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How To Convert One Taxonomy Into Another In WordPress?

This lesson guides you on how you can convert any default or custom taxonomy into another taxonomy on your WordPress Website.

Taxonomy is the term used to refer to categories, tags, and other custom taxonomies that may be present within your active theme or plugin or you have created it manually. This lesson guides you on how you can easily convert one taxonomy into another in your WordPress Website.

Term Taxonomy Converter allows you to copy i.e. duplicate or convert or move terms between the taxonomies. Copying a taxonomy means duplicating it to another without deleting or moving the original taxonomy. Whereas converting the taxonomy means, changing it to another taxonomy. This can be done between two or multiple taxonomies while maintaining associated posts.

To convert or copy a taxonomy you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New page
  2. Search and install the ‘Term Taxonomy Converter’ plugin
  3. After activation visit Tools -> Term Taxonomy Converter page
  4. You will see various tabs for Tags, Categories, and Custom Taxonomies
  5. Switch to the taxonomy tab you like to convert
  6. Choose Copy or Convert option
  7. Select the taxonomies you want to convert
  8. Use the checkbox to tick the ‘Taxonomy’ in which you want the selected taxonomies to be converted to
  9. Click the ‘Go’ button

Since this plugin collectively works for all tags, categories, and custom taxonomies, you don’t need any other plugin separately for converting default taxonomies such as tags and categories in WordPress. In case if you only want to convert tags and categories then follow this lesson.

How To Convert Categories Into Tags Or Tags Into Categories In WordPress?

It is possible to convert tags into categories or categories into tags in your WordPress Website. There is also a lesson on converting one taxonomy into another but this lesson guides you on how you can easily change a category into a tag or vice versa in WordPress.

For instance, suppose you were frequently using a tag for a long time and now you want to transform it into a category so that you can provide more filters by creating its sub-categories. If you just want to convert tags and categories and not other taxonomies then there is a plugin called Categories to Tags Converter.

How To Convert Categories Into Tags?

  1. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New page on your admin area dashboard
  2. Search and install the ‘Categories to Tags Converter’ plugin
  3. After activation, navigate to Tools -> Import page
  4. Click the ‘Run Importer’ link below the Categories to Tags Converter
  5. Under the ‘Categories’ tab select the categories you want to convert into tags
  6. Click the ‘Convert Categories’ button

How To Convert Tags Into Categories?

The same plugin i.e. Categories into Tags Converter lets you convert tags into categories:

  1. Navigate to Tools -> Import page
  2. Click the ‘Run Importer’ link below to Categories to Tags Converter
  3. Switch to the ‘Tags’ tab
  4. Select the tags you want to convert into categories
  5. Click the ‘ Convert Tags’ button

So this was a simple hany plugin for converting tags and categories on your WordPress site. Now if you want to go deeper into the functions of converting any taxonomy (including tags and categories) into another taxonomy then there is another lesson on the topic.