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What Makes Sangkrit.net Most Secured Hosting Option For You

Securing your WordPress or website on your hosting server is crucial to protect it from potential threats and vulnerabilities. This lesson explains you why you should go for Sangkrit.net Web Hosting and what makes it the most secured hosting option that gives you complete control over to enhance the security of your website.

Auto-limits The Login Attempts On Your Website

Implementing a plugin restricts the number of login attempts on your website to prevent brute-force attacks. All WordPress sites on each and every hosting option at Sangkrit.net automatically give you a site with a pre-installed plugin to limit login attempts.

Enables The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

This is also asked as a default option when you make your website at Sangkrit.net. The two-factor authentication requires an additional layer of authentication, such as using a mobile device, to access your WordPress admin panel.

Keeps WordPress, Core, Themes, & Plugins Updated

The second most important thing is to regularly update WordPress core, themes, and plugins to ensure you have the latest security patches and bug fixes. Hackers mostly target abandoned themes and plugin folders to plant phishing attack pages on any website. At Sangkrit.net you get the option to automatically update minor or major versions of WordPress core, themes, and plugins by automatically generating a backup beforehand.

Helps You To Keep Strong Passwords

Use strong and unique passwords for your WordPress admin, FTP, and hosting accounts. Avoid using default usernames like “admin” and “webmaster” because hacker bots generally target websites by using such types of usernames as they are very common and most of the time they are used automatically by the software installers in case you don’t update it while installing a CMS on your domain name. Sangkrit.net offers you an option to generate the most secure usernames and passwords before using WordPress.

Always Gives An SSL Certificate To Your Website

Enabling SSL (HTTPS) on your website encrypts the data transmission and enhances security. There are various SSL plans you may choose from and you should also know that every Sangkrit.net hosting user can alternatively use the free SSL service from the AutoSSL page on the cPanel of your hosting account.

A Secure Web Hosting Environ

Web Hosting is the place where all your website files are stored, apart from the admin panel of your website, the admin panel of your hosting should also be a secure zone as it is also the place that is targeted by hackers and brute-force.

Hence, you must choose the hosting that offers features like firewalls, malware scanning, and DDoS protection. Sangkrit.net offers you all such options and features.

Keeps Regular Backups Of Your Website

Performing regular backups of your website ensures you can restore it in case of a security breach.

Automating backup is another useful option on Sangkrit.net hosting plans, it gives you an option to daily, weekly, or monthly generate backups of your website. If you are hosting multiple websites then you can use the feature over multiple websites. Once you enable the option, your hosting will start creating and storing the regular backups of your website.

Protects WP-Admin Directory

Gives you support and a feature to limit access to the wp-admin directory using password protection or IP whitelisting tool. Because adding another layer of password protection to the WordPress admin directory is a great way to improve WordPress security.

Gives Option To Disable File Editing

Disabling the ability to edit theme and plugin files from the WordPress dashboard to prevent unauthorized changes is a very useful security feature in WordPress that helps you protect your website from malicious attacks and prevent accidental changes to the code of your website. The feature is easy to set up and can be managed from the admin panel of your website.

At the same time, it is also recommended to delete any inactive themes and plugins, as they may contain vulnerabilities.

Gives Option To Disable XML-RPC

If not needed, disabling the XML-RPC prevents potential DDoS attacks and brute-force login attempts.

Keeps You Updated About The Best Security Plugins

The system keeps you updated about the best reputable security plugins that offer features like malware scanning, firewall protection, and vulnerability detection on your website. Some important plugins come preinstalled on your WordPress site when you make it at Sangkrit.net.

Lets You Monitor User Activity

There are security tools to monitor user activity and detect suspicious behavior so that you can know what is happening on your website, and what sorts of visitors are trying to access what types of pages. Are there any bots or hackers attempting to access the admin panel of your website, etc.

You can also monitor changes to critical files on your website using tools like file integrity monitoring. The system enables you to easily set proper file permissions to restrict unauthorized access to uploaded files.

Lets You Implement Database, Directory, & File Security Measures

During one click installation of WordPress and other web building applications. The system allows you to change the default database table prefix (wp_ or anything else) to something unique to make it harder for attackers to guess.

There are also lessons to show you options to secure your wp-config.php file. Protecting the wp-config.php file by moving it to a higher directory level and restricting access to it makes your website more secure as it goes far away from access of hackers and suspicious bots.

Apart from that preventing directory listing by adding “Options -Indexes” to your website’s .htaccess file acts as another security measure.

Lets You Implement Content Security Policy (CSP)

CSP stands for Content Security Policy (CSP) is a security feature that helps prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks on websites. XSS attacks occur when an attacker injects malicious scripts into web pages viewed by other users. By doing so, the attacker can steal sensitive information, perform actions on behalf of the user, or distribute malware. You can also use CSP to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks by controlling the sources of allowed content on your site.

Hot Links Protection

Hotlinks, also known as “hotlinking” or “direct linking,” refer to the practice of embedding or using the URL of an image, video, or other media hosted on one website directly on another website, without the content creator’s permission or without hosting the media on the website where it is displayed. They sometimes use a lot of resources from the website, the hot links protection allows you to disable selective hot links on your website.

The Leech Protection

The Leech Protection interface allows you to detect unusual levels of activity in password-restricted directories. After you set the maximum number of logins within a two-hour period, the system redirects or suspends users who exceed it. This is useful if, for example, someone posts a user’s login credentials on a public site and people start attempting.

Apart from this, the system also allows you to conduct regular security checks to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities on your WordPress or any other website.

So these are security practices that you can easily administer on your Sangkrit.net hosting or server account. It enables you to significantly reduce the risk of security breaches and protect your website in a free, easy, and more powerful way.

How To Make Managed WordPress Website After Registering Your Domain Name?

Once you register your domain name at Sangkrit.net, you simply need to subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan to take your business website online, you may subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce for making an online store. As you do that the automated system guides you step-by-step to set up your website and login to your admin area dashboard.

This lesson guides you on what you have to do next when you are on the admin panel of your dashboard. Although Managed WordPress gives you a complete website by asking you to choose your options and add your business details during its setup process. Still, by reading this lesson you will know how you can customize or change your website anytime on your own.

Login To WordPress Admin Panel

The time you follow the Managed WordPress process of making your website, it asks you to choose a username and password which you use to log in to your website by visiting the yourdomain.com/wp-admin page.

Choose & Customize The WordPress Theme

The next thing you should do is choose a theme. WordPress offers you a wide range of industry-specific themes that you can install from the admin panel of your website.

Simply navigate to Appearance -> Themes and you would be able to browse the free themes, preview them, and choose the one that fits your industry requirements. All you have to do is click ‘Install’, and the theme will install, and then click the ‘Activate’ button to activate the selected theme.

Now navigate to the Appearance -> Customize page to choose your theme options. From here, you can modify the site title, tagline, logo, header, colors, fonts, and other visual elements. Some themes provide a massive range of customization options.

You May Enable The Online Store Option

If you have subscribed to WordPress Ecommerce, you can customize your store settings from the admin panels’ WooCommerce -> Settings page. In case you have not subscribed to WordPress Ecommerce and you want to have an online store then you can install the WooCommerce plugin from your admin area dashboard Plugins -> Add New page by searching for WooCommerce plugin.

Install Necessary Plugins

You can also install other essential plugins to enhance the functionality of your WordPress site. For instance, you may install the ‘Contact Form 7’ plugin if you want to enable visitors to message you directly from your website using a Contact Us page. ‘Yoast SEO’ is a popular plugin for search engine optimization, and the ‘Add To Any’ plugin allows you to add social sharing buttons on posts and pages of your website.

Create Necessary Pages

For adding important information about your business you will need to create the necessary pages. Simply navigate to Pages -> Add New page in your admin area dashboard. Add a title, content, images, videos, and other important information to your page, and then click the Publish button. Repeat the process to create more pages such as About, Services, Privacy Policy, Contact, etc.

Create Navigation Menu

You have created the pages, maybe you have also enabled the eCommerce store, etc on your website. Now it is very important to let the visitors know what you are offering, and where they can find the information they are looking for on your website. For this, you need to display navigation menus on your website.

Simply navigate to the Appearance -> Menus page and you would be able to create menus having categories, blog, store, about, contact, and other pages of your website. The page allows you to arrange the menu items to your desired order and assign the menu to the appropriate menu location such as the header on your website.

Start Blogging Your Business

You can easily add new blog posts from the Posts -> Add New page, the same page allows you to create and add categories and tags. Later on, these can be managed from the Posts -> Category and Posts -> Tags page.

Similarly, you can create and manage products from the Products menu on your admin area dashboard.

Your Website Is Ready

Following these steps, you get your website ready for public view. You can always customize the settings, look, and feel of your website from the admin area dashboard just as we have discussed above.

WordPress is a user-friendly system, as you start working on the admin panel of your website, you come to know about all its features on the go. And since you have subscribed to Managed WordPress, it provides automatic setup, backups & restores, malware scanning, and software updates paired with 24/7, award-winning support. 

How More People Get To Know You When You Have A Website?

Having a website on your own domain name gets more people come to know about you or your business. Thus it brings more popularity, more customers, and more money through cost-per-click ads, etc.

When you own a website, it provides you with a platform to showcase your business, products, or services to a larger audience. Your posts and pages start getting visible on search engines and you automatically start coming into the knowledge of more people who are interested in you or your business.

Here are some ways people get to know about you when you have a website:

  1. Search Engines: When you seriously work on your website, the people who are searching Google for ideas, products, or services related to your business come to your website. When you make your website rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs) by continuously blogging your business more people are likely to see your content and click on it to know more.
  2. Social Media: When you own a website you also link your social media posts to your blog and make it easier for people to know more about you or your business. You can share links to your website on social media groups and communities as that brings more traffic to your website.
  3. Online Directories: If you have a website you can link it to online directories like Yelp, Google My Business, and Yellow Pages as that helps to increase your visibility and bring more prospective customers. People would be able to learn more about your business by seeing your past work, and more information about your product and services, and with a call-to-action you can subscribe them to your mailing list to keep them always in your connection.
  4. Word Of Mouth: When more people come to know about your business and they consistently see you on search engine results pages, in some time your domain name gets registered in their minds and they may share your website address with their friends and family by saying that you know that website, it is offering so and so at very good pricing or it has very interesting content then you would definitely like.
  5. Internet Marketing & Advertising: On the internet, every advertisement is a link to some web page. A few people advertise with a link to social media profiles or pages but that is not a very good idea. By linking your website’s page to advertisements, you can not only bring more traffic to your website but you can make them register on your website and keep them always in touch. This will not only give a boost to your business but also to your passive income that comes from cost-per-click ads.

Ultimately, a website implements the easiest way of sharing information. It makes you get known through the internet by using it as a platform to get in touch with more people and showcase ideas, expertise, products, or services.

How To Start Your Website? To start a professional website that is good for your business, you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

That’s it, it gets you a website in some minutes that you can manage on your own without any technical skills. Although, round-the-clock support is always available a call away to assist you in anything you want to learn about regarding the management of your website.

Seven Strong Reasons For Businesses To Start Blogging

Blogging your business is a cost-effective way of marketing your business. Compared to traditional advertising methods, blogging is relatively inexpensive and can provide continuous long-term benefits.

It is a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility, engage with customers, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

There are several reasons why you must start blogging your business from today onwards:

  1. Increased Visibility: Blogging can help businesses increase their online visibility. By regularly creating new and valuable content, businesses can attract more visitors to their websites and improve their search engine rankings.
  2. Helps To Monopolize: Blogging can establish a business as a thought leader in their industry. By sharing valuable insights, tips, and advice, businesses can build trust and credibility with their audience.
  3. Better Customer Engagement: Blogging is an effective way to engage with customers and build a community around a business. By encouraging comments and discussions, businesses can gain insights into their audience’s needs and preferences.
  4. Building Your Name In The Industry: Blogging can help businesses to build their brand and establish a unique voice in their industry. By consistently publishing high-quality content that reflects the values and personality of the business, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors.
  5. Works As A Powerful Lead Generation Platform: Blogging can also be an effective way to generate leads for a business. By offering valuable resources and encouraging visitors to sign up for email newsletters or other offers, businesses can capture leads and nurture them over time.
  6. Cost-Effective Internet Marketing: Blogging is a cost-effective way to market a business. Compared to traditional advertising methods, such as print or TV ads, blogging is relatively inexpensive and can provide long-term benefits.
  7. Build New Source Of Income: Blogs can earn money through advertising by displaying ads on their website. This can be done through ad networks, such as Google AdSense, or by selling ad space directly to businesses. Apart from this blogs can also earn money through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling products, or consultancy services.

Overall, blogging can be a profitable endeavor for everyone willing to put in the time and effort to build an audience by creating valuable content. By leveraging various monetization strategies, businesses can not only promote their products and services but can also earn money while sharing their expertise and building their authority.

Now the question comes, how to start a blog? Well, you simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. That’s all you need to have a business website of yours with blogging and optional eCommerce features.

The next coming lesson will guide you on the topics a business may blog about. Reading the next coming lesson you will know what posts and content you should share on your blog to attract readers and prospects.

Why Everybody Should Use Managed WordPress For Making Websites?

WordPress is the internet’s most popular and versatile website-making system and that’s because of many good reasons.

Generally, to make a website you need a domain, hosting, and WordPress, to secure it you need SSL, malware scanner, firewall, and backup service, and still after having all these things you need to configure them and make them work together, and for that, you need an expert.

That’s not with Managed WordPress. With Managed WordPress you need nothing else other than a domain name. It is your complete website solution. This lesson guides you on why you might want to use Managed WordPress over anything else.

Managed WordPress Is User-friendly

Anyone in the world can make his website simply by registering his domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan.

Managed WordPress is very easy to use, even if you have no technical skills. Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and you can easily create and manage your website or blog on your own.

Highly Customizable, Anyone Can Customize It

Managed WordPress offers a vast array of themes and plugins that allow you to customize your website or blog to your heart’s content. You can choose from thousands of themes to give your site a unique look and feel, and you can add plugins for extra functionality, such as contact forms, social media sharing, SEO optimization, and more.

Search Engine Friendly

Managed WordPress is packed to be SEO-friendly, which means that it’s optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It offers a range of built-in SEO features, such as meta descriptions, permalinks, and sitemaps, and there are also plugins available to help you improve your site’s SEO even further.

Highly Scalable

Managed WordPress is highly scalable, which means it can grow with your business. Whether you’re starting small or have big plans for the future, WordPress can handle it all.

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means that it’s free to use and anyone can modify its source code. This has led to a thriving community of developers and users who contribute to its development and offer support that has not yet been gathered on any other website-making platform.

Mobile Friendly

With more and more people accessing the internet on their mobile devices, having a mobile-responsive website is essential. WordPress is designed to be mobile-responsive, which means that your site will look great on any device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Real Timesaver

It will hardly take fifteen to twenty minutes in launching your website over Managed WordPress. Yes, exploring thousands of themes and plugins available and deciding what will look better can take time but bringing your website online is something that can be done in minutes.

Saves Money

Managed WordPress saves your money as you don’t need a separate service for backups, security, malware scan, SEO, and most importantly you don’t need a developer or coder to build or put up your website online. You can do everything yourself, the interface is user-friendly, the online support is accessible round the clock, and tutorial demos are always available.

Makes Most Types Of Websites & eCommerce

Overall, WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform that can be used for a wide range of websites and applications. Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or a developer, WordPress has something to offer.

It is a powerful platform that can be extended to any kind of website. With a simple install of a plugin, anyone can start using it as an eCommerce store or discussion forum, a business website that takes orders and feedback, an appointment booking site for a professional, and so on. Even there are plugins that enable you to use your WordPress installation as a smartphone app for Android etc.

Finally, it is not at all inviting to try coding a website from scratch. Managed WordPress is both a pocket-friendly and user-friendly solution for anybody wanting to bring his business online.

Managing Attendees For Your Event From Your Managed WordPress Website

The event managers using their Managed WordPress website can manage the attendees for their events.

Managed WordPress is the complete solution for easily starting and managing any kind of website on your own. All you need to do is register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. Event Managers may extend their website by having a free plugin called RSVP and Event Management Plugin.

Simply navigate to Plugins -> Add New page, and search for ‘RSVP and Event Management Plugin’ to install and activate it. Upon activation, the plugin lets you manage attendees for your events. It can be used for:

  • Weddings
  • Business conferences
  • Any kind of gatherings
  • Community events
  • Birthdays, etc

It offers you the following group of features:

  • Open registration or private attendee list
  • Custom questions
  • Import and export attendees
  • The ability for attendees to add additional guests
  • Easy to customize the text
  • Passcode or no passcode to RSVP
  • Easy attendee management
  • Associate attendees to make it easier for groups/families to RSVP all at the same time
  • Email notifications

These options can be managed from the RSVP Plugin page accessible in your admin area dashboard. Once you are there, simply set the “RSVP Open Date” and “RSVP Deadline” which state the starting date and the deadline to apply for the event.

Once you set the dates, create a new page from Pages -> Add New and paste the shortcode [rsvp]. This page will allow people to enter their names to complete their RSVP which means reply if the event pleases you and you want to attend it.

Apart from the page that is created for visitors, you can manually add the guests too from the admin panel of the plugin and the list of attendees will be created that will help you to know how many people are attending the event.

Now Food Bloggers Can Easily Implement Impressive Recipe Layouts

Creating beautiful block patterns on food blogs has become easier than ever. Anyone can create a food blog by registering his domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan to get support in every step of creating, managing, and promoting his website.

Earlier bloggers used to find specific food themes from Themes -> Add New page on the WordPress admin dashboard but now you can create complex recipe layouts inside your post in a few clicks.

What Do You Get With Block Patterns For Food Bloggers?

Food bloggers commonly focus on creating heading-based posts offering step-by-step recipe processes under multiple sections and images. The new WordPress plugin called Block Patterns for Food Bloggers simplifies this task by offering you pre-designed recipe patterns in to form of WordPress blocks that are fully customizable.

How To Use It?

Simply navigate to Plugins -> Add New section on your WordPress admin area dashboard and find the plugin ‘Block Patterns For Food Bloggers’ using the search box. Next, install and activate the plugin.

Upon activation, you will find an icon on Add New/ Edit post screen, at the top of the editor. Clicking or tapping this icon launches the patterns in a modal box you can select and insert inside your post.

These patterns are fully customizable but most patterns can be used as it is simply by replacing the content with your own.

For pages, there are patterns that let you display a grid of categories and tags by inserting the patterns and then replacing their images and links with your own. Edits to patterns can be made from the ‘Block’ section visible on the right side of WordPress edit screens, right to ‘Post’, and below the ‘Publish’ button.

How To Make A Website With All Features You Need?

Managed WordPress has made it easier for everyone to make websites with the features they need. You can make a good website yourself in less than thirty minutes simply by registering your domain name and then subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan.

Next thing is how you can easily add up features you need on your website to make it easier for people to deal with your business online.

To get most of the features you simply need to find and install right plugins on your website. This is simply done by logging in to your WordPress site and then navigating to Plugins -> Add New page. Now search the the plugin via search box by typing the feature you have in your mind.

These features may include online ordering or eCommerce, if you want to run an online store, portfolios & photo galleries, call-to-action feature, pricing tables, and forms, etc based on your business needs.

Consider your audience and your goals for the website when coming up with the list of necessary plugins you need to have on your website.

Learning How To Build Websites With Managed WordPress Is Simple

Managed WordPress is easy to pick up even for those who don’t know any basics of websites or have never worked in any content management system.

It is packed in a way that you don’t have to go through its setup process. All you need is to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan and in a few steps you are logged in to the admin panel of your website where you can jump right into making posts, creating pages, or adding products for online sale on your website.

The best thing about Managed WordPress is that there are always many options available to customize or extend your website. This way you can use Managed WordPress to make a living by making websites for businesses and people around you. Even for advanced developers, WordPress provides a strong foundation to build websites more quickly and efficiently than making a website from scratch.

How Blogging Your Business Strengthens Your Social Media Reach?

Blogging lets you repurpose content for social networks. It increases your chances of getting discovered on social media websites. The reason is when you publish a blog post it gets into a continuous process of meeting new people through search engines and social networks.

A blog post is something that people can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. When you promote anything on any social media website, it is seen and clicked, so promoting your own posts on social networks gives you a better chance to accumulate traffic on your website.

How To Start Blogging & Encourage Social Sharing?

Managed WordPress is a packaged service that offers you hosting, security, backups, as well as support at the same time. To start your blog, website, or eCommerce store you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

Once subscribed, its automated process will help you set up your website in a few minutes and then you can start blogging your business.

To write a new blog post, simply visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page. Write the title and the content and then add a featured image from the right sidebar. This featured image is automatically fetched by social media websites when someone shares your blog post.

For adding social sharing buttons on every blog post of yours simply visit Plugins -> Add New, search the term ‘Social Sharing’ and you will be presented with a number of free plugins you can add to display social sharing buttons on your website.

Why You Should Start Blogging Your Business Today?

Businesses of all sizes big or small must start blogging about their business as that not only helps you to get more customers, and build their trust but also can become a good source of passive income. With time and your effort, it has the power to surpass your real income.

There are many bloggers around the world who have started blogging for fun and with time their blogging has become so effective that they have chosen it as their full-time work of earning money from their place.

Sangkrit.net has made it easier for anyone to start his blog in less than an hour. You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan that is actually packaged with services you need to host, secure and run your blog with ease.

Its automated setup process gives you a professional website cum blog in a few minutes where you can put information about your business, set up calls to action so that people can contact you or buy your products directly from your website and yes you can start blogging about your business.

Your every post when published gets into a continuous process of earning money for you and bringing new clients to your business. So subscribe to Managed WordPress and start blogging your business today.

Building Your Event Management Website With Event Blogging Feature

The event managers plan, publicize, and arrange the occasion of an event from a wedding to businesses, and virtual conferences. They must have a website to showcase their past work to their prospective clients, bring new clients from an internet search, and provide an option to contact or book an appointment.

With Managed WordPress, any event manager can create his own website simply by registering his domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan.

How To Make An Awesome Event Management Website?

Simply register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. Next, visit the ‘My Products’ page on your Sangkrit.net account and select ‘Setup’ next to WordPress in your ‘My Products’ list.

Now the automated process will ask you a few questions and you will be shifted to your WordPress admin area dashboard where you can start managing your website.

Install An Event Theme

Since you are starting an event management website then it would be better to install a theme designed especially for your business type as that will give a professional feel to your website.

You can install such themes from the Appearance -> Themes page by clicking the ‘Add New’ button. Simply search the term ‘Event Management’ in the themes search box and you will see that there are many themes you can choose from.

Create New Categories

The design of your website will only look better when you will have content. So create content by adding new blogs and pages with photos and galleries. Navigate to Posts -> Add New page, here you can write posts and also classify them under categories and subcategories using the categories meta box present in the right sidebar’s ‘Posts’ section.

Create Necessary Pages

Similarly, you can create pages from Pages -> Add New page. Unlike posts that display new on top on the home page of your website, pages look stand-alone. Some common examples of pages include an about page and a contact page.

Display Menus

By displaying menus you can show your clients what content you have on your website and make browsing easier for them. You can create and manage menus from the Appearance -> Menus page to show categories and page links on the header of your website.

Install Plugins

You may also install some useful plugins to make your website more featureful and better. Visit Plugins -> Add New page and search for the feature you want to add to your website.

For example, to display social sharing buttons on your website simply search the term ‘Social Sharing’ and you will be presented with a number of social media sharing plugins you can select from.

Event Posting

A plugin called ‘Event Post‘ makes blogging more specific to event managers by adding more meta-data to posts to convert them into full calendar events. Each event can be exported into iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar.

It also offers you an option to show Geolocation and automatically fetches the weather of the place where the event is going to happen.

It enables you to display:

  • Event Begin Date
  • Event End Date
  • Custom Color
  • Event Status
  • Event Attendance
  • Address of the place
  • Weather & Temperature
  • GPS coordinates of the place
  • The Virtual Location of the event

You can also use this plugin to sell tickets to the event with WordPress Ecommerce or by installing WooCommerce plugin on your website.

In case you have any questions, comment here using the following comment form and someone soon will help you out.

Build A Secure Website To Stop Losing Traffic From Browser’s ‘Not Secure’ Warning

The browser’s not secure warning shows up to your visitors when your website doesn’t provide them a secure connection i.e. HTTPS encryption. To dismiss this warning you will need to add an SSL Certificate to your website.

The servers and hosting services such as Managed WordPress and Cloud Hosting at Sangkrit.net provides you with free auto SSL and hence when you make your website at Sangkrit.net you don’t need to subscribe to SSL separately. Although, there are plans to subscribe to a premium SSL you may stick to a self-signed free SSL also.

To easily start a secure website you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan that gives you a highly customizable, professional-looking secure website which you can manage on your own. A Domain and subscription to Managed WordPress is a complete package, you need nothing else. And you won’t have to worry about browsers displaying the Not Secure warning because all Managed WordPress plans also include an SSL certificate displaying that trustworthy lock on the address bar of your website.

Now You Can Make Both Websites & Applications With Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress is a packaged service that saves you from the hassle of setting up hosting, installing WordPress, and implementing security and backup components.

With the time and contributions of programmers around the world, now WordPress has become so wonderful that you can use it for building most types of projects, no matter it is a website, blog, eCommerce, or mobile application.

To build any kind of website or blog you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. If you want to start an eCommerce shop, simply subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce to start selling your products online in less than an hour. It is so easy that anyone can do it on his own.

Operating WordPress As A Fully-Featured Application Framework

The REST-API was added to the WordPress core and that has expanded its potential to interact with other sites and frameworks so it can now be used as a fully-featured application framework.

WordPress can be your ultimate choice as now you can use it for building any project. You may simply start by blogging your business and as you start hitting new ideas in your mind you can extend it with plugins, and finally, the REST API is there that gives you full access to WordPress features from any JSON-compatible framework. It can be used for managing posts, members, categories, and more from external platforms. 

Keep reading Sangkrit.net and in the upcoming lessons, you will learn more about the WordPress REST-API and how you can use it for building projects, and how you can use it for earning money by helping other businesses come online.

How To Use Managed WordPress For Writing Lessons, Treatises & Essays As Blog Posts?

Managed WordPress at Sangkrit.net is a packaged service that lets you create and manage any kind of website you want with all built-in SEO, security, and backup software.

To start your website you will need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. Once you do that, the automated process will guide you to the admin area of your website where you can create new pages and posts.

This lesson is about using WordPress to write long articles as blog posts. For very long articles such as essays and lessons with multiple headings, you need to add a table of contents at the top of the post to ease things for your readers.

Create A Category

The category feature on your WordPress site lets you create a hierarchical structure of categories that you can assign to your posts. Suppose you are willing to post lessons on a certain subject. Simply create a category in the name of the subject and then assign all lessons to that specific category. This is done while writing posts from the Posts -> Add New screen.

You can also add a link to the category on your website from the Appearance -> Menus page. The category link can be obtained from the Posts -> Categories page where you can also manage all other categories on your website.

Enable Table Of Contents

Next, each article will have its own headings so to make a table of content simply install a WordPress plugin called Automatic TOC – Table of Contents. Next, all you need to do is paste a shortcode [toc] in your post wherever you like the table of contents to appear and it will automatically create and display a TOC from all heading tags you have used in your post.

Businesses Are Going Online, Earn Money By Helping Them Out

More businesses than ever are going online, this is an excellent opportunity to earn money by helping them with that. Best of all, the startup cost for this new business is incredibly low. You need nothing more than your website, a smartphone, and your desire for success.

Registering your domain name, and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan to start blogging your business gives you mass opportunities to create an excellent business.

The businesses who want to come online are your prospective clients, blog to encourage them, and give you work of making their website or eCommerce store. That you can easily do with Managed WordPress & WordPress Ecommerce plans available at Sangkrit.net. Moreover, the advanced online support is also universally available simply via an email to system @ sangkrit.net on a per-hour per-terminal basis.

The Easiest Way To Start Your Business Website

You simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. This is the most reliable as well as easiest way to make your fully-featured business website or eCommerce store in not more than an hour.

Managed WordPress is the easiest platform to use in any case of making a website. Whether you know to code or not, whether you can afford to hire a programmer or not, choosing Managed WordPress to make your website is always a better choice.

It’s totally customizable, and its plugin and theme approaches facilitate you to assemble practically any type of website you would like. Managed WordPress plans at Sangkrit.net are packed in a way that you need nothing else other than a domain name to make and manage your business website with all built-in backups and security software.

Managed WordPress is very easy to pick up, even for one who has never dealt with a CMS or building websites before. Learning how to use it is pretty simple at Sangkrit.net, even a six-year-old can easily grasp and master it.

An Easy Step-By-Step Process To Take Your Business Online

By following this easy process anyone can build his business website or online store himself and whenever you need, experts are just a phone call away to assist you with your website.

First, finalize your domain name and register it. It can be your business name .com .org .net, etc, or your-full-name dot extension of your choice.

Second, Subscribe to Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce if you want an online store website. Next, visit your account’s ‘Products’ page and click ‘Setup’ next to Managed WordPress option on your screen. You will be taken through a tour asking you a few questions and then you will logged-in to the dashboard of your website.

Next time you need to log in simply visit yourdomain.com/wp-admin in your web browser.

Third, your website is now live and you are in the dashboard of your website. Here, you will see the ‘Posts’ options, used for publishing new blog posts. By default, these are visible on the home page of your website but in case you want, you can change that from the Settings -> Reading option on your dashboard.

Fourth, another option called ‘Pages’ is also visible on your dashboard’s screen. There you can create and add new pages such as traditional about, contact, and as many as you want you can add from there.

You can create some pages display photo galleries or list your services with a call to action option. A call to action means a button that allows customers to take action. This action can be of purchasing the product, subscribing to a service, or simply contacting you.

Fifth, you see the ‘Appearance’ option on the dashboard. This is used for changing the look and feel of your website. There are thousands of themes available. You can select your industry-specific theme or stick to the default one, as you like.

Sixth, The ‘Plugins’ option on your dashboard allows you to add new features by installing a new plugin.

For example: Suppose you want to add social media sharing buttons to your website because you don’t like the default one. You simply need to visit Plugins -> Add New screen and search something like ‘Sharing’ or ‘Social Media’, you will be presented with so many plugins you can select from and install to your website.

The same technique works for adding other features also, maybe you would like to add contact forms or email subscription popups, etc.

Seventh, WordPress Ecommerce users will see a ‘Products’ menu where they can add the products for sale and the menu below it will enable you to manage the inventory and all the settings of your eCommerce website.

Eight, For any kind of support you should call the round-the-clock support team. They will not only help in the setup of your website but also in the online promotion of your business.

Why Every Event Organizer Must Have A Website?

When everything is going online, it is no more a question of whether you should have a website or not. In order to beat the competition and be found online, you must have a website on your own domain name.

Showcase The Best Work On Your Website

An event management website will help you to fight the competition in your area. By having a website you can not only showcase your best work but you can also outreach prospective clients by blogging about your business.

Your website will let your customers find all details about your business online in one place, and it would also be easy for you.

Whenever you send details to your prospect about your business, you may also send a link to your post on your website. That will help him to see your best works and it will also help you to earn some money if you have monetized your website with ads.

A good website will help you to show the photos and videos of the events you have organized in past by classifying them into different categories, it will help you target people online and tell them the story of your business. The people searching online about event organizers in their area, everybody does that will come to know about your business.

Some Ideas On How You Can Present Your Business on Your Website

You can make a website that when opens up displays the best full-screen photos of your past events. You can display the testimonials written by your happy clients to show how much your clients trust you and how you have kept them happy by giving your best.

You can encourage them to subscribe via email or register on your website so that they can always be in touch with you. By sending regular updates from your website, you will encourage them to tell others about your business when someone asks them about a good event management service in their area.

How You Can Make Your Website In Your Budget?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to Website Builder or a Managed WordPress plan. Once you do that the system will guide you in bringing your website online. It is a matter of an hour and you will end up having your own website.

If you need round-the-clock customer support there is to help you out both in making and promoting your business website.

A Stable Platform With Superior Online Support To Make Your Website

Managed WordPress offers you the stability of WordPress packed with the support and essentials you need while operating your business website online.

Free Lessons Everyday

The free homeschool gives you lessons in making and managing your website so you keep learning every day something new that is useful for you and for your online business.

WordPress is the best choice for making and managing any kind of website, it can be extended to anything you want. All you need is either find a free plugin for the feature you are looking for or get it coded by a programmer if you require something unique.

Its advanced features and inclusion of new functions by means of installing new plugins do not interrupt its stability. It is the most stable platform with no bugs at all.

Automatic Code Updates

When you make your website over Managed WordPress, you don’t even need to update its code to the latest world wide web standards because millions of WordPress programmers work for extending it. Officially more than two thousand coders update it from about a hundred countries speaking more than a hundred languages.

So directly or indirectly, they all work to provide you with a better experience in WordPress, and you get updates to happen automatically to your website. You can see what’s new has been added to your dashboard. When you operate your website on any other platform, it is sure you won’t be able to hire so many coders and if you somehow manage to hire them, it would be very very costly.

Packed With Everything You Need To Start & Grow Online

But WordPress requires many more things to get your website online live on your domain name. Yes, you need a domain name, hosting, and then SSL, backup service, malware scanner, and firewall for security so that hackers won’t be able to screw your website. Here, Managed WordPress offers you all these plus more packed in an easy system that you can operate from your Sangkrit.net account.

Hence, you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan, and then simply start working on your website without worrying about anything else.

Round The Clock Customer Support

The online support makes Managed WordPress the most accessible platform that performs from making to setting up your website or online store, all on your own. It helps you in solving every problem that anyone may face while working on his website.

For instance, There are times when you may get stuck somewhere in making a contact form, managing inventory, or connecting the payment gateway. You don’t have to worry about anything, the free homeschool provides you with lessons, and round-the-clock customer support is there for you to crush all your problems.

How To Add FAQ Section On Products In WordPress Ecommerce Website?

You can set a section for frequently asked questions generally known as FAQs on the single product page on your WordPress Ecommerce website.

Before we start you should know that anyone can make his eCommerce website by registering his domain name and then subscribing to the WordPress Ecommerce plan which can be enhanced with free plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository.

This lesson is on the new WooComerce plugin you can use on your WordPress Ecommerce installation to easily add a FAQ section to offer answers to some common questions that will help the customer to understand your product better.

Install-activate the new WordPress plugin called Product FAQ For WooCommerce. Upon activation, visit the plugin page from the Dashboard -> Product FAQ section.

Here you can enable the section, and set its position, color and heading. Once enabled, you will be able to add your FAQs on every product page.