Making Ultimate Media The Largest And Utmost Monetized

We could comfortably be selling our worldwide exposure to any entity on planet Earth that can make a consolidated payment for a few quarters in advance. Thus we make money to reinvest in expanding the searchable knowledge index of humanity. We do so by encouraging everyone across all the countries in owning a piece of Internet i.e. called a top level domain with free software support for domestic entrepreneurship. That connects our homepage to homes across all time zones.

Working as Universal Free Homeschool Of Internet Age we can say that round the clock we make the ultimate media and monetize it as well. We enthuse humanity about the Internet Age. We do so by instilling the sense of the newest kind of the private property i.e. the top-level-domain upon the world-wide-web. Thus we expand the ultimate media of Internet by distributing new domains to every individual with a sense of the newest kind of private property.

Hereafter we extend free software support to each domain registered or transferred at to massively activate free press and business. Moreover we enhance our global media value by enhancing our users’ know-how worldwide. Domains throughout the galaxy of Sangkrit return the value equivalent to the value they earn making the domain of most valuable at the core.

It sustains like a sun in its solar system. Around it its planets move in their particular orbits and there move their satellites too in their own orbits around them. Thus all coalesce altogether building the largest media utmost monetized. Every entity works independently but the outcome remains integrated via the hyperlinks and the searchable index.

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