Display Beautiful Borders & Shadows Around Images In WordPress

WP Image Borders allows you to add-remove image borders & shadows on pictures in your WordPress blog posts. Using this plugin you can:

  • Add-Remove borders around images
  • Add shadows to images in your blog posts
  • Change image border styles, border colors, border width etc

Installation & Usage

WP Image Borders plugin is easy to setup and use. Install and activate it the follow the given steps:

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  • Step-1 Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Image Borders admin page.
  • Step-2 Select Border Style, Color and Type Border Width & Height (in pixels).

  • Step-3 You can enable drop shadows to your images here (Optional). You can set shadow’s Horizontal & Vertical Distance, Blur & Spread Radius and Box Shadow Color.
  • Step-4 Finally click the ‘Save Change’ button and see how your images look inside your blog posts.

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