How To Use Tags And Categories On Pages In WordPress?

Tags and categories in WordPress can be extended to pages. By default, WordPress offers you tags and categories for posts but by activating a plugin you can extend the functionality to pages in your WordPress Website.

There are several plugins that let you create new post types and their custom taxonomies and there are also some plugins that let you assign new taxonomies to posts, pages, and other post types. But this lesson guides you on how you can simply activate tags and categories on pages without manually creating new taxonomies.

Simply navigate to Plugin -> Add New page on your WordPress admin area dashboard to find and install Post Tags and Categories for Pages plugin.

Page Tags & Categories

Upon activation, the plugin automatically activates a function that enables post tags and categories for pages and it also adds the stock WordPress categories for all of your pages. Adding stock means now your website pages will also show up in the archive queries just like posts.

You can create and manage tags and categories in the same way you do for posts. New tags and categories can either be created from the page edit screen or from the Pages -> Categories and Pages -> Tags page on your admin area dashboard. There’s another plugin called Pages with category and tag is also an alternative option for enabling tags and categories on pages.

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