How To Completely Edit Author URLs (Base & Slug) In WordPress?

Earlier we have discussed about using Custom Author Names & Links in WordPress but what if you like editing the author’s slug of a user and also changing the author’s base. What is a Author’s Slug & Base? An Author’s URL in WordPress consists of your domain address followed by a base and slug. Slug means any author’s username used after the base in author’s URL. An author’s URL is linked to a page showing all posts made by that author.

For Example:

Above URL shows the structure of a WordPress site’s author. Where: is your domain name, author is the default base for all authors and author-name is the name of any author i.e. author’s slug. Author’s slug differs from author to author, by default it is completely based on usernames of your website users. In this tutorial we will explain you how to edit author’s base and slug.

How To Edit Author’s Slug?

Install and activate Edit Author Slug plugin. After activation, the plugin enables a set of options on each user’s profile page. Now for editing any user’s slug simply navigate to Dashboard -> Users -> All Users admin page, click the ‘Edit‘ link which takes you to Edit User page.

How To Completely Edit Author URLs (Base & Slug) In WordPress? 1

Scroll to Edit Author Slug section and from the given set of options you can change the author’s slug as per your choice. That’s all, save the changes and open your website on a new tab, click any author’s link and you will be seeing the new custom author’s slug in action.

How To Edit Author’s Base?

How To Completely Edit Author URLs (Base & Slug) In WordPress? 2

For editing author’s base from /author/ to something of your choice simply navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> Edit Author Slug admin page and change it (the author’s base). The plugin also allows you to use different author bases depending upon their user roles on your website.

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