Insert Google Language Translator Tool Anywhere In WordPress Via Shortcode

Now you can easily insert official Google’s language translator tool anywhere in your WordPress site via shortcode or PHP template. 

Google Language Translator is a WordPress plugin that allows you to embed Google Translate using inline or vertical layout and allow your users to translate any content right from your WordPress site.

Start by installing ‘Google Language Translator’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Google Language Translator and select your configuration options.

Google Language Translator

Make sure plugin status checkbox is ticked. Other options allows you to:

  • Set default language of your website
  • You can choose what language flags you like showing on this translator tool
  • You can display translate box, set layout, enable default Google Translate toolbar that shows up on the top of your screen
  • You can enable or disable Google branding
  • Set alignment, multilanguage page options and much more

Finally when you’re done with options, scroll down and either copy the PHP template to use in your theme’s PHP files or copy the shortcode to display translator inside your posts, pages, custom post types or text widgets etc.

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