Enable Your Users To Read More Without Refresh In WordPress

Read More aka Continue Reading tags are used for showing only a part of content on home and multi-post pages on a WordPress site. It is inserted by clicking ‘Insert Read More tag’ TinyMCE button on WordPress visual editor.

By default, when ‘Read More’ link or button is clicked, user is directed to single post page. In this lesson we will show you how to allow you users to read complete post content without moving to a new page and without having to reload whole page. 

Read More Without Refresh is the new WordPress plugin that provides you a shortcode of new style read more button. This “Read more” button will expand the content as soon it is clicked. User can also hide it again by pressing the same button, which then is converted to “Read less” button.

It is an alternative to traditional ‘Read More’ button. It hides the text that you want to hide, leaving other selected part visible to search engines, maximizing your SEO, but is kept hidden from users in order to provide better user experience.

Read More Without Refresh 1

Read More Without Refresh 2

Start by installing ‘Read More Without Refresh’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, use the shortcode [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] Your long text [/read] anywhere you like instering this ‘Read More/Read Less’ button.

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