide-Web Tim Berners-Lee was also inspired by Richard Matthew Stallman. Very much like the Linux kernel, World-Wide-Web was about to get released under GPL. He made a request to CERN for doing so. Although before CERN made its mind, he himself switched his request on the basis of an afterthought that big corporations such as IBM would become averse to the process due to licensing issues and finally brought it free in public domain like it has been.

It was the free software effect of free software movement that has actually ascertained the freedom of world-wide-web. Indeed RMS left the greatest impact upon digital era, a lot-lot more than most widely used GPL. Is The Most Global Media Of This World

Most Global is  not only more global than most popular BI media but a lot more global than AI media also. BI denotes the helpless ages of humanity before the Internet while AI denotes the empowering times of humanity after the Internet.

More than 60% of total traffic to domain of BBC is just from UK and USA while more than 67.3% of total traffic to domain of Huffington Post is only from USA but the situation is quite different at the domain of, where traffic is almost evenly coming from more than 159 countries. By all considerations today is the most global media in this world.

UID Has Become Only Public Harassment

The UID program run by the Government of India deserves all the condemnation for neither succeeding in being unique nor succeeding in identification of its people and for not having adequate legal authority also.

Despite this utter failure in theory and practice more than 35 billion rupees of the people of India are already wasted on an unnecessary exercise of public harassment. The Supreme Court of India ruled that it cannot be made mandatory but openly disregarding this highest judicial decision a few government agencies still force private sector for not to cooperate with people who don’t have a UID.

People of India deserves something certainly better that can get them rid of unnecessary photo identifications and address proofs for fulfilling even essential human requirements. What the government requires doing at first is arranging banking IDs of all its people somehow so that subsidies and other benefits could get directly credited in to their bank accounts by the governments circumventing all possible bureaucratic corruption.

GPL Is Getting Ready To Get Made A Law Across All Countries

RKP & RMSRKP and RMS have repeatedly met and discussed. In some of the meetings a few senior associates and FSF activists also participated. RMS is seeing RKP’s approach too radical whereas RKP is stressing that tolerance for proprietary environs won’t work for us and both the leaders are solidly together to take on old world order. They may design something that is going to electrify whole world across all time zones.

May be the legendary GPL is getting ready to get made a law across all countries. It is not going to happen in one go but the things have really began. Birgitta Jónsdóttir from Iceland may also join in. Senior-most politicians of India have given the nod. The world is not going to remain as it has been.

Founder Of Free Software Movement Visited Founder Of Internet Growth Engine In India

Rajendra Kumar Pandey & Dr Richard Stallman

In a rarest of rare gestures, the founder of internet growth engine Rajendra Kumar Pandey today received the founder of free software movement Richard Matthew Stallman at his place. Both of them discussed all possible means and ways of politically intervening for spreading the free software effect across all countries. The meeting lasted for many hours and together they decided to meet many more times through this week to formulate the strategy.

Later on Rajendra Kumar Pandey facilitated a meeting of Richard Matthew Stallman with his close friend L K Advani the Chairperson of National Democratic Alliance in India. During prolonged discussions RMS has told about his visit to Julian Assange in asylum at the Embassy of Ecuador in London and requested the political patriarch for a full-fledged political asylum to Edward Snowden in India (who is concurrently under a temporary asylum in Russia) once the opposition is given a mandate to govern this country through upcoming general elections.

DSC_0045 copyRajendra Kumar Pandey acknowledged that it has been only free software effect that has ultimately caused almost everything admirable through the internet age that include even the political asylums of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden respectively while the rest of internet is still not evolved above 1984 of George Orwell.

The Plurals Cannot Ever Legislate The Singular

G8Internet is one although governments are many and political parties forming governments are many more in numbers. Here the case becomes quite clear. The plurals cannot ever legislate the singular. The governments of all countries will gradually learn this truth of the Internet age.

Before the state used to legislate against all sorts of power mongers rather successfully since then they were many within the state, which used to be only one. But things are drastically changed now. Today so many states and many more political parties fall within the jurisdiction of the Internet run by humanity.

Facts Are Fiction

Fantasy 1024-768Facts are fiction within the ocean of events. Even the participatory free will is itself a program. Whatever could get considered as facts in a program has always been a fiction of programmer.

The future gets made in its factory. That is why we proclaimed that programmers are ultimate masters of universe. Starting from abstract study of all changes through a circumstance that is called Mathematics, our disciples learn everything unto building their own assembly-line of immediate future that is called Programming.