How To Get Rid From Disadvantages Of Large Number Of Links On Your Website?

So many links simply wastes your Google Page Rank because the page rank of any web page is equally distributed among all links that exist on that particular page and hence, if you have 10 links on any web page whose PageRank is 5 then each of those links is passed 0.5 PageRank and if you decrease their number from 10 to 5 then each links will be awarded with a PageRank of 1.

This article explains you how you can automatically make all links below the “ tag include the rel=”nofollow” attribute. This is evil sometimes because others will not be benefited for having a link on your website but at the same time it becomes ideal for blog posts organizing untrusted links after the <!--more--> tag and this has become very important thing to do since the recent update of Google penguin and panda search algorithm.

So for turning all links no-follow after read more tag, simply install and activate the new WordPress plugin Do More and you are done. This will automatically turn all links below the <!--more--> tag include the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

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