How To Queue Posts & Pages For Future Publishing In WordPress ?

Using WordPress Queue Posts plugin you can queue your blog posts and pages for later publishing with just press of a button. The plugin simply allows you to place new posts in a queue for further publication at a specified time interval.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate the plugin the follow the given steps:

Step-1 After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Queue Posts admin page and set publish between dates and minimum time between posts in minutes or hours.

Queue Posts 1

Step-2 Now second step is to visit your Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New page and you will see a new button ‘Queue’ is added right after the old post ‘Publish’ button in ‘Publish’ metabox. Its all clear, write your posts and you can add it to future publishing queue by clicking the yellow ‘Queue’ button instead of blue ‘Publish’ button.

Queue Posts 2

That’s all. After you click ‘Queue’ button your posts gets added to later publishing posts queue.

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