How To Bulk Delete Anything In WordPress?

Is your WordPress website flooded with spam user registrations or you have accidentally imported sample content from some theme or plugin? Whatsoever may be the reason, you can now bulk delete anything in WordPress. For instance: You can delete all posts or pages or selective post types or all spam user registrations in a click.

Whenever you try to delete some tag, category or any custom taxonomy in WordPress, only the term is deleted. Deleting taxonomy term and posts in a taxonomy are two different things. By default, deleting in bulk takes a lot of time in and sometimes causes PHP memory issues resulting in Internal Server Errors etc.

But now no worries, in this lesson you will learn about deleting posts, pages, custom post types, users etc in bulk, and that also by filtering them under your conditions.

Bulk Delete is a WordPress plugin that enables you to mass delete posts, pages, users, meta fields based on conditions and filters defined by you. You can delete content on the basis of following filters:

  • Delete posts by category, tag, custom taxonomy, custom post type , by URL, delete all draft posts, all pending posts, all private posts, all scheduled posts, all trashed content
  • All given options support these filters – Post date greater than X day, less than X days, delete only public posts or private posts, restrict deletion to first N posts, delete content permanently or just move to trash
  • Deleting pages – all published pages, all draft pages, all pending pages, all private pages, all scheduled pages.
  • Deleting post revisions – You can delete all post revisions
  • Delete users based on user role or who have not logged in in the last X days
  • Deleting Meta Fields – Delete Post meta fields, Comment meta fields, User meta fields
  • Deleting other items such as Jetpack Contact Form Messages

These are the free plugin options. It also supports tons of premium addon features too, such as you can schedule the deletion automatically and more.

Now to start using this plugin on your WordPress website, the first thing you will need to do is  install-activate Bulk Delete plugin.

Upon activation the plugin adds a new admin menu BULK DELETE on your admin area dashboard. The menu provides you a separate page for deleting content in bulk. So all you got to do is navigate through the menu and delete whatever you don’t want on your website.

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