Easiest Way For Displaying Downloadable Media File Button In WordPress

Easy Media Download provides you the easiest way to add downloadable media file buttons. This is the new WordPress plugin that activates an easy shortcode button that offers file download to your readers, your readers can download digital media files from your website. It instantly starts the download once the button is clicked.

How to display file download button?

First thing you need to do is install and activate Easy Media Download plugin. Upon activation use the following shortcode: (replacing URL with your file’s URL)

[easy_media_download url="http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/easy-media-download.1.0.1.zip"]

That’s all by default. You can use this shortcode inside your post, pages, text widgets and other shortocde supported areas. Above is the best and easy way of using this shortcode.

But still if you like you may define custom parameter like custom button width, custom button height and more.

Editing Download Button Text:

Default button text is Download Now. You can specify some other text using text parameter as shown below:

[easy_media_download url="http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/file.zip" text="Free Download"]

Editing Download Button Width:

Default button width is “153″. You can specify a custom width by using width parameter:

[easy_media_download url="http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/file.zip" text="Free Download" width="100"]

Editing Download Button Height

Default button height is “41″. Use height parameter for specifying custom height for the button:

[easy_media_download url="http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/file.zip" text="Free Download" width="100" height="50"]

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