Easily Display Polaroid Plus Style Photo Gallery With Lightbox Popups In WordPress

Using WP-Polaroid Plus plugin you can easily display polaroid plus style image gallery with lightbox popups in to your WordPress based website. The plugin uses photos either from the WordPress Media Library or you can simply upload directory of your images.

Install and activate WP-Polaroid Plus. After activation visit admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Polaroid Plus and set simple customization options like formatting, colors, background, CSS style including width and height of container.

Other than this you can set the behavior of images in the carousel, you can make them open in new tab when clicked,, you can enable auto rotation & auto rotation pause etc.

There are three ways you can use for inserting a polaroid plus style image gallery:

  1. You can select the images attached to your post/page with the shortcode [wp-polaroidplus]
  2. You can upload your images to a subfolder and use the shortcode [wp-polaroidplus dir=SUBFOLDER]
  3. You can tag images in your media library using the Media Tags plugin by Paul Menard and use the shortcode [wp-polaroidplus mediatag=tagslug]

For more installation and usage details refer to this link.

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