How To Add The Language Translator In WordPress?

Google’s Language Translator, now known as GTranslate is a widely used multilingual translation solution for websites that enables its users to use the language translation functionality. It is commonly used with WordPress as well as WooCommerce and it offers a user-friendly way to make websites accessible in multiple languages, catering to a global audience.

You can easily insert the GTranslate tool anywhere on WordPress via shortcode or PHP template. Simply navigate to your admin. area dashboard Plugins -> Add New page to find and install the Translate WordPress – Google Language Translator plugin to embed the translator using an inline or vertical layout to enable your users to easily translate any content right on your website.

Once you activate the plugin visit the translator’s page on ‘Settings’ present on your admin area dashboard and select your configuration options.

Google Language Translator

The plugin works over a wide range of WordPress features such as posts, pages, widgets, categories, tags, as well as themes, and plugins. It also enables you to set the default language of your website. You can choose what language flags you want to display on your translator. This can be either done by displaying the translate box or setting the layout by enabling the translate toolbar that shows up on the top of your screen.

When you’re done with options, scroll down to either copy the PHP template and use it in your theme’s PHP files or use the shortcode for displaying the translator inside your posts, pages, post types, or widgets.

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