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How To Display Top Songs Everyday In WordPress?

Today a user at SANGKRIT.net asked us how he can display a list of top songs on his music weblog. There are various ways of displaying songs manually in WordPress and if you like doing this automatically then go for Top Songs, a widget plugin that automatically generates and display a list of top songs everyday in your WordPress site.

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Top 5 Awesome Audio Player Plugins For WordPress

Want to create music playlists or if you are willing to sell music on your website or whatever. The following plugins are tested on latest WordPress version of 3.8.1 and then included in the following list. If you are just looking up for a simple music player with basic controls then no need to install and plugins, WordPress already provides an audio player you can use for including and playing music files inside your posts etc, a few days back we discussed about it here. We have also discussed about Audio Player plugin which is among the most popular audio plugin in WordPress plugin repository. Now if you still need more the check out the following plugins and use the one works best for you.

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WordPress Provides You Built In Audio Player & Shortcode

Many website owners doesn’t know that WordPress now already provides you a built in audio player. Yes, you can use it without installing any addon, you can either insert the URL of your audio file (one on a line) and the oEmbed will work itself or you can upload and insert audio file just like any other image file from your media library and the WordPress will add appropriate shortcodes by itself.

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How To Create An Online Music Store With WordPress & PayPal?

You can sell audio files like music, speeches, narratives, MP3 and more using your WordPress site and your PayPal account. Music Store is an awesome online store plugin which enables WordPress users for selling audio files: music, speeches, narratives, everything that is audio, you can receive secure payments with PayPal.

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Creating Beautiful & Responsive Audio Playlists In WordPress

Cue, a free and powerful WordPress plugin that provides you ability to use your website as a music website. With this awesome plugin, you can easily create stylish playlists (as many you want, you can host audio files on your website, you can upload new audio files, you can reuse existing files from your media library or add audio from links to other external remote sources and then easily display them anywhere on your website like on widgets, inside your posts and page or by using the shortcode and template tag.

How To Transform WordPress Into A Music Website?

Install and activate Cue plugin. After activation the plugin adds ‘Playlists’ a new post type in left side admin menu.

Creating A New Playlist

Visit your Dashboard -> Playlists -> Add New page, give your playlist a title and upload songs by clicking ‘Add Tracks’ button. After uploading songs you can drag-drop and reorder them.

Click the arrow on the right of each item to reveal more configuration options. Also you can set a featured image for your playlist and for each song. When you’re done, click ‘Publish’ button and copy the shortcode showing up on left below publish metabox.

Finally, place the copied shortcode into a post or page to embed this playlist.

The plugin also provides you a widget (Appearance -> Widgets page) with which you can display playlist on your sidebar and other widgets area simply by placing the widgets and selecting a playlist from the drop down.

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For more fine-grained control over where the playlist appears, you can use its template tag: <?php cue_playlist( $id ); ?>

Main Features:

  • Reorder tracks with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Seamlessly integrates with WordPress’ media manager to select audio and images.
  • Completely responsive to work on any device that supports your chosen audio format.
  • Extends the MediaElement.js script bundled with core.

Photo by brewbooks

Photo by Brandon Giesbrecht

Transform WordPress Into A Podcast Website

podPress enables a lot of features specially designed to transform WordPress the ideal platform for hosting a podcast.OR if ypu like doing things more professionally you can use our special service for easily creating and hosting a beautiful Podcast website which provides you blog and podcast in one, you can learn more about its options and features here.

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How To Display Playing Song Lyrics On Ubuntu Linux Desktop?

Users who Want to know what they are listening to, for displaying the song lyrics on your Ubuntu desktop there are various desktop applications that automatically displays lyrics of the song you are currently listening to. OSDLyrics on of the app that displays lyrics directly on desktop and highlights the words in real-time, just like karaoke. The best thing is that OSDLyrics app is compatible with most popular Linux music players including Banshee, Rhythmbox (default Ubuntu Music Player), Exaile,Amarok, MPD etc. Its display options are configurable which enables you to set the colour, font, width and much more.

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How To Make Music Right From Your Web Browser?

Audiotool.com is a powerful music production studio service that works right from your web browser and allows you to create music in the cloud. You can easily start creating your own melodies using new-tech and vintage inspired music devices that you are already familiar with and amazing Pulverisateur synthesizer or Rasselbock. It enables you to make your own sounds by wiring from over fourteen different effects altogether with one of our three drum machines or synthesizers.

Audiotool also features a professional sequencer for automating your songs and create complex arrangements. You can make tracks then share it with community or remix someone else’s work or simply download the song you have created. For any help you may checkout its tutorials here and wiki manual here.

Cloud Based MP3 Cutter, Jointer, Converter & Recorder

Here are some good web services from 123apps.io, the applications allows you to cut, join covert or record audio files. Using these apps you can cut out a piece of music for creating ringtones & alarmtones etc, you can merge multiple audio files into a single track, you can convert audio files online from one format into another or record a voice using a microphone.

Online Audio Cutter

Online Audio Cutter allows you to effortlessly cut out a desired musical fragment from an MP3 file or a file in other formats, in order, for example to set it up as a customized ringtone for your mobile phone. Our web application is free; it was designed for a single purpose, which makes it easy to use unlike complicated professional audio editors.

audio cutter

Features: Support of all major audio and video formats, Create your own iPhone ringtones, Cut sound from a video file, Fade-in and fade-out functions

Online Audio Joiner

Online Audio Joiner is designed to merge several songs (mp3, m4a, wav, etc) into a single track. The program is absolutely free and operates online; therefore you don’t need to install it on your computer. Just open the browser and start merging.

audio jointer

Features: Seamless Merging, Cross-fade, Support of Most Audio and Video Formats, User-Friendly Interface, Interval Adjustment, Merge Unlimited Number of Songs.

Online Audio Converter

Online Audio Converter allows converting audio into a wide range of major formats such as mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, m4r, flac. Because the audio files are converted online, you don’t have to install the software on your computer. Just open the browser and start converting.

audio converter

Features: Support of All Major Formats, Multiple Files Support, Extracting Sound from a Video, Advanced Conversion Settings, Tag Support.

Online Voice Recorder

audio recorder

Online Voice Recorder is a free simple application which records sound from microphone. After recording you can trim the sound and save it to your computer.

Enable Jetpack Shortcodes Without Installing Jetpack In WordPress

Shortpack is a plugin by Automattic, it lets you use same shortcodes that are provided by Jetpack, but without Jetpack’s activation overhead in your WordPress based website. All you need to do is install and activate it in your WordPress site and you are done.

rtMedia Plugin Is Now Compatible With WordPress, BuddyPress & bbPress

BuddyPress Media plugin has now been completely re-written and re-launched with new name rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress. Now the plugin is also compatible with WordPress installation with or without any BuddyPress install. The plugin adds albums, audio-video encoding, privacy-sharing, front-end uploads & more cool features which works nicely on mobile-tablets devices.

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How To Pass Tags In WordPress Media Library Images ?

Just like you pass tags in your WordPress blog posts; you can also tag images using a free WordPress plugin called WP Media Tagger. The plugin is extensively configurable and comes packed with a bunch of features enabling WordPress media tagging and search & media taxonomy etc.

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How To Add MIME Type Dependent Listings To ‘Media Tags’ Plugin And Its Shortcodes ?

This tutorial is about extending shortcode functionality of popular Media Tags plugin. Tag listings available by [media-tags media_tags="my-tag"] are intended only for images and other attachments produce invalid list items. This is where Multi-Media-Tags comes to the rescue. The attachments MIME type (like image/pngvideo/ogg or application/json) decides how to  appropriately format the attachment.

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How To oEmbed HTML5 Audio Files In WordPress ?

oEmbed has made content embedding really very easy for bloggers, for example if you want to embed a YouTube video in your WordPress site then you simply paste the video URL and it gets embedded automatically without using any iframe code. In the same way for embedding images you simply paste the image file URL in your blog post and it gets embedded automatically. oEmbed features now comes in BuddyPress also, now by pasting any video or image URL in BuddyPress activity stream makes it auto embed.

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