Display What You Have Recently Said On Twitter With Juiz Last Tweet WordPress Widget

Juiz Last Tweet Widget is a beautiful sidebar widget which allows you to display your last tweet(s) without JavaScript, with this widget plugin you can show what you have recently said in a stylish way.

Simply install and activate it. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Juiz Last Tweet Widget admin page, enter Twitter API information and set your customization option. The plugin also provides you full documentation support, so if you find any problems then click its documentation link from its settings page  present in your admin area dashboard.


In your admin section:

  • Easy to install.
  • Panel for easy configuration (Appearance -> Widgets).
  • Show or hide your avatar
  • Default CSS can be disabled or customized
  • Unlimited customization (colors of the widget, several default styles, etc.)
  • Adjustable period for cache system
  • Can active the action links
  • Can active an auto slideshow script and chose delay between two tweets
  • Shortcode to insert the widget where you want
  • Included: Tutorial to create a Twitter plugin (needed for API 1.1)

In your website:

  • Smart default style (CSS) and compatible with Social Subscribers Counter styles
  • Flat styles with customizable colors
  • Display link (with special CSS classes) for hastags, users, and web link (nofollow links)
  • Display twitter’s user link and statut’s link
  • Display source (web, Tweetdeck, etc.) when it’s possible
  • In option: Show action links like Retweet, Reply and Fav
  • In option: little slideshow of one tweet in a list of tweets

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