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How To Auto Remove Formatting Tags While Pasting Content In WordPress?

When you run a multi-author blog a common problem that comes to your WordPress site is having different layout styles in different blog posts, which disturb the look of your website.

This happens when some authors don’t remove HTML formatting after copy-pasting content from their Word, Writer, Google Docs, or any other editor to your blog. Hence, the undesired HTML tags and formatting also get into the posts and pages of your website. This lesson guides you on how you can overcome this issue simply by activating a plugin.

The problem can be resolved and safe pasting on your website can be easily implemented by using the Secure Paste plugin. You simply need to navigate to Plugins -> Add New page to find and install the plugin. After activation, the plugin removes any HTML tags from your blog’s posts and pages before inserting them into the database. Thus, it prevents all your website users from pasting undesired HTML tags to post and page content.

The following are the HTML tags that stay and any other HTML tag, attributes, and formatting are automatically removed by the plugin:

<p> <a> (allowed attributes: href, title). <img> (allowed attributes: src, alt, class). <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <blockquote> <ol> <ul> <li> <em> <strong> <del>

The removal of formatting takes place while your authors edit their post or page content in any status such as scheduled, draft, published, etc. But this fixing of content is only done on the new content i.e. the content created or edited after the activation of the plugin.

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